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Big Butt Sex Dolls

Big ass sex dolls! If you like a good big butt here you'll find the best! Huge assess and the most perfectly rounded butts doll toys to delight you and to live your wildest dreams with your favorite big booty


7 Reasons Why a Big Butt Sex Doll Is Better

According to research, men prefer women with fuller butts for various reasons. Everything from being more attractive to looking better in clothes, and arousing the reward regions of the male brain, a big ass is always a plus. And though there’s always that one friend who prefers skinny women, most of us appreciate that booty.

Big women are big-hearted, more intuitive, and biologically more attractive. And going with my biology teacher, a big butt comes in handy during pregnancy and giving birth. It gives your woman the right balance to support the little one, successfully taking away the pressure from the spine. So, why exactly do men prefer big ass sex dolls? Here’s why:

      I.         A Big Booty is Attractive

As said before, most men find a big butt to be attractive. Psychologists believe that men prefer women with fuller butts over skinny women because it complements the appearance of the spine’s curvature. Even from an evolutional standpoint, a huge butt is an attractive trait that men have regarded important over the years.

    II.         It’s Like a Drug for Men

The sight of a large sex doll’s butt stimulates the male part of the brain that’s usually activated by food, alcohol, and drugs. You see that part that tells you to finally hit on that hot colleague that you’ve been eyeing over the last few months after a few pints, a big butt has similar motivation.

  III.         It Supports an Upright Posture

People with tiny butts often tend to tilt their hips forward and stick their tailbone out in a rather uncomfortable posture. Even with sex dolls, small, weak butts translate to a ‘not so good looking’ posture. A sex doll with a strong butt allows for the hips to be tucked in your body, allowing it to maintain an all-round fuller and leaner look.

  IV.         Big Butt Sex Dolls are Super Realistic

One of the best things about having a big butt sex doll is the unimaginable level of realism that comes with one. Regardless of the position, it’s always a good sight when having sex with a big butted doll. The huge buttocks wiggle to the rhythm of your strokes, culminating in a once in a lifetime visual experience. And while TPE is squishier, any big butt sex doll provides you with a unique visual experience. What’s more, the huge buttock also acts as a position bolster during sex positions where the sex doll is lying on its back.

    V.         They Look Better in Clothes

If you enjoy styling your sex doll differently every now and then, then a big butt sex doll will be great for you. And while most people will tell you that model-size is the best, that notion couldn’t be further from the truth. Big butt sex dolls look great in different outfits – even the oversized ones; there’s always a way to style it to compliment the ass. You wouldn’t say that about a flat ass sex doll. Would you?

  VI.         The Sex is Top Level

Besides the versatility, there’s nothing orgasmic about sex dolls. Or is there? Big butt sex dolls, on the other hand, provide numerous capabilities and allow you to explore sex in the most engaging ways possible. The extra bounce that comes with a big butt sex doll makes it the best choice for comfort sex seekers. And just like women, there’s some unexplainable energy that comes with having sex with a big butt sex doll – it’s exciting.

VII.         There’s a Positive Aura About Big Ass Sex Dolls

Ever heard the saying that big women are more attuned to other people’s feelings. Well, studies show that women become more emotionally intelligent and alert around the same time they develop curves during puberty. And while this might sound absurd, evolutionary theorists think there might be a relationship between emotional awareness and butt size. According to these theorists, shapely women had to develop superior social skills to assess and choose potential mates from the extra attention they got. As a result, men usually like the uniqueness that comes with big butt women. They are ‘warmer’ and ‘more social.’


Top 5 Big Ass Sex Dolls

      I.         Shenika, 4ft11’ M-Cup Ghetto Booty Sex Doll

This voluptuous woman is the perfect definition of a lady in the streets and a freak in sheets. She has an elegant sense of style and knows how to cloth her thick BBW body. The 4ft11’ Ghetto Booty Sex Doll boasts a pair of squeezable M-Cup boobies that are yearning for your touch.

big bbw sex doll

You see, Shenika isn’t your average big butt sex doll, she also comes with the perfect ‘jugs’ to complement the ass. Her cute face, flat tummy, and thick thighs also come in handy, making her one of the best big ass sex dolls that money can buy. Most importantly, the doll is put together by the renowned WM Dolls, guaranteeing you the very best quality!

    II.         Lidia, 5ft8’ G-Cup Mexicana Sex Doll

Standing at 5ft8’ (178 cm), Lidia is an angelic sex doll with the light, bubbly charisma of Mexican women. Her juicy, huge butt screams Latina salsa everywhere she goes. Most importantly, the Mexican beauty is as cultured as can be – she’s submissive, loving, and more flexible than a pine twig.

big butt sex doll

Lidia also features a set of squishy G-Cup breasts that you’ll certainly enjoy fondling. She’s made from high-quality TPE material which helps to add an extra degree of realism. And with the huge ass and breasts, TPE allows you to enjoy a rare and satisfying sight of wobbling ass and breasts as you pound her from the back.

  III.         Jasmine, The Renowned Thicc And Fat Butt Sex Doll

Probably the most admired thicc BBW sex doll worldwide, Jasmine has been called multiple names across different platforms. Everything from Jasmine to Tamera, Tame, and Sabrina, sex doll enthusiasts can’t get enough of her. And while it wasn’t until Ryan Davis’ famous rant that people started mailing in to enquire about this incredibly amazing sex doll, her body does the talking. In fact, everyone who wants a piece of her is excited about her body. Nothing else!

jasmine thick sex doll

Honestly, if you don’t mind breaking the bank for what is the most realistic and most talked-about big butt sex doll, Jasmine is the one. She’s a dime!

Get your hands on her and see why everyone’s buzzing!

  IV.         Jane, the Bubbly 5ft1’ Big Booty Sex Doll

Imagine waking up next to a voluptuous big booty sex doll with a smile that’s brighter than morning sunshine? Better still, picture coming home to such a beauty, draped up waiting for you to remove every piece of clothing, one after the other? It must be nice. Right? Well, you don’t have to dream about it anymore, Jane has everything you’d want in a woman, literally.

huge ass sex doll

This 105.8 lbs (48 kgs) sex doll looks heavier than she actually is. Her huge ass and soft pair of breasts are scintillating. And if you enjoy the sight of a wiggling butt and breasts, you’ll be happy to know that she’s made of TPE, which is pure perfection.

    V.         Becca, the Biggest Ass and Breasts Sex Doll

Designed to meet the needs of top tier big butt sex doll lovers, Becca is the ultimate bedroom bully. This 4ft10’ (148 cm) sex doll boasts a massive pear-shaped ass and enormous breasts to go with. She’s also fully articulated with a steel skeleton to enhance her flexibility and make it easy for you to enjoy numerous sex positions without breaking a sweat.

bbw thick sex doll

Most importantly, Becca is made from realistic, high-quality TPE material for an extra realism degree. What’s more, she ‘all-inclusive’ – whether you want a steamy vaginal session, a sloppy blowjob, or a tight anal gaping, Becca got you!!

And that’s it! Big butt sex dolls are it! Everything from their immeasurable attractiveness, great sense of style, and unique aura, you can never go wrong with a big butt sex doll. Most importantly, big butt sex dolls are versatile, and there’s a lot for you to experiment with. Sex is also very comfortable, and the extra ‘matter’ provides for the perfect position bolster, especially for sex positions where she’s lying on her back. The well-calculated resistance also makes the experience super realistic.

Go on. Get yourself a big butt sex doll and see for yourself.

Seeing is believing!