Essential Sex Doll Accessories to Buy

Essential Sex Doll Accessories to Buy

Aside from health benefits, the profits of achieving maximum sexual pleasure include stress relief and mental clarity.

When it comes to your intimate moments, maximizing sexual pleasure is critical, which is why you bought that sexy sex doll. Did you know that you could accessorize your doll to your liking?

If you want to improve your game, explore and get a whole experience in the bedroom, then accessorize your sex doll.

But how? You might be thinking.

This article comprehensively guides the most recent sex doll accessories you should buy.

1. Transsexual/Penis Insert

When one wants to spice things up in the bedroom, the penis insert comes in handy. It is ideal for anal pleasure, and the fact that it's removable makes it much more adaptable and simpler to use. The accessory should, however, be used carefully with talc-based TPE or another type of powder on hand.

sex doll penis trans insert

The powder is preferred to regular lubricant due to its slimy nature that may cause the insert to slide unexpectedly during playtime.

After powdering the shaft, gently insert the penis into your sex doll's vagina, use it for oral play or share it with your partner.

2. TPE glue + Stain Remover

Wear and tear are standard with sex doll use. Mending these breakages does not have to be a pain anymore! Get yourself some TPE glue to mend back those patches as you clean up with a stain remover for apparent reasons.

stain remover glue sex doll

The benefit of using TPE glue is that it melts the interior surface and fuses the two halves when used inside a wound.

These two are absolute must-have accessories for your sex dolls.

3. Sex Doll Dust Bag

While having fun remains the priority, taking care of your hygiene is crucial. A great way to promote hygiene is to protect your sex dolls from dust and exposure to dirty surfaces.

sex doll dust bag hanger

After using and cleaning your sex dolls, storage in a dust bag is essential. These thick bags are designed to protect the doll from moisture that could cause bacterial infections.

Sex doll dust bags provide the most basic and cost-effective storage solutions for your favorite love dolls.

4. Extra Wigs

Fancy a blonde, afro babe, or maybe a read-head?

Do you want to explore diversity and achieve your wildest fantasies? Buy extra wigs today and play with the design and color of your choice.

sex doll wigs

No more imagination and wishing you had different sex dolls when you can make them a reality with extra wigs. The beauty of wigs is that there is variety! And who doesn't love that?

Grab the latest inventions on wigs today and steam up that playtime!

5. Removable Vagina Insert

This is a fantastic addition to your sex doll if you want to elevate your alone time. The vaginal insert has proven to be very helpful for situations where one has just been used and another moment of passion is required.

sex doll vagina insert

It is convenient to keep one on hand, and installation is easy.

The advantages of the removable vaginal insert include the following:

  • Removing it is quick, thus simplifying cleaning.
  • You can use a penile adapter in the vaginal cavity.
  • While the first insert dries, you can get the second one ready.
  • There are different sizes available.
  • On the outside, it resembles a fixed vagina.

6. TPE Bubble Butt

Do you want a sexy butt love doll that is lightweight and easy to hide?

Well, this TPE bubble butt is always ready when you are! It is available in different shapes and sizes and is simple to use and install.

portable mini sex doll butt

Most importantly, it fulfills your needs wherever you are. Whether you are into big butts or petite ones, the accessory comes in all shapes and sizes to fit your preferences.

It is, by now, evident that it's an essential add-on to your sex doll!

7. Tooth and Tongue Kit

If you are looking to elevate the realistic appearance of your favorite sex doll, the tooth and tongue kit is the way to go.

This kit comes with several sets of teeth and tongue combos for variety. It is also easy to assemble since the tongues attach to the teeth through magnets.

teeth sex doll kit

It should be, however, noted that this kit is specifically made to enhance the appearance of the sex doll and not for oral sex. The customization comes in handy during photography sessions.

8. Sex Doll Legs

The sex doll legs will surely change the game for individuals who enjoy long, lean, or intimidating female legs or have a leg obsession. The TPE sex legs are the same high quality as your life-size love doll, with a skeleton articulated at the hips, knees, and ankles for added realism. In addition, the TPE material mimics the texture and softness of natural skin.

bbw legs doll

A fun fact about these sex doll legs is that they are customizable according to skin color, hairiness, and even the owner's pedicure preference. A gem, right?

9. Removable Tongue

For photo session lovers, sexy time just got better with the removable tongue, which is realistic and an excellent addition to your doll's head. Since it rests on the doll's mouth, you can't use it for oral pleasure – it's just for aesthetics.

sex doll tongue

The removable tongue is more of a fetish-fulfilling accessory where the owner wants their doll to show their tongue.

10. Sexy Fetish Feet

Are you a fan of attractive feminine feet? Are you excited by the prospect of spending time adoring lovely female feet? Do you enjoy nylon pantyhose or stockings to show off those long, seductive legs? Then the sexy fetish feet should be in your collection!

fetish feet doll

They are breathtakingly gorgeous and ideal for fulfilling your fantasy of loving your feet and having stunning legs.


Here are a few health precautions to consider when using sex dolls

1. Do not share your sex doll

2. Clean the doll well and regularly

3. Store the sex doll in a cool and dry environment

4. Avoid using lotions and creams. Use water-based lubricants instead

5. Buy your dolls only from reliable companies

6. Only buy sex dolls made from high-quality, body-safe materials – silicone, TPE.

Final thoughts

Sex dolls provide their owners a wealth of advantages, from companionship to sexual satisfaction. Additionally, some customers utilize sex dolls for modeling, photography, and fashion. Even married couples spice up their marriages with sex dolls. Because they are dressed, groomed, and some have even become companions to their customers, these sex dolls are incredibly lifelike. Sex doll accessories come in handy in improving the performance and aesthetic of these dolls, so you can have the most fun and explore your wildest fantasies. And the best part about it is these accessories are readily available and easy to install.



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