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Top 10 Flat Chested Sex Dolls Online

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So, you've decided to go all-out with a flat-chested sex doll? Great choice. There's something about the A-cups that makes a love doll more exciting.

And even for women, small breasts mean more stimulation from boob fondling because the titty skin is closer to the body. Unlike big boobies, you have a more intimate feel of the breasts.

I've been reviewing sex dolls for a long time, and the flat-chested models are some of my favorites. And to give you a glimpse of life on the other side, I've reviewed 10 of the best flat chested sex dolls money can buy you. I've also highlighted some tips at the end to ensure you make the most of your new purchase. So, be sure to hang around.

1.     156 cm (5ft1') Small Tits Sex Doll with Huge Ass

Standing at 5ft1', this huge ass sex dol features a pair of small, squishy tits.

I don't know about you, but the perfect woman is the one with small breasts but an overall curvy body. This lovely ebony queen has a curvy body with a huge ass and thick thighs.

small tits doll

Something else I love about the small tits sex doll is that she's made from body-safe TPE material. Silicone might be durable, but nothing beats the extra suppleness of TPE. It's squishy and with a huge ass and enormous thighs; seeing them wiggle during sex is visually appealing and sexually stimulating.

The flat chested sex doll boasts vaginal, anal, and oral capabilities. So, whether you prefer a quick blowjob, extended pussy penetration, or anal sex, you call the shots.

So, if you're looking for an ebony flat chested sex doll, here's a great pick, it can be made in any skin tone. The TPE-made beauty features multiple orifices and a full-size realistic body. More importantly, the small breasts feel great on the hands, and you'll enjoy massaging them.


  • Ebony BBW love doll with supple small tits.
  • The TPE material is body-safe and squishy.
  • Vaginal, oral, and anal capabilities.
  • A fat ass and thick thighs for added realism.
  • Buy today and get a free doll outfit.


  • TPE is porous, and cleaning takes a little more time.

2.     Marsha, the 168 cm (5ft6') B-Cup Dainty Blonde Sex Doll

Marsh is the perfect blondie for small tits sex doll fans.

The soft B-Cup breasts feel great on the hands, and with an overall petite body, most people will find Marsha easy to get along (have sex with). Personally, changing positions and getting the best out of her was reasonably straightforward – a positive whenever I'm reviewing sex dolls.

Like the first sex doll, Marsha is made from human-like TPE material, giving her an ultra-realistic feel. She might not have the huge ass and thighs to wiggle during sex, but the skin feels like that of a woman – massaging her feels insanely realistic.

I like that you can customize Marsha to the flat chested sex doll of your dreams. Everything from the head and vagina type to the skin color and pubic hair – your creativity is the only limiting factor.

Overall, Marsha is ideal for guys who love small tits blonde. She has a petite body too, and you can be sure making the most of the experience won't be a problem. More importantly, she's fully customizable, allowing you to channel your inner designer skills with a few clicks.


  • Blondie petite sex doll.
  • Soft and supple B-Cup breasts to massage.
  • Multiple orifices to explore.
  • Fully-customizable flat chested doll.
  • Articulated with a metal skeleton.


  • BBW flat chested sex doll fans might find her a little underwhelming.

3.     Barbie, the Small Boobs Sex Doll with Puffy Nipples

Standing at 160 cm (5ft3') and weighing 40 kg (88 lb), Barbie is the ideal size for most people.

Outstandingly, her small boobs still stand out. I especially loved the characteristic puffy nipples. They're pumped and soft – it feels like you're massaging a giant bubble wrap that won't just give in. And even with a top on, you can see the gorged-up nipples. I don't know about you, but erect nipples get me aroused faster than a fat kid chasing an ice cream truck.

Barbie is made from human-like TPE. Besides being more affordable than silicone, TPE is soft and supple. I thought the small breasts felt incredibly realistic, and even better, the puffy nipples were soft to touch. It felt like I was playing with my girlfriend's nipples.

Like other sex dolls on the list, Barbie is fully customizable, and with a few clicks, you can design the love doll of your dreams.

retro small tits doll

Overall, Barbie is an incredible small boobs sex doll. More than anything else, you'll love the puffy nipples. The tiny lumps look and feel realistic. In addition, the TPE-made sex doll is fully customizable, allowing you to bring out your secret designer skills.


