Social Distancing and Sex Dolls

Social Distancing and Sex Dolls

The New Social Distancing World and Why Sex Dolls are Becoming Essential

Are you practicing social distancing?

How about depression and anxiety? How are you holding up?

The coronavirus has disrupted every aspect of our daily lives. Everything from how we work, learn, play: major sports leagues had to be canceled and are only coming back with standards that you wouldn’t have envisioned a year ago. I mean, who thought a virus would mean playing in a 90,000 capacity stadium without a single fan present?

sex doll social distancing

Across the world, countries put different measures and guidelines to contain the spread of the virus, including closing schools, banning gatherings, locking down cities, and suspending travel. Restaurants and food courts weren’t spared either as the collective message of ‘stay home, help stop coronavirus,’ continued to spread.



As said earlier, countries have responded differently depending on the number of reported cases and the severity of the situation. Some even started re-opening as early as March as a result of their early response. Hong Kong, Hokkaido, and Singapore were among the first cities/countries to relax the social distancing measures. However, all these places suffered a major setback with new cases reported as late as last week.

Whether the virus is coming back via local transmission or from overseas, one thing we are sure about is that re-opening too soon hasn’t been very successful yet. Countries like the USA, which has slowly crept its way to the top of the coronavirus chart continue to debate whether or not to lift the lockdown measures. And as fast as the numbers continue to rise, it’s hard to tell when we can have our ‘normal’ world back.


Staying Sane at Home

As stressed in our previous article, there’s a reason why sex dolls and sex apparel sales have skyrocketed since the first case was reported in the US. Most couples and friends have been separated for months, and a sex doll is the safest way to enjoy penetration without risking contracting the virus. And even for those stuck together in the house, sex has certainly become boring, and bringing in a doll induces the much-needed spice.

bbw sex doll during social distancing

We’ve received numerous first-time orders from people who always thought about buying a sex doll, but never actually did. Friends can no longer hang out like before, and brothels were deemed non-essential. The ban on social gathering makes dating a nightmare, leave alone convincing someone you just met to carry on with the ‘relationship.’

So, with the people separated, dating curtailed, and hangout joints closed, there’s no better way to enjoy a bit of normality than to have a sex doll. It keeps you safe in the house, and you don’t have to battle sexual starvation on top of loneliness anymore. No need to go out and risk getting the virus. Just dress her up and enjoy the company. And hey! She’s not nagging either – chill as can be. Whether the virus has kept you away from your boo, or entertainment joints are closed in your area, and you can’t get action, a sex doll will get you back on track.


Reasons Why a Sex Doll Is Your Best Bet During The Social Distancing Times

Ever since their inception, sex dolls have evolved from inflatable imitations to what is now full-size human replicas. Unlike before, sex dolls now look and behave like we do. With the inclusion of human-like materials, heating, and moaning functions, these dolls are more human than they’ve ever been.    

Whether the coronavirus has kept you away from your partner or you just want to spice up your sex life, sex dolls are incredibly efficient. So, here are a few reasons why you should get a sex doll:

  • 0% Risk of Getting Sick. Before the pandemic, people had different options to get off to. However, the virus has reshuffled everything, making it impossible to do most of the things we were able to before. Whether you’re to get some action or not, there’s no doubt that a sex doll is the safest option. Once you buy one, she remains loyal to you with zero contact with the outside world.

sexy lingerie doll

Unlike the hot next-door neighbor that has been sending your mixed signals from her rooftop, a sex doll presents a 0% risk of contracting coronavirus. So, you don’t have to worry about sexual starvation anymore. Enjoy sex worry-free with your sex doll.

  • Customizable. One of the best features of a sex doll is the ability to customize it to your liking. Whether you want her to look like your girlfriend who’s locked half the world away or your crush who you can’t get to like you back, everything is possible. Simply send the specifications and body features you want, and you’ll have a custom-made sex doll delivered to your doorstep.
  • No Baby Boom. With couples locked in together for almost 6 months now, sex becomes part of the day (and night). Unlike before, when work and other commitments put sex aside at times, sex is now available in abundance. This means that we’ll be experiencing a baby boom nine months from now. Yeah. Whether planned or ‘accidental’ gear up for the inevitable.

buy asian sex dolls

If you plan to stay away from conceiving, getting a sex doll is a great idea. Just make a plan with your spouse on how to use the doll together. Personally, I wouldn’t say I like using condoms, and pulling out is never an option. So, I usually shift to a sex doll, just as I’m about to cum. Again, this is an arrangement with my fiancée. Think of yours and make the most of your new purchase.

  • Live out Your Fantasies. Staying in the house has got people thinking about new ways to approach life. Some have even used the time to learn a new skill or language. F that! With a realistic sex doll, you can as well use this time to live out your fantasies. Whether its unique sex positions or pleasure activities, a sex doll offers an avenue to channel out your inner creativity. Did you see the Real Silicon Housewives? check them out!
  • You Don’t Need a Mask with the Sex Doll. Whether you’re pro mask or not, we can all agree that there’s some form of discomfort tied to wearing one. I mean, the discomfort is understandable, seeing that the last pandemic of this magnitude happened in 1918. And even then, the measure was meant with harsh criticism, with people citing discomfort and inconvenience.

best wm dolls for sale

With a sex doll though, there’s no need to wear a mask. So, if you don’t like wearing it the whole day, I recommend ditching the dating world for now and concentrating on your sex doll. Anyway, most outlets, including bars and restaurants, won’t allow you in without one.


