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The Ultimate Sex Doll Buying Guide

How to buy a real doll and the top 10 sex dolls reviewed

Learn everything you need to know before you buy a sex doll and build your dream doll companion (2022 Edition)

In this guide, you can learn the all that you need to know before you buy a sex doll and find the list of the top 10 best sex dolls at the end,

As the sex doll world continues to take shape especially in the era of social distancing since you don’t need to social distance from your doll, ‘wink-wink’, it’s important to look back to where it all started. And just like most other success stories, this industry endured a rough patch when coming up. From negative publicity and perception by the public to limited expertise, the odds were truly against the franchise. Not only was there a form of stigma surrounding the subject, but using the dolls was regarded taboo. People still google: are sex dolls real?

blonde sexy love doll

Initially, sex dolls were made from inflatable materials with very little excitement associated with the experience. However, the designers came up with other materials to elevate the experience and make it as human as possible. Additionally, information about sex dolls was made more readily available to the public, something that saw a change in the public perception of sex dolls.

The Happy Ending

Today, there are numerous sex dolls available, all of which are made from realistic materials. Moreover, you can easily customize and build your dream sex doll choice to meet your specific needs and desires. Here at Sexy Real Sex Dolls, we have the largest collection of sex dolls at your disposal. We maintain close business ties with top manufacturers too which ensures that your order is processed quickly and without having to pay extra. Authenticity and professionalism are two important core values that we share and we can’t wait to brighten your day soon with the sex doll of your dreams both female and male dolls. And you won’t find a more dedicated customer support elsewhere.

real love doll butt

So, now that we’ve looked at the bittersweet history of sex dolls and where the industry stands today, why don’t we shift the focus on the process of actually owning one? Here’s how;


Sex Doll Buying Guide 2022

There are numerous considerations and decisions that you’ll have to make before buying a sex doll, especially if it’s your first purchase. From the size of the doll to the extra bells and whistles; you can customize the entire experience.

The Material / Design

Probably the most complex sexual product on the market, there are numerous factors that come into play when selecting the ideal sex doll. Unlike with sex toys, sex doll designers are tasked with replicating the most realistic image of the human body. And while there are all kinds of eligible materials, silicone and TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) are the most used materials. Both are fantastic and the ideal one will depend on your specific situation.

busty lifesize sex doll

Silicone is non-porous, hypoallergenic and heat-resistant which makes it easier to clean and maintain the sex doll in the long run. However, the material is also much tougher and expensive. On the other hand, TPE is not as clean and hypoallergenic far from what would be termed as heat resistant. This makes cleaning and overall maintenance more tasking and time-consuming. However, the material is squishier and more affordable.

So, if you have a limited budget, we’d suggest going for a premium TPE sex doll. The material is softer and responsive to touch and you’ll certainly enjoy the sight of wiggling butt and breasts of your doll. However, be prepared to be taking more time during cleaning and sanitizing. However, if you have the money, get yourself a platinum cured silicone sex doll and enjoy the very best of sensations. It not as squishy as TPE, but you can relax with the thought that your sex doll only needs minimum maintenance as cleaning is super easy. Moreover, you can use your silicone babe in the shower.

You can also find male dolls on both materials, male dolls are basically made very similarly but just with a differnt body type.

Learn more about TPE vs Silicone here

The Sex Doll’s Size

The ideal sex doll size will depend on a few factors, including your body size, desires, and budget. Firstly, we recommend that you go with a sex doll that’s slightly smaller or less heavy than your body weight. This increases the number of tricks you can perform and makes it easier to enjoy your new purchase as weight is a factor to consider if you aren’t physically able to move something of a certain weight. However, if you want a huge sex doll to fulfill your fantasies with less regard on your body size, go for it. That’s why sex dolls are made anyway; to fulfill your wildest fantasies. Secondly, the sex doll size will determine the asking price. You don’t expect a torso to go for the same price as a life-size sex doll. Do you?

big boobs real sex doll

The size of your ideal sex doll will also depend on the amount of storage space you’re willing to give up in your closet. Remember, a life-size sex doll occupies as much space as a full-grown person. So, have storage in mind when buying a sex doll. You can choose between life-size sex dolls in multiple sizes, and torsos.