  • Well-made small boobs sex doll.
  • Puffed nipples feel incredible.
  • Fully-customizable body.
  • High-quality TPE material.
  • Ideal size for most people


  • Barbie is pricey for a TPE sex doll - $2,000.

4.     Small Tits and Big Booty Sex Doll

Another small tit big booty sex doll? Why not?

I love BBW-type ladies with small, palm-sized tits, so this one was a no-brainer. The all-TPE body simulates the look and sensations of a real woman. In addition, the sex doll has a relatively huge ass and thick thighs that are every man's dream.

The TPE material adds to the realism, with the well-synced wiggling motion during sex. Most importantly, it gives the small B-Cup breasts life. They might not shake as the bubble butt, but the boobs feel incredibly soft; you'd think they used real human skin.

Besides the small, stimulating breasts, the sex doll's size is perfect for most people – not too big or small. In addition, the tiny waist and cute face make her the ideal all-rounded sex toy. What's more, there's a vagina, mouth, and anal opening to play with.

So, if you're looking for a small tits sex doll with big booty, here's the best. Most importantly, the beauty is made from human-like TPE and comes with three orifices to please you to the max.


  • Classic small tits and big booty combo sex doll.
  • Silky, soft B-Cup titties.
  • Supple and soft TPE material.
  • Vaginal, oral, and anal capabilities.


  • Not the most affordable sex doll on the list.

5.     Bonnie, the 160 cm (5ft3') $2,000 Small Tits and Big Butt Sex Doll

The $2,000 small tits and big booty sex doll Bonnie is there for the taking.

Like most sex dolls on the list, Bonnie boasts a soft and supple pair of breasts – she doesn't even need a bra this one. Besides being small, Bonnie's boobies feel incredible. The TPE material adds a much-needed squish, balancing top-tier sensations and realism.

Bonnie has a petite body, and guys who prefer slender women will have a great time with her. I love that you can easily carry her around the house during sex. After all, that's the goal – a sex doll that looks like a real woman to enjoy sex and fulfill your fantasies. Right?

Bonnie is articulated with a metal skeleton, allowing you to position her the way you want. In addition, her movable joints enhance realism, further improving your experience.

tiny tits sex doll for man

Overall, Bonnie is a fantastic small tits love doll. Besides the petite body and human-safe TPE material, she's articulated, allowing you to position her how you want. What's more, she has multiple orifices for improved capabilities.


  • Incredible small tits and big butt sex doll.
  • Human-safe TPE material.
  • Metal skeleton articulation.
  • Multiple orifices for more capabilities.
  • A free doll outfit included.


  • BBW flat chested sex doll fans will find her underwhelming.

6.     Korina K, the Small Tits C-Cup Realistic TPE Sex Doll

Korina is a typical tropical island girl – attractive, slender, and energetic.

Unlike the other sex toys I've reviewed on the list, she's a little more endowed with two supple C-Cup bobbies to show. The TPE-made pair feels incredible. More importantly, they fill up your palms, rendering titty massage more exciting.

Korina loves the outdoors, and the beach is her backyard. What's more, she's looking for an outgoing lover – you can do that. Can't you?

blonde small tits

And what's the catch? You might be asking. Well, the hot petite beauty is always horny. In addition, she has three different orifices, meaning you can enjoy oral, vaginal, and anal sex – all in one.

So, if you want a bubbly small tits sex doll, Korina fits the bill. The realistic C-Cup titties simulate the look and sensations of a real woman. And the best part about it is her slender body appeals to most sex doll users.


  • Well-made tropical sex doll.
  • Squishy C-Cup titties are massage-ready.
  • Full-body skeleton with movable joints.
  • Oral, vaginal, and anal capabilities.
  • You get a free doll outfit.


  • Cleaning TPE can be a pain in the ass.

7.     160 cm(5ft2') B-Cup Small Boobs Sex Doll

Standing at 160 cm (5ft2'), this small boob sex doll is the wild energy you need in your life.

