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Buy Real Love Dolls and Male Sex Dolls with Cryptocurrency

Posted by Sexy Real Sex Dolls on

You can now buy your favorite Sexy Real Sex Doll using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin

More coins to be accepted soon,

The benefits of using cryptocurrencies are the following:

- Discreet and anonymous transactions, no bank or credit card will ever know about your transaction,

- Cheap and easy for international buyers, most cryptocurrency exchangers will charge you less in fees than any bank or credit card for an international purchase


How to buy a Sex Doll using Cryptocurrencies?

At checkout, after selecting your doll and filling out all the shipping information you will find several payment options, the last one is for Cryptocurrencies, select this method and you'll be directed to GoCoin where you can submit your payment safely. Once your payment is completed you'll be directed back to our site where you'll be prompted to the order confirmation page, you will also receive an email,


buy real sex doll with cryptocurrency, bitcoin and litecoin


bitcoin and litecoin accepted to buy adult sex doll

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