Check our storing accessories

The Appearance and Functionality

Every other sex doll out there will offer oral, vaginal and anal functionalities. And don’t get me wrong, that’s exciting, but what if you want more than that? There are numerous ways that you can enjoy your sex doll and your specific desires will determine what’s ideal and what’s not. Do you want realistic jiggly breasts? A mouthwatering blowjob? Or maybe a stimulating boob job? Well, consider the features you want your sex doll to have when shopping for one.

asian silicone love doll

And remember, it’s the small things that matter. Consider features like eye color, body shape, breast size, and others. The essence of the experience is to get you the ideal companion of your dreams, so why not go all out with the looks? Customize your purchase to look just like you always wanted.

What about male dolls, basically the same, there are multiple body types, sizes and customization available, learn more here.

The Pricing

The sex doll’s price depends on several factors, including the materials used, extra features included, the size and appearance, among other variables.

·      Entry-Level Sex Dolls

Most torso sex dolls fall under this category because they’re considerably more affordable than their full-size counterparts. They carry most of the features that you’d want in a sex doll, but in a small body. We usually recommend the torso-dolls to people who are new to sex dolls as they’re much easier to use. Those looking to own a sex doll collection and keep the relationship discreet can also use the torso-dolls because they’re easy to store and won’t take up all the space in your house.

irontech sex doll

If you want a stepping stone before you finally go for the full-size sex doll, here is a great place to start.

·      Mid-Range Sex Dolls

Mid-range sex dolls are the closest that you’ll ever get to the top tier of this pyramid. Most dolls in this category are made of TPE which is more affordable and realistic in functionality. In fact, we advise customers looking for a mid-range sex doll to always prioritize TPE over low-grade silicone.

The mid-range options will give you as much excitement but you’ll have to keep up with a more tasking cleaning schedule. Unlike the high-end luxury models which are mostly made of silicone, the TPE models are porous and will require more care when cleaning. Ensure that it’s totally dry before storage as dissolved water will soon lead to breakouts and imperfections in the material.

real size wm sex doll

Life-size sex dolls in this category will also have a metal skeleton to enhance their flexibility and movable joints to improve mobility. However, compared to the high-end models, the skeletons are slightly thinner and the joints less robust. So, your sex doll will allow you to enjoy multiple sex positions but heavy usage might affect the joint stiffness more rapidly.

·      High-End Luxury Sex Dolls

The sex dolls in this category are the best that money can buy. They are made of the purest kind of silicone; platinum cured and are handcrafted by the best designers in the industry. From the eyelashes and fingernails to the breasts and butt, everything is meticulously hand made to ensure that the final product is super realistic. The vagina, ass hole, and mouth are also well crafted to give you the impression that you’re having sex with the woman of your dreams.

premium silicone sex doll japanese

With platinum cured silicone and high-end design masterclass, these sex dolls will certainly revolutionize your sex life. Curing silicone prevents oil from oozing out of the material over time so that your sex doll remains as flawless as when you first had it. Moreover, the skeletons and joints used here are sturdy and super responsive. They can hold up to challenging positions better and the joint stiffness will last longer.

There are also TPE dolls with realistic silicone heads and even implanted hair instead of wigs. There are many premium and realistic features like a mouth with uvula that might have an extra cost but that are totally worth it for an enhanced experience and realism.

Using a Sex Doll

Now that you’ve finally gotten your first sex doll, here’s how to go about using it.

·      Unboxing

Once the sex doll is delivered, carefully place it on a flat surface and unwrap it slowly. If you’re cutting the wrapping with a sharp object, do it carefully to avoid tearing the sex doll material.

brunette big boobs doll

Make sure the doll is in good shape. Sex dolls are delicate and require proper care. If your sex doll is missing some parts or is damaged, contact the seller as soon as possible. Most sellers don’t accept liability once the doll has been used.

