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I bought a life like sex doll for my wife

This is the journal of my story having doll sex with my wife   My name is G.V. and before I get into my story, I have to say that I consider my wife mentally to be an explorer sexually. We have been married a long time, and she has done many favors for me through the years for my enjoyment. These favors include use of a fucking machine, and use of a whole array of toys through the years including sucking on molded silicone women’s feet for my foot fetish pleasure, and licking large molded silicone pussy and ass toys but only for my enjoyment and when it was time for me to get off. What stirred the interest in... Read More

Winner Doll Announcement! Sex Doll of the Summer 2017

We asked you and you voted the Summer Doll of 2017! In May we launched the Summer Love Doll Contest and after 845 responses we got the winner!   And the winner is...   845 respondents have been voting their favorite love dolls since May and 186 or 22% voted the 140cm small tits model as the Doll of the Summer! The winner doll is a popular model that has been on the market since early 2016 and many doll fans have confirmed the realism, durability and quality of this fantastic love doll. Miss Summer Doll just got discounted $100 OFF, and you can buy it for only $1599 Buy Miss Summer Sex Doll for only $1599 More pictures of... Read More

The 138cm Silicone Doll Comes with Free Stuff!

Buy a real size silicone doll and pick your FREE gift! To celebrate the release of the new 138cm Silicone Doll with the new realistic vagina, we are giving you free gifts! When you buy a 138cm Silicone Doll you can pick one of the following free items: 1. Free Heating System activated by touching. Make your doll a sex robot 2. Free Head. This option doesn't allow the heating system as it goes from the head to the rest of the body, but you may exchange heads as if you had different dolls 3. Free wardrobe! Yeah! 3 different outfits for free. These 3 clothing sets for you:       Only one option allowed per doll purchase: heating,... Read More

TPE versus Silicone Love Dolls – How to buy and customize your sex doll

  TPE versus Silicone Life Like Love Dolls – What’s the Difference? One of the most commonly asked questions about our love dolls is: what’s the difference between TPE and silicone sex dolls? Well, here’s a handy infographic on the subject, designed to make it easy to compare the different qualities of both material types of these realistic sex dolls. As the graphic shows, in most regards, both materials perform very well indeed. After all, both TPE and silicone adult size sex dolls have been refined for many years, resulting in the durable, elastic materials that are essential for making beautiful, realistic sex dolls. Whether you adore Japanese life like sex dolls or European/US style models, both materials have been... Read More