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We understand that purchasing a love doll online can be scary and you might have concerns about quality, materials and you ask yourself if you would receive a doll similar to the pictures on that site. There is a lot of websites out there, and even Aliexpress, eBay and Amazon listings displaying beautiful dolls for really low prices, and in most cases, those can be scammers or you might receive an inflatable doll. If it looks too good to be true... be cautious...

Where can you buy a sex doll safely and with peace of mind?

This is the question hitting your head right now, right?... Our realistic sex dolls are manufactured for you (made to order not sitting on a warehouse), built according to your desires, so please understand that this process takes some time (check shipping policies), but we can guarantee that our suppliers are reputable love doll manufacturers and that we have been authorized to resell their products, go and ask them if you don't believe us...

We always send you photos of your doll before shipping, so you can verify that it has been made as you want and we don't ship until you give us the "OK". Check some of the latest dolls shipped to customers here

If you still have questions after looking at our reviews below, go to TrustPilot, or go to dollforum.com to see how some of our manufacturers support our business, and if you want we can help you to connect with them to confirm that we are a legit business and that we work with them. By the way, did you see that in our blog, apart from recent news, you can also find stories written by our customers sharing their experiences, how dolls changed their lives and photos of the dolls we sold them?

Besides, our store is registered and validated by Shopify and we offer secured payment options and encryption SSL in our site. This way we guarantee your safety, privacy and we avoid fraud in our end.

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What Customers Say About SexyRealSexDolls.com

Here you can read what customers think about purchasing real sex dolls with us:

Dean, US, 05/25/16I purchase Tina with blonde hair and she is a very nice doll. This well made medical grade platinum silicone doll from HITDOLL is a good value compare to other doll vendors that charge twice as much. The customer support from Sexy Real Sex Doll is very responsive. All my questions were answered by email or by phone text within 24 hours. I received my shipment 3 weeks after placing my order online. Every thing shipped in a wooden crate and well protected with no damage or missing parts. Customer Support kept me updated on the status of the shipment and even sent me photos of the doll to confirmed my specifications. I have great experience purchasing this doll and look forward to buying more doll accessories from SRSD.

See this review here

RDF, US, 05/27/16: This doll is great, I changed the head for #46 but the body is quite realistic and sensual. I decided to buy from SRSD after seeing some good reviews on dollforum.com and I have to say that my experience was really good. The company communicated with me pretty fast, shipping was faster than I thought and the quality of the doll was great. Highly recommended doll and seller

See this review here

Roy, Australia, 05/27/16: Lina and her team were amazing offering information and following up in my order, they were very responsive and gave me a great service. The doll was a I expected and I am having a great time with Shirley. Recommended!!

See this review here 

VaderSith, GUAM, 06/14/16: I just received my doll and I absolutely love it! It's exactly like how you see it on the site and is definitely a genuine WM Doll. Mine is a 163 cm with a 56 head. I plan on also getting the 46 head and SRSD says they can sell me just the head only. Such a great doll!

See this review here

John, US, 06/16/16: Extremely delighted with my doll purchase and the level of customer service from Lina & her staff. They are very knowledgeable in the love doll business. They emailed me almost every day with answers to all of my questions and updates from the manufacturers progress including sending me pictures from the factory for my final approval before my doll shipped. My doll was delivered undamaged in a little over 2 weeks from the time that I placed the order. After receiving my doll I noticed one of her eyelashes was becoming detached. I emailed Lina and she emailed me back right away with the repair procedure which involved applying a small amount of glue. The repair was quick easy & effective and now as good as new. I shopped around on the internet for the lowest price for my doll before buying here. This site has the best prices I've seen on any love doll website. When my doll arrived I immediately observed she was even more beautiful than in her website pictures. The level of quality & craftsmanship that went into this doll is superb. She looks & feels like a real woman even close up. Overall, I am very satisfied with my doll. It was money well spent. I have to give these people 5 stars.