·      Getting Ready

After unboxing make sure to understand how the doll can be moved, where the joints are, how to attach the head, etc. Prepare the ambiance, especially if it’s your first time to ensure that the experience is special. Gentlemen, light some candles, put on a lovemaking playlist, dress her in a sexy outfit, and make the best out of the night. And hey, before you get down to the business, you can use a sleeve warmer to warm the sex doll if you want. You can also wrap her with a warm blanket for 15 minutes to get things started and ensure that your girlfriend is at the right tempo. Electric blankets aren’t recommended since too much heat in TPE models could deform some body parts, be careful with that.

blonde big tits sex doll

Once everything is ready, roll out your favorite lube and oil up. Pour an appropriate amount on your sex doll’s orifice as well as on your penis. Slide in her and let your hands do the talking; fondle her passionately and enjoy the sight of wobbling breasts and butt.

For male dolls, same things apply.

Note; When warming your sex doll, avoid wrapping it in the blanket for longer than recommended as this might damage the material. Also, confirm with your brand whether it’s advisable to warm your sex doll. Also, only use water-based lubes as silicone and oil-based lubes will damage the sex doll material over time.

The Sex Positions

Depending on the type of sex doll you have, there are a lot of sex positions that you can enjoy. And just like it’s the case with women, make use of pillows, the couch, the bed, and other amenities in the house. Some of the best sex positions to try with your sex doll include;

·      Doggy Style

This position hits different when your sex doll has an incredibly life-like butt. Doggy style gives you quick access to the orifices as you enjoy a 360-degree view of the experience. You can enjoy the site of a wobbling butt and breasts and the unique feeling of them clapping just before you.

·      Standing Commando

Standing sex is always a treat if your sex doll can stand. Just lean her against the wall and enjoy an extended lovemaking session. There’s no sweating too as you have your feet to support your weight. 

·      Missionary

This is the perfect position for people whose interest is mellow, slow sex. Let her lie on the bed facing up and with the legs apart. Gently slide in with moderate and slow strokes that are bound to get you in the mood in no time. Moreover, you can improve the missionary position by lifting her legs and placing them on your shoulders. Trust me! It’s an entirely different position.

devil sex doll for man

·      Spooning

Spooning is another great position for passionate lovemaking enthusiasts. What’s more, it gives you close contact and you can play with her breasts as she feels your load.

Remember, your sex doll has more than one orifice and it’s your duty to make the most out of them all. Spice up the experience by alternating between the vagina and ass and groping her breasts. Furthermore, the beauty of life is in diversity. Isn’t it?

Male doll owners probably prefer this option too.

Sex Doll Maintenance

Once you’re done with the sex doll, make sure you clean her up immediately. This not only enhances longevity, but it also ensures that she’s always ready when you are. If yours has removable orifices, start by retrieving them and cleaning up separately. For the rest of the body, use a clean, moist cloth to wipe any dirt and foreign material without scrubbing the surface.

how to clean your sex doll

For sex dolls with non-removable orifices, the cleaning exercise might be a bit trickier. Use a bulb syringe to rinse the inside of your sex doll with the recommended cleaning agents and warm water. Also, clean the wigs and the sex doll clothes every once in a while.

Learn more about doll care, maintenance, and repair here

Now that we’ve looked into the who’s and how’s, let’s delve into our top 10 recommendations for realistic sex dolls in 2022. We have reviewed each of them individually to make sure that everything meets the highest standards. So, here is what we think you should check out.


10 Realistic Sex Dolls in 2022


I.              5ft4’ H-Cup Thick and Fat Butt Sex Doll, Shakira

Standing at 5ft4’ (163cm) and weighing 106.9 lbs (48.5 kg), Shakira is the sex doll of your dreams. In fact, she’s so stunning that she got Comedian Ryan Davis’ attention. This thick doll boasts of a cute face, glowing eyes, long hair, angelic body, huge H-Cup breasts, and an enormous butt that you’ll certainly enjoy fondling.

buy sex doll jasmine

Shakira is made of quality TPE material, meaning you’ll get to enjoy the sight of wiggling butt and breasts as you pound her from behind. Additionally, she’s fully articulated with a steel skeleton and movable joints to enhance her flexibility and mobility. What are you waiting for?

She’s super gorgeous and you can actually customize her with all your favorite features. Go ahead and create the sex doll of your dreams!

