Sex Doll Clothes: How to Dress Your Sex Doll

Sex Doll Clothes: How to Dress Your Sex Doll

CLOTHES CAN DAMAGE AND STAIN YOUR DOLL. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. (We also sell stain remover cleaner)

One of the most commendable developments in the sex doll world is the ability to customize your favorite choice to match your specific sexual desires. Tailor-making your order adds a personal touch, fostering a sense of pride in your purchase.

Beyond picking the right skin tone, breast size, and vagina type, dressing your sex doll is just as important. It gives your new partner a personality, something to identify with. And just like humans, you can dress your sex doll differently, depending on the 'occasion' or your mood for the day. After all, variety is the spice of life. Right?

This article will shed light on the best tips for dressing your love doll, including sex doll owner accounts from forums and social media.

1.     Know Your Sex Doll's Measurements

You don't fancy taking your new sex doll shopping. Do you? A vital tip to help you buy the right clothes for your doll is to have the dimensions with you. Luckily, the vendors put the measurements on the packaging. Likewise, you can use a tape measure to get the correct numbers once the love doll is delivered.

I recommend getting clothes that fit the doll impeccably or a smaller size for the perfect fit. And especially if you have a BBW model, a tight skirt or blouse will bring out the best in her. Everything from the huge-ass to the massive breasts and poky nipples looks better in tight clothing.

You might have to get custom-made clothing, especially if your sex doll has distinct features like a huge ass or breasts. I've also seen love doll owners buy small, hand-held sewing machines to make the adjustments more easily.

2.     Buy Different Clothes

As stressed before, variety is the spice of life. So, as you'd do with a human partner, get your sex doll multiple clothes so you can have options when dressing her. After all, who wants to be stuck with the same two outfits?

Most importantly, buy your sex doll clothes inspired by your fantasies. Would you like to bang a nurse? What about a college student? There are numerous inspirations, including police, teachers, and nurses.

3.     Go All the Distance

Don't be afraid to flex your style. Get your new sex doll a mix of everything, and don't be limited. You can even get a wedding gown and exchange the vows - like Yuri Tolochko, the Kazakhstan bodybuilder. The gigantic beast's wedding plans had been repeatedly delayed after the COVID outbreak, but the pair finally tied the knot in 2020.

Besides the gown, Yuri, who usually documents her love life on Instagram, shared pictures of her sex dolls on the beach, in the house, and on other expeditions. And the best part about it is Yuri has a dress ready for her sex doll wide for every occasion – it's incredible.

4.     Don't Be Too Proud to Ask

Like everything else in life, there's no shame in seeking inspiration when picking clothes for your sex doll. Don't be shy to browse for sex doll pictures on the internet or social media. People are out here exploring and experimenting with new looks; picking inspiration on the web wouldn't hurt. Would it?

Don't hesitate to reach out to our team with any question that you might have.

sex doll clothes

You can also go through sex doll forums where people discuss doll dressing and other fashion-inspired matters. From these discussions, you can see how a specific item of clothing or cosplay costume would look on your sex doll.

Sex Doll Dressing Tips

  • Always wash your sex doll before using it. And especially the orifices, clean them thoroughly after unboxing. Especially to avoid stains, if your doll gets any stains, mostly with dark colors, you can clean then with our stain cleaner.
  • Like humans, a well-dressed sex doll is attractive. So, get beautiful attires for your sex doll. A good fit keeps you excited and looking forward to enjoying your time with the sex doll.
  • Clean your sex doll, including her hair, regularly. There's more to a lovely love doll than new clothes. Don't be that guy!
  • Have multiple wigs as well to go with different outfits. Buy extra wigs here.
  • Thin fabrics are a game-changer. They expose your sex doll's nipples and camel toe, often spiking your interest in her.
  • Prioritize white sheets, blankets, and clothes—even when storing the doll. I recommend a white blanket over a colored one to avoid staining the material. Hanging your doll is probably the safest storing solution, get the storing kit here.
  • Lastly, avoid tough fabrics – prolonged wear can cause skin damage or deformation.

Pro Tip: Don't buy your sex doll's clothes anywhere. Remember, cheap is expensive, and just as you wouldn't like to put on some subpar clothing, don't do it to your doll.

Some of the best places to get your sex doll's clothing online include our partner store where you can buy lingerie, sexy outfits, toys and water based lubes to protect your doll investment. Find clothes here.

And that's it! A well-dressed sex doll is appealing to the eyes – all you want in your lover. And while picking an item of clothing might not be the hardest thing to do, getting the perfect fit takes a little more time. Most importantly, have the measurements ready, get multiple clothes, and prioritize light clothing.

Learn more tips on how to take care of your doll safely and how to clean it here.

Storing and how to hide your doll guide, read here.

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