See this review here

E, Belgium, 06/30/16: I’m very happy with doll ,I ‘have been hesitating for years to buy one ,because I was worried that materials like silicone would quickly deteriorate over time ,but I think this TPE material is an improvement to withstand the test of time ,have to wait and see.
The touch is phenomenal, just like real skin; I made a suspension system to make her stand up without the risk of falling over. For me the doll is more like an art object, the fun is in dressing her up and shooting some pictures.
One has to be careful dough with what kind of clothing’s to put on because the skin can absorb the color of the fabric and it is very hard to remove stains.
If I would change anything about the doll, I think I would try and reduce the weight, I wonder what the weight of the skeleton is, but I guess the TPE is just a heavy material.

See this review here

ThomasR, US, 07/13/16: Absolutely beautiful doll, you can't go wrong with this company. Customer service was excellent throughout the whole order process.

See this review here

Nick, US, 07/19/16: The doll I received is identical to the photos shown. Full joint rotation and articulation, no stiff limbs. The lips on the head are colored pink to add realism. Boobs are so soft whilst having some weight. They feel a little softer than water balloons. If you go for the fixed vagina, the diameter of the entry and canal is still approximately 1.5cm even with the legs apart. Great fun to play with and quite realistic. Thumbs up to WMDolls for making this and for the awesome service provided by Lina. She answers emails promptly and keeps you updated every step of the way once the order has been placed. Highly recommend this doll and this company (SexyRealSexDolls).

See this review here

Micah. B., US, 07/23/16: I have been enjoying this doll for 2 weeks now. Ordering was a breeze, I had full updates and tracking information which was great. Customer service was very good on this site, answered all my questions and they do a price match with competitors which is cool. My only complaint with this specific model is that I like a little more substance in the butt and legs, this doll is very skinny besides the boobs. Other people may really like this though. To each his own, I guess. I will be using Sexyrealsexdolls for my next doll purchase as well.
See this review here
Carmen, US, 08/16/16: Me and my wife decide to order 161cm doll with head 56# and absolutely love her! So glad we went with a tpe doll just for the touch and how soft she is. The quality of her is amazing and couldn't be happier! Sexy Real Sex Dolls has been great to work with not only fast communication but shipping as well. I will definitely be a return customer!
See this review here
MR. G., US, 9/10/2016: As Described...I received my "Debby Doll" this past week. From the time I ordered my doll, to having it delivered to me, it only took about 1 week! 

The doll is as described herein, and, I can honestly tell you, that she fits great!!!

See this review here

Anthony S., US, 9/11/2016: Very realistic looking. All positive from me other then the new smell of plastic and the height, I'm 6'2 so it's to short but over all I give it ten out of ten stars!!

See this review here

Charles M. US, 10/07/2016: Excellent service and product! This doll is a dream! super realistic and sexy! I would buy again! Great service by the vendor too
See this review here 

David U., US 10/14/2016: The doll turned out to be 5 foot 1 inch tall. I was a bit disappointed with the size. I was hoping for 5 foot 11 inches tall. After handling the doll, I have realized I probably could not have moved the doll. It would have been too heavy. I am satisfied with the doll and looking forward to spending time with her. My next purchase will be twoheads that are identical. One will have its eyes open. The other doll will have its eyes closed. That will come later next year. Thanks for the doll.

See this review here

Andrew, US 10/15/2016: She came much faster than anticipated all the way from the other side of the world by FedEx 2 or 3 days after she was made! Furthermore, her face, the one displayed is the one I selected, came well protected and even more beautiful than pictured above (: Happy to have had such a great experience with this company. Was nervous at first since I've never owned one before but the staff was very helpful and wonderful! I even mistakenly ordered the wrong body size and they immediately cancelled and refunded me and helped me with making sure she was exactly as desired.

See this review here

Tom, US. 11/02/2016: Love my gal. I am impressed withmy doll, I had orderd #85 head and I ordered a 2nd head #56 so I feel I have two girls, they are so real it is hard to tell them from the real one, except she doesn't talk, she is soft and feels like the real thing, Thank You! Sexy Real Dolls has been great working with you. If I need a body for the second head I will be ordering from here again.