The WM Dolls' model boasts an incredible body. Starting with the pumped-up B-Cup breasts, you'll love the sight of her naked body. And while she has a slender body, the fine ass is delirious. In addition, the love doll has a tiny waist, which makes for great 'DIY' handles—especially when hitting from the back.

perky boobs sex doll

The petite sex doll is articulated with a metal skeleton and movable joints, allowing you to enjoy multiple sex positions without heavy lifting.

Overall, this lovely WM Dolls' beauty is perfect for flat chested sex doll fans. The combination of supple breasts and an attractive hour-glass body with a fine ass and tiny waists make for a top-tier sex doll. Take her home and enjoy the brilliance that is the glowing 5ft2' small boobs sex doll.


  • High-quality WM Dolls beauty.
  • Tiny but perky B-Cup tits.
  • It's made from skin-like TPE material.
  • Metal skeleton and movable joints articulation.
  • Three orifices to explore.


  • Among the pricey sex dolls on the list.

8.     Ginger, the Small Breast Sex Doll

As her name suggests, this small breast sex doll is spicy.

Don't be fooled by her 4ft11' height; Ginger has a wild personality, making for an exciting sight when combined with the small, squeezable tits, wide hips, huge ass, and a slim waist.

Something else you'll love about the sex doll is the full-body TPE construction. Besides looking like human skin, TPE is more supple and realistic, allowing Ginger's body a keep up with the rhythm of your thrusts – the view's amazing.

Ginger is articulated with a steel skeleton and a series of movable joints, making it easy to switch between different sex positions. In addition, the small breast sex doll comes with three orifices, a vagina, an anal opening, and a mouth. Whether you're up for a quick blowjob, tight anal gaping, or sustained vaginal penetration – the choice is yours.

So, if you're looking for a spicy and wild small breast sex doll, Ginger is the best choice. Besides the squeezable tiny tits, she has a great body with a huge ass, tiny waist, and wide hips – the perfect combo. Don't you think?

Take her home and enjoy unlimited pleasure.


  • Well-made small breast sex doll.
  • Huge ass and wide hips make for an exciting sight.
  • Fully articulated sex doll.
  • Oral, vaginal, and anal sex-ready.


  • Cleaning and maintaining TPE can be tedious.

9.     Missdoll, the Small Tits Exclusive Sex Doll

Missdoll is the kinky, outgoing woman every man needs.

The 5ft3' beauty boasts a pair of perky small tits with erect nipples to get you excited. The full-size, realistic babe is beautiful with a cute, innocent face highlighting the overall sweet girl demeanor.


flat blonde sex doll


The TPE-made sex doll also has a reasonably big ass in what I can only describe as an athletic body. The TPE material gives her a bouncy and squishy feel, so sex feels organic and realistic. In addition, Missdoll is articulated with a steel skeleton and movable joints, making it easy to switch between different sex positions without breaking a sweat.

And while most people will tell you can't improve on perfection, Missdoll defies this rule. You can design the small tits exclusive sex doll of your dreams. The customization bit is also straightforward – just add the extras before checking out, and you'll be good.

So, if you're looking for an attractive and athletic small tits sex doll, Missdoll is perfect for the job. Besides the TPE build, she's articulated and comes with multiple orifices to improve the possibilities.


  • Well-made small tits sex doll.
  • Body-safe TPE material.
  • Full-body skeleton articulation.
  • Three orifices to explore.
  • Easy to customize flat chested sex doll.


  • Cleaning and overall maintenance can be tedious.

10.  Agatha, the 162 cm (5ft4') B-Cup Juicy Lips Sex Doll

Lastly, Agatha is the cute and lovable sex doll to revamp your sex life.

Besides the small B-Cup breasts, she has a pair of juicy lips that will take all the strength and will to walk past. The soft and pliable lips are made from the smoothest TPE material. More importantly, they have a great hollow and solid material balance, making the experience even more realistic.

Agatha is made by 6YE Dolls, one of the best sex doll manufacturers. And while it might not be the most affordable sex doll, I'd vouch for the quality.

The 5ft4' sex doll comes with three orifices – vagina, ass hole, and mouth. So, regardless of your choice, Agatha has something for everyone.