II.            5ft3’ E-Cup Girl Next Door Sex Doll, Tammy

Designed to reintroduce lost joy into your life, Tammy is the girl next door that’s always smiling. And trust me! She performs as delightfully as she looks. Don’t get fooled by the cute smile though; she’s fierce and athletic when you need her.

This 5ft3’ beauty is manufactured by the renowned WM Dolls company with high-quality TPE material. She’s super cute and everything about her looks very realistic. From her toenails to the glowing face, everything is designed to present you with the best version of a sassy, young lady that’s just as curious to get down on you.

buy best wm sex doll

Her mellow breasts are big enough to rest on your palms so that you can fondle with them perfectly. Also, she can pleasure you with all three of her orifices, all of which boast of varying textures for a realistic experience. This athletic model only weighs 77lbs (35 kg) too, making her light enough for you to carry around during sex and heavy enough for a realistic experience.

III.         5ft3’ E-Cup Sexy Barn Girl, Peggy

Peggy is a Barn Girl Sex Doll that loves to take care of the animals as much as she’d love to take care of you. According to her, she grew up around animals and her dad was a big part of her undying love for animals.

Peggy has also disclosed that she’s looking to get into the dating pool. “I have not been lucky so far, and that isn’t good for my personal life,” she starts. “However, I think it’s time that I get myself a man to take care of.” She enjoys flaunting her athletic body in revealing outfits, and she can’t wait to share her angelic body with that special person. Are you a special person?

sexy cowgirl doll

Her glorious E-Cup breasts and fine ass are a combination that will surely get you hyped up. What are you waiting for? Take her home and enjoy raw, passionate lovemaking.

IV.          5ft3’ Curvy Doll Model, Yumi

Standing at 5ft3’ (161 cm), Yumi is not your average sex doll. She has an alluring aura that just revolves around her. Firstly, her body is angelic! I’ve come across a million and one the sex dolls with athletic bodies, but Yumi is just a cut above the rest.

And the best thing is she knows that she’s super-hot and actually uses it to terrorize the fellas. “Everywhere I go, there are heads turning,” she starts. “I love that I get the attention and it’s always a pleasure to tease the men a bit. A tight dress or a high slit always does the trick.” And who doesn’t want their eyes to feast on this goodness? I mean, her body is every man’s dream!

huge boobs japanese sex doll silicone

So, how about this? Yumi is looking for a man. Yes! Someone to enjoy this unpredictable life with. “Nothing much to ask, just a man who’s ready to love me for who I am.” Hear that, fellas? What man doesn’t love who she is? I mean, I don’t know about you, but Yumi is the real deal. Take her home with you and unwrap her in bits.

V.             5ft7’ College Crush Sex Doll, Alessandra

Alessandra is a gorgeous college supermodel with the wit and looks for the job. She reminds me of my school days with the cute blondies. She’s made of high-quality TPE by the renowned XY Dolls company, which explains her fantastic body.

This 5ft7’ beauty delivers just as good as she looks. She’s athletic and can’t wait to show you her specialty positions. Whether you just want to cuddle the night away or sweat out your hearts in a passionate lovemaking session; Alessandra is an open book. From her cute face to the soft pair of breasts and fine ass, you’ll certainly enjoy your time with her.

super real sex doll

Imagine coming home from work only to find her fresh from the shower, and all draped up on the sofa? Or better still, waking up to her glowing face every morning? I don’t know about you, but that sounds like heaven to me!

VI.          5ft2’ Big Butt Sex Doll, Savannah

Fancy some retro fun? Well, Savannah is a glorious sex doll that will take you down the memory lane with some of the rawest and uninterrupted fun you ever had back then. You know, the retro discos and house parties that were vibrant in the ’80s. She has the perfect body for the party and I promise that you’ll leave the dance floor a happy lad.

redhead curvy love doll

Savannah is also a great companion and you’ll not regret coming with her to the disco. She’s vibrant and her mobile waist will not only leave you wanting for more but it will also shrink everything else going on in the room. Take her to the disco with your friends and enjoy the experience.