Coping with Depression and Anxiety During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic may be stressful for people, especially because of the fear and anxiety of the unknown. What’s more, public health directives like social distancing, lockdowns, and curfews can fuel the feeling of isolation and loneliness, further increasing stress and anxiety. However, such measures are important in controlling the spread of the virus, which makes it even more challenging.

sex dolls coping with anxiety

People react differently to stress, depending on age, susceptibility, and occupation. However, we must all learn how to combat stress and depression so that we can outlive coronavirus. Taking care of yourself and those around you culminates in a stronger community. So, whether you’re healthy, infected, affected, or recovering from the virus seek the right help and come back stronger.

redhead thick white sex doll

Remember, the virus is new, and we’re all battling it a day at a time. So, talk to your friends and family and make use of technology to remain connected. Also, reach out to your healthcare provider if stress becomes a part of your daily life. Most importantly, take care of the elderly and make them feel included in the discussion. There are numerous hotlines as well, depending on your country or state – please make good use of them. We all need each other once all this is over.


Living with A Sex Doll During This Time

To help you understand how living with a sex doll has been, here’s an account of two clients who just joined the SRSD family:

James DW.

I bought the sex doll as soon as the first coronavirus case was announced in the US. I’ve always wanted to own one and had been saving towards the purchase. As per my earlier plan, I was supposed to by the sex doll in August. However, as soon as I heard the virus was in the country, I knew a lot would change, including the demand for sex dolls.

I ordered the same night, and a representative got back to me in no time. We had a lengthy chat, and I actually ended up changing the sex doll I was going for. The doll arrived in good time, and the first night was magical. The material was surprisingly more realistic than I’d envisioned, and everything went to plan. The best thing about owning a doll is I didn’t have to make as many changes as I’d initially thought — just an additional storage area in the bedroom, which I put up in minutes.

thicc bbw love doll

I’m 33 years of age and have been single for four years now. I’ll certainly get married, but I’m definitely going to enjoy this sex doll for a while. Who knows, maybe my future wife will be kinky too, and the sex doll won’t have to go. I love the doll so much.

Josh M.

I’ve always wanted to own a full-size sex doll, but I lived in a shared apartment, and I wasn’t sure how possible that would be. Late last year, I moved in by myself after my freelancing photography gig started paying well. I have a torso sex doll that I bought 2 years ago, and living alone made me revisit my dream of owning a full-size sex doll.

I already had one in my mind, and as soon as I logged into SRSD, it happened to be on sale. Of course, being unable to travel as much as I did sucks, but having her in the house makes it more bearable. I’m not sure whether I’m ready for sex doll #2, but that’s a thought I have.


My sex doll has been a big help, with the pandemic as well as a divorce. There's no temptation to get back together with my ex-wife, just to have a sex life. Many guys get so hungry for sex, that they will put up with an abusive relationship, just for sex. 

Some other advantages of being with my sex doll:

  1. She never criticizes or makes fun of my interests.
  2. She is willing to watch the same shows as myself. And she doesn't complain when I make comments during the program.
  3. She always dresses nice.
  4. She never takes my last slice of pizza or can beer. In fact, she doesn't eat any if my food, nor does she criticise my meal choices.
  5. She waits patiently for my attention, when I'm busy with a project.
  6. When I want to be with her, she gives me whatever I want, without complaint.
  7. She is happy with the way our home is decorated.

Most importantly, she's a delightful physical presence in my home. Someone I talk to and can hug when needed. In this age of feminism, where women are being taught to disregard what men want, she is a breath of fresh air.

real customer sex doll    sexy real sex doll customer doll

We sit and watch TV together; sometimes with her in my lap. She will also stand in the kitchen and watch me work on my computer. I take her wherever Im working in the house, so its not so lonely. And if course, she sleeps with me sometimes. Very reassuring to have her by my side.


Coronavirus and What It Might Mean to The Sex Doll Industry

Regardless of your line of work, coronavirus has certainly changed two or more aspects in your industry. So, here are some of the long-term ramifications it will have on the sex doll industry:

  • Lifting off the stigma around sex dolls. As said before, people that would probably have not bought a sex doll are now buying beginner models. With continued use, more people will ultimately change their negative perception of sex dolls.
  • Sustained demand. As a result of more people accepting sex dolls, the demand will remain constant even after the pandemic is over.
  • Emphasis on innovation. As we all know, sex dolls have in the past witnessed numerous design changes, and it won’t stop with the virus. Manufacturers will strive to develop new designs and functionalities to meet the unique needs of the new market.

And that’s it! The new social distancing world is weird, but very important too. There so much uncertainty around the virus, but we can all agree that protecting yourself is the most important way to stay healthy. It’s impossible to outright tell who has the virus, and thus maintaining social distance and staying home if you can remain the top priority.

curvy bbw sex doll

The severity of the situation and the social distancing measures make it impossible to enjoy dating like we used to. So, why continue suffering alone when there’s a way out. Check out the sex dolls on sale and get yourself an amazing deal on affordable real sex dolls.

These precious dolls are waiting for you!




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