See this review here

Darrel K. US. 11/04/2016: I bought Head #88 to replace a Head on a 140 cm body. The Head is a Good match and is a Better looking Head than the original Head that came with the body. Joe provided Magnificent customer service. My girl look Fantastic with her New Head. Big Thanks

See pictures here: Picture 1, Picture 2

See this review here

Jonathan C. US. 11/09/2016: Girls are everything. No drama minimum up keep all the best benifits and no health risk of disease. So these dolls are the replacement for a true companion.

See this review here

B.H. US. 12/13/2016: Received my doll under 20 days...no problems. This is the site if you don't want to get scammed. I know where to go when I need to up grade to a taller doll. Thanks again!!

See this review here

John W. US. 2/8/2017: I first ordered a smaller doll, then realized I wanted a larger one. My order was already a week old when I asked SRSD if I could change my order and I didn't have much hope for the change. They were very responsive and after communicating with the factory, they allowed me to change the order. Unbelievable! Not only did they allow the change, but then they gave me a fantastic price for the larger doll. SRSD was a pleasure to deal with. The support group had great communication and are very responsive. When they notified me of the shipment, I could track it all the way, and it arrived on-time and in perfect condition. This doll is way more than I expected. It is manufactured by WM dolls. It looks fantastic in every detail. It feels just like real skin and the whole doll is perfectly molded and very realistic. The head is a pure work of art. The feet and toes are perfect, unlike some dolls that have feet that look like they are an afterthought. I couldn't be happier with SRSD as a vendor, and Wm as a manufacturer. In a rating scale of one to ten stars, both get my rating of 20 stars!!! Thank you Sexy Real Sex dolls!

 See this review here


We even receive pictures from satisfied customers :)


customer review after purchasing sex doll at sexyrealsexdolls  

lifelike sex doll from customer who bought at sexyrealsexdolls.com 

hot real love sex doll from our customer


sexy real sex doll fall in love and customer satisfaction

customer review sexy real sex dolls best dolls sexy real sex doll customer photo review best doll

 sex doll fan real doll picture for sexyrealsexdolls.com

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Here is the video of a real love doll that we have customized and manufactured for one of our customers


Video submitted by one of our customers to thank us for the product and support


Testimonial Received from Logan (9/14/2017)

Hi good morning I just want to say Thank you so much for putting a rush on the doll for me. She arrived yesterday which was much earlier than I expected.  Thank you so much I am happy now because she will be with me for my birthday coming up.  I had contacted your company before because I had previously purchased a doll on eBay that had the same exact pictures as the doll am I purchased from real doll.  It sold for a much cheaper price. I received the doll and it was a nice doll and it looked a lot like the doll in the picture but clearly, it was not but the details were very similar. I do not believe the material was TPE though. Maybe silicone but I am not sure. I sent a picture of the doll to real dolls and they commented that the doll look plastic looking but not the same as the doll in the picture.  Exact same size, shape weight but not as much detail in the face and more detail focused on the hands and feet.

Here is the thing the doll you guys made for me is so much better and is exactly what I wanted. See a long time ago I lost a soulmate of mine and have been broken and lonely ever since. This doll reminds me a lot of her and looks a lot like she did almost exactly.  See with the eBay doll sure there was intimacy but there never was that emotional connection that thing that feeling was looking for.  It didn't happen because that doll was not the genuine article but the one you sent me Joe was the genuine article. Joe the doll you sent me literally brought me to tears because that connection I was looking for came back. That emotional connection that transcends sex. For me, it is more about that connection, companionship, and love more than sex. Thank you so much for you and your team.  You've made me a very happy man and already my spiritual well-being has changed for the better.



Testimonial from The Doll Forum:

Sexy Real Sex Dolls is a great company to do business with. When I first saw the WM160 elf head I was immediately entranced by it. I knew I would have to get one for my girl. I started checking vendors for it. Many vendors didn't even have it! Sexy Real Sex Dolls did, and their prices were great! Within an hour of ordering, I received a confirmation email from SRSD. They took the time to make sure I would get exactly the look I wanted. They even sent me pictures of the combination of skin tone, eyes, and makeup I selected so I could see what I was getting before it shipped. I couldn't have asked for better service! My girl is STUNNING! Thanks Sexy Real Sex Dolls. I LOVE HER!

Alucard1959 (nickname at dollforum.com)

elf sex doll with big boos

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