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Real Silicon Housewives

A story of silicone sex doll wives,

Like the American franchise, SRSD’s Real Silicone Housewives show brings you some of the world’s sassiest women. The best thing about it is the fact that it pools together different personalities to deliver one of the most exciting reality TV entertainment. The overlying tension among these lovely women makes the show even more exciting. No one really knows when a fight will erupt, but we’re always yearning for one. Whether verbal or physical, these altercations make the show unique and unpredictable.

The show has 5 beautiful and outspoken sex dolls, with each one boasting a unique attribute. Whether it’s Jules's enormous ego, Leili’s bossy, extroverted demeanor, or Gemma’s intuitive and in charge personality, this combination breeds success. So, now that we’ve looked into the show’s particulars, here are the Real Silicone Housewives’ profiles:

Gemma, the Entertainer

Gemma is the true star of the show. She’s assertive and always wants to be in charge. What strikes most about her is the ability to read a situation faster than anyone else and react to it as swiftly. Her strong intuition is evident throughout the show, as she’s never shy to speak her mind out.

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Whenever there’s an altercation during the show, Gemma is quick to assess the protagonist and victim in the situation and swiftly offer a piece of her mind. In most cases, she’s the one trying to break fights. Most importantly, she’ll take time to reflect on herself when separating a fight, usually promising herself not to look as ‘stupid.’

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Every once in a while, she’ll be involved in a fight, and we don’t really see the fruits of the reflection. Remember, she’s in charge and will always try to assert her authority at all times.

Maria, the Protagonist

In every show, there has to be a protagonist. The character that’s always on the forefront and mostly involved in fights and verbal altercations. Maria always has a goal in every situation and will do anything to see it come to fruition. She’s well aware of what she’s doing at all times and is usually the one winding up her co-stars to start a fire, which mostly turns eruptive, leaving the unit more divided than before.

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Like her title, Maria is certainly the villain of the show and doesn’t take any prisoners. Once focused on a particular task, she’ll not budge an inch for anyone else. In fact, she’s has had disagreements with most of her co-stars, including Gemma and Jules.

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Isabella, the Executive

Much like Gemma but more reserved and authoritative, Isabella is the head of the group. She rarely lifts her voice, but whenever she does, everyone knows she means business. And while you might not see her much in the show, Isabella makes the most of the available time, always stamping her authority in the group without lifting a finger.

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Most of the fights eventually come to Isabella for the verdict, as most girls view her as the alpha. She’s also very focused on herself, mostly seen on the show working out and eating healthy to maintain that immaculate body that we all love. Some of the girls also refer to her as being traditional, thanks to her unmatched calmness regarding fashion trends.

Jules, the Slay Queen

Probably the most volatile wife, Jules is the youngest in the group. She just finished law school and has the young blood that makes the show unpredictable. And don’t get fooled by her small body; she knows how to assert herself even when you wouldn’t bet on her too. Her incredibly artistic body and genius sense of fashion makes her stand out from the rest, always turning heads wherever she goes.

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As a law graduate, Jules is calm and level-headed, very rarely getting into altercations. However, she has her fair share of ‘narcissism’ as she feels more educated than the rest of the women. She’ll usually get into other people’s business when trying to share her two sense on an argument, usually putting herself in the line of fire.

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Leili, the Party Head

Unbeknownst to many, Leili is the oldest wife in the group. In fact, the girls refer to her as a senior citizen in the gossip rooms, a name that has led to multiple fights. What stands out most about Leili though, is her unending thirst for party life. She never tires and always has the energy to bust a move.

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Looking at her unmatched energy and enthusiasm, I think it’s right to say age is just a number. Even in a group full of young ladies like Jules, no one does it better. She also likes to take control, mostly using her age as the reason why she deserves to be heard. And while most of the girls like her for the upbeat energy, she’s not Isabella’s and Gemma’s cup of tea.

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SRSD’s Silicone House Wives promise to deliver an exciting and unique experience that will open your eyes and mind to the diverse world of dream dolls. The carefully selected dolls represent different personalities and characters, which makes the show exciting. The plan is to hit the road and experience the fun from different parts of the country. I reckoned following these beauties on the road will be fun. What do you think?


Stay Tuned!

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