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A sexy love doll changed my life

In this new post from Sexy Stories Billy tells us how a sex doll transformed his life It all started about 10 years ago when I first heard about these lifelike realistic female sex dolls. It was a friend who brought the sex dolls to my attention. I couldn't tell if he was trying to be funny, or if he was sincerely offering good advice. At the time I had just gone through a divorce, and was struggling to keep any new relationships together. I was spending lots of money on beautiful younger women, and although I would "get laid" once in a while, it wasn't really what I was after. I mean, not really. Sex is definitely nice, but... Read More

How a sex doll helped me to stop my porn addiction

Discover how real sex dolls can stop porn addiction in this real sex doll sexy story   I have been married for eight years and the worst thing is that my wife feels that I am not attracted to her since we started together. It is my fault, I can now admit after 8 long years of marriage that I am addicted to porn. I am not having any problems with my sexuality and I am still sexual, but the consumption of porn has definitely affected my married life. This is my story about I was able to fight porn addiction.   Sometimes, when I was in bed with my wife I started thinking about bondage, feet, anal, smashing up... Read More

In love with 170 cm Bikini Contest / Fitness Body Real Sex Doll

We just fell in love with the new 170 cm fitness body real doll with killer curves! This fantastic new model combines the size of a tall doll with a bikini contest body as it has real abs with huge boobs and a nice rounded ass. What else can you ask for in a sex doll? UPDATED - NEW MODELS AND DEALS THIS WEEKEND 20% OFF If you like this new model as much as we do, please enjoy the pictures below! The new WM 170 cm models come with two different breast sizes H and M cup sizes!     Our personal preference are the new customized dolls with head #93 as it looks like a Mediterranean or middle-eastern... Read More