The Best Ways to Hide Your Sex Doll from Your Wife and Friends

how to hide your sex doll

The Ultimate Storing Guide for Sex Dolls

Unlike a few decades ago when sex dolls were taboo, most people now own these human-like creations. The continued social awareness and enlightenment on the benefits of owning one has eased people initially on the fence into becoming proud owners. In addition, the forced lockdowns saw many people jump ship, translating into more sex doll ownership.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to store their sex dolls. And especially for those living in shared spaces, learning how to hide your new partner from prying eyes is essential. You don't want to continually educate everyone that runs into your doll on why he's in the room. Do you?

This article will look into the best ways to stash your love doll safely. I'll also highlight some of the most practical storage tips at the end. So, read on:

Locked Closet

Probably the best storage space in the house, your locked closet provides a secure and private home for your new sex doll. And the best part about it is you have the closet keys with you even when you're outside the house, so no one's coming around to snoop into your business. In addition, a closet is private, so unless you have an annoying sibling who steals your outfits, your secret is safe in the closet.

Most sex doll vendors sell a suspension kit, so remember to add it to your order before checking out. The threaded steel hook hangs on the closet rod, allowing you to store the doll vertically.

sex doll storing bag

Simply remove the sex doll head and suspend the body using the kit. Notably, you'll need a sturdy closet rod. In most cases, the rods are hollow and not designed to carry 60-70 lbs. So, you might have to make a trip to Home Depot or Rona and get a solid steel rod.

Alternatively, you can add customized standing feet to your order, and you won't have to worry about suspending the sex doll.

Under The Bed

The under-the-bed storage might be this article's oldest technique, but it remains relevant. After all, it's a private space, and no one's crouching down there unless you drop your phone charger and run out of power.

sex doll in sofa

Unfortunately, sex dolls are made from sensitive materials, and you can't' just drag them under the bed. So, get an ATA case, similar to those used to protect musical instruments, stash your sex doll, and slide it under the bed. You can also use custom-made lockable ottoman furniture. And the best part about using an ottoman is you don't have to slide it under the bed – you can have it adjacent to your bed, like a regular ottoman.


While they might not be the most popular storage spaces, garages offer great privacy and security. Unlike other rooms in the house, the garage is secluded, and not most people have access to it.

storing case for sex doll

Ensure you store the doll in its storage case to avoid dust and other foreign materials. Also, note that garages are usually humid and hot, so ensure the storage case is well made to protect your sex doll from the 'harsh' environment. 

Store Room/Shed

Do you have a shed in the backyard? An outdoor shed is a great space to store your sex doll discreetly. Like with the garage, find a specific corner and stash the doll. Most importantly, drape the storage case with a heavy cloth to conceal it.

storing love doll in box

Lastly, lock the shed's door in case your neighbor wanders off. You don't want them to 'accidentally' make a discovery when you're away on vacation. Do you?

Treasure Hunt/Separate Places

My best advice for those looking to discreetly store their sex doll is to separate the doll into different parts and store them in separate places. Detach the head, hands, and lower body before carefully stashing them away. You can store the different parts in the closet, ottoman, under the bed, or in the shed. 

Pro Tip: Ensure each part is stored well, preferably in a sturdy case, especially if you intend to stash it outside or in the garage. You don't want mold growing on your sex doll. Do you?

Benefits of Hiding Your Doll


The main reason for hiding your sex doll is to uphold privacy, especially if you live in a shared space or regularly have friends and family at the house. One of these storage tips will appeal to you if you wish to keep your relationship private and confidential. After all, explaining why you have a sex doll to everyone who asks can be draining.

blonde wm sex doll


If you're keen, you'll notice we've emphasized the importance of using sex doll cases, ATAs, and vertical hanging when storing your sex doll. Hiding your sex doll doesn't mean you hurriedly stash it in a confined space. No. It involves taking the necessary steps to ensure you have a quick and safe way to hide the doll after use. This way, the doll's material will not be scratched or the internal skeleton deformed. This ultimately means you'll always have a healthy and beautiful-looking sex doll.


Regardless of your choice of storage, we can all agree that finding a way to store your doll discreetly translates to a well-organized bedroom. Unlike sex toys, dolls take a huge space. So, whether you store it in an ottoman, in the garage, or under the bed, the extra space taken away helps you organize the room better.

Practical Storage Tips

To further simplify your experience, here are a few practical storage tips:

  • Do not store your sex doll with stained materials and dark clothing for long periods. Cheaply made colored clothes might stain your sex doll material in the long run. In fact, I recommend storing your sex doll without clothes. And if you have to, use loosely fitting white clothes. We sell stain remover in you need it.
  • Don't store the doll with tight-fitting clothes. Doing so might cause deformation and mess with the doll's appearance.
  • Always lift the doll by the body and not the head or limbs.
  • The garage and shed are humid spaces, so ensure you store the doll in a well-padded, secure case.
  • Regularly check your sex doll in storage to ensure the surroundings aren't damaging the material.
  • Make sure the space you choose to store your sex doll doesn't have sharp objects that might damage the material.

More ideas on how to store your doll. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or need help storing your love doll.



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