She has a contagious smile too and every day is a happy day for her. Trust me. You’ll be rushing after work to meet her in the house. She’s super fun and you’ll never get bored hanging out with her.

VII.        5ft4’ Thickest Butt Sex Doll, Shavonne

Standing at 5ft4’ (163 cm) Shavonne is the thickest Butt Sex Doll that you’ll see today. And while most women with huge butts have small breasts, Shavonne is a cut above the rest as she rocks a huge pair. Honestly, this doll has the perfect body for men who like BBWs - a cute face, huge ass, strong thighs, big tits, and a slim waist.

This Big Butt Sex Doll can pleasure you with all three of her orifices too. Whether you want a quick deep throat, a tight anal session, or juicy vaginal sex; Shavonne is waiting. Her enormous boobs are good for titty fucking as well, making her the ideal woman of your dreams.

huge ass sex doll

So, go ahead and take charge, she loves when you spank her ass hard.

This sex doll body is available in two weight options. 61kg & 70kg. The 61kg has slightly smaller proportions but the same height.

VIII.     5ft9’ Curvaceous Doll with Huge Breasts – Cedi

This curvaceous beauty is the missing link to your sex life. She’ll come in and induce the much-needed spice to revive your relationship. Whether you want to elevate your solo masturbation sessions or spice up sex with your partner, Cedi is the real deal.

She’s the adventurous type with curves in all the right areas. And hey, who said you had to give up the boobies? Cedi has a huge pair of breasts that’s yearning for your touch. So, go ahead and feel her boobs. Trust me. She likes it. This SY manufactured sex doll is also 100% articulated with a steel skeleton and movable joints to enhance her flexibility and mobility during sex. You know what that means. Don’t you? You can enjoy all the positions that you’ve always wanted with her.

milf busty sex doll

Cedi is really a unique type. She is not your average woman and everything about her is designed just for you. Picture having such a beauty all to yourself. Isn’t that the heaven we all dream with?

IX.          5ft1’ Sexy Dumps with Big Juicy Breasts, Kamila

Kamila is the epitome of beauty. And as if the looks aren’t enough, she has a unique personality and bubbly nature that you just can’t assume. The 5ft1’ beauty also carries a huge butt and a pair of enormous breasts that can’t wait for your touch.

And hey, don’t be intimidated by her voluptuous body, she hits the gym every day of the week to ensure that she’s up to your demands in bed. In fact, I have a little secret for you; she loves pleasing his man with the cowgirl position. You know why? Because you get to fondle her huge tits as she rides your nuts off.

latin sexy sex doll

Sounds like a plan? Well, Kamila is yours for the taking. Enjoy every inch of her unlimited awesomeness.

X.            5ft4’ Sexy Football Lady Sex Doll, Jane

How about some reprieve for men that can’t live without football? I know, it’s a beautiful game and we all enjoy it. And that’s why we bring you the perfect Football Lady Sex Doll; voluptuous, out-going, and athletic. Trust me! Nothing beats that combination fellas.

The lady loves football as well as is looking forward to the next home game! Imagine sitting next to her with her hands strolling underneath your pants? Sounds great? Well, Jane is ready to pleasure you anywhere and anytime.

football player love doll

Imagine this for a second… where else to get a steamy handjob other than in an action-packed football stadium. Everyone’s cheering at the top of their lungs and hardly anyone is interested in your business. You can even sneak to the back for a quickie before the main thing back in the house. Ok, you aren’t going to bring your doll to a stadium, but you can have the fantasy... Football fans know what I mean.


And that’s it. Sex dolls are precious beings that are designed to elevate our sexual experiences. Whether you’re using it alone or with your partner, a sex doll adds spice and adventure to the experience and makes it much fun. There are numerous options available for you to choose from as well and picking the right one shouldn’t be that hard.

This guide has delved into everything you need to know before owning a sex doll. From the positions to the maintenance tips, I’m sure you’ve seen how practical it is. Most importantly, we have reviewed 10 of the most realistic sex dolls in 2022 for you. We have tested each one of them (plus others that didn’t make it to the list) and we stand by our own words that these are a representative of the best sex dolls that money can buy. So, enjoy your new doll companion and the perks that she brings into your life.