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Maintenance and Repair for TPE and Silicone Sex Doll

Sex Doll Care, Maintenance and Repairs

Many customer ask us about how to take care of their realistic love dolls, how to clean and maintain a doll or how to repair a sex dolls in case the TPE or Silicone gets cut or torn up, please have a look at the following instructions below where we explain the following:


 How to move my doll when it is brand new?

Remember that a doll is not a real person and it requires to be treated carefully. In a new doll, the joints might be a little bit stiff so be careful while attempting to move the doll limbs, after a few days the joints will loosen up. If you want to move arms and legs to position your doll in any posture, remember to move the limbs back to the original straight position  when switching to a different position (e.g. bend arms up, move back to the original straight position and bend to the sides for another posture).

This diagram below is approximate of the movements of most models. Joints and movement capability may vary for some models and brands.

sex doll articulation joints movement


General recommendations about doll care:

  • We recommend using water and neutral soap to clean TPE and silicone dolls. Please do not use chemicals, alcohol or any other general user stain removers. 
  • Keep your doll in a dry place and avoid excessive heat and humidity.
  • Some clothes might fade or stain the skin. We recommend not to press clothes against the doll skin while in use.
  • When storing your doll, it is recommended to keep arms and legs straight in order to avoid harming the skin or the skeleton.
  • You can use make up, just be careful while applying and removing makeup. Avoid oil based make ups or chemicals, only use water based makeup. Do not use make up removers that might contain alcohol. Be careful with perfumes as some of them might have alcohol, spray hidden parts of your doll.
  • Do not use sharp or hot utensils near your doll. Avoid razors, irons, etc.


Baby Powder

It is important to remember that silicone and TPE realistic love dolls are delicate and require special attention. We also recommend the use of baby powder to keep your love doll clean and fresh.


How to unbox and set up an adult love doll

In the video below you can see an example of home most dolls are shipped, you have to attach the head (also explained in the next video below). You can combine your doll with multiple heads, some customers buy several heads so they can play around with multiple dolls with just one body.

It is important to keep the box flat and to open it flat in the floor. Inspect the content, remove the wrapping materials carefully to avoid breaking any nails or fingers, and make sure that you don't leave any item while removing all the protective materials.

Once you remove the doll for the box, keep it in a soft surface like a bed or sofa to avoid flatening any body parts,

Follow this video to learn how to move your dolls limbs and to set it up so you can start playing ;)



How to attach and fix a sex doll head to the body

In this video we explain how to screw and attach the head to the body. Many customers ask us about this when they receive their dolls. To use the suspension hook, you just need to detach the head and screw the threaded piece so you can use the hook.


How to insert the removable vagina correctly

(Update: Video has been removed) If you struggle to insert the removable vagina or if you want to learn more about this options while purchasing a sex doll, let us know and we can explain you more



How to repair your love doll using TPE glue correctly:



What you are not supposed to do:



If your dolls is made of Silicone watch this video (no subtitles, sorry)


Stain Remover

Due to the new Border Security Regulation the stain remover is not included in doll orders. Reach out to us if you would like to buy some. If you got a stain for your real sex doll you just need to apply the cream on the stain and wait for 3-4 hours, after that you'll see how the stain disappears. In case you stains are deeper or harder to remove apply the stain remover several times until the dark sport is gone. Have a look at this instructions on how to apply the stain remover in your sex doll.


How to repair the vagina tearing of a realistic sex doll

 Always using TPE or Silicone glue


How to Fix Fingers in a TPE Sex Doll

This video contains two different methods:

  1. Allows you to adjust any finger that got bent or not straight
  2. For more advanced repairs, you can remove the finger wire from the skeleton palm and attach another wire



How to dye TPE or Silicone

If you want to dye the skin of your real love doll or if you want to change the color of lips or nipples of your sex doll, in this video we explain a quick trick on how to do it. Follow this instructions and pay attention to the video:

How to dye TPE:
-Brown tones of lip gloss recommended:
1. Apply lip gloss in the area selected
2. Wait for lip gloss to dry for a few seconds
3. Remove lip gloss with a soft napkin

Apply precisely and carefully or you could stain other areas



Other questions?


If you have any question about how to repair or maintaing your sex doll please drop us a note at