Overall, this small breast sex doll is ideal for plump lips fans. Not only do you get a pair of squeezable B-Cups, but also soft and pliable lips. That's a prolific combination if you ask me!


  • Tiny tits sex doll with kissable juicy lips.
  • It's made from body-safe TPE.
  • Three orifices for maximum capabilities.
  • Squeezable B-Cup boobies.


  • Some users will finger too petite.

Why Should I Buy a Flat Chested Sex Doll?

Like all other sex dolls, flat-chested dolls offer sexual gratification for solo users and couples. Everything from the full-size realistic body to the tiny pumped-up breasts and fine ass – you get the whole deal. In addition, they come with multiple orifices – vagina, mouth, and anus to ensure you have as much fun as you wish. Whether you desire a quick sloppy toppy for foreplay, a short-lived anal gaping session, or extended pussy pounding, there's something for everyone.

Most importantly, flat-chested sex dolls provide an avenue for guys with a fantasy for tiny boobs to explore their fetish safely and conveniently. Whether you just like the sight of small boobs on a woman's chest or the organic touch excites you, small-boobed dolls are for you.

Another reason why you should buy a flat-chested sex doll is to enjoy the relatively easy cloth shopping experience. You won't even need a bra! More importantly, most tops will look great on her, giving you options. And if you love a big butt sex doll, a flat-chested love doll is the best – it allows you to focus solely on the ass while offering some soft A-Cups on the side.

Overall, flat-chested sex dolls are ideal for guys with a fetish for women with small boobs. In addition, they make for a great love doll experience with a more organic feeling when fondling the boobs. And even better, sex doll cloth shopping is much easier, especially picking the tops.

Buyers Guide

Like other sex dolls, there are essential factors to consider when picking your flat chested love doll. For starters, there are numerous options on the market. And while that might sound like a plus, it makes choosing the ideal model overwhelming. So, to help you make the right decision, we have listed some of the vital tips:


The sex doll material is an essential consideration to make. Most dolls are made from silicone and TPE, so you don't have to worry much.

Silicone is more durable, expensive, and heat resistant. On the other hand, TPE is more affordable and realistic, making for an ideal alternative if you're on a tight budget.


The ideal sex doll size will depend on your experience and physical strength. Remember, these realistic dolls are molded from humans, and you want something you can handle without hurting your lower back every time.

If you're an experienced user and masculine, the universe is yours to explore. However, if you're a beginner and not the most muscular guy in the room, you must pay attention to the height and weight.


Unlike sex toys, love dolls are an expensive investment in your sex life. Most models cost more than $1,500, with high-end options costing $3,000 – 4,000 with add-ons. So, I recommend saving up for the sex doll. More importantly, ensure you buy from the manufacturers' websites and verified vendors.

As always, strive to get value for money. After all, you'll be using the sex doll for years, so the value is of great importance.

Customization Options

Most sex doll sellers allow you to customize the doll before checking out. Everything from the sex doll wig to the vagina type and breast size – you can easily design the sex doll of your dreams.

Of course, the add-ons come at an extra cost but being able to design the sex doll of your dreams is incredible. So, ensure you buy from a seller that allows customization if you wish to use the feature. 


Your storage experience will depend on the sex doll size. Again, most brands offer a storage case at an extra fee, but you can always make one before the sex doll is delivered. Besides making it secure, ensure the interior is well-lined, so the doll isn't damaged during storage.

Having Sex with a Flat Chested Sex Doll

Having sex with your flat-chested sex doll is indifferent to other sex dolls. It should be straightforward and enjoyable.

I recommend cleaning your sex doll after unboxing and assembly. Then, gather the essentials, including a water-based lube bottle and towel. I love putting on my favorite bedroom playlist as well to get things going. Some people will tell you a warm bath does it for them, but all in all, the goal is to be as relaxed and fired up as possible.

Like with sex, try different sex positions. It heightens the pleasure and keeps things exciting. In addition, explore all the orifices, especially if your sex doll has all three – ensure you get a feel of each. Start with a sloppy toppy before switching between vaginal and anal penetration.

 Note: if your sex doll is made from silicone, you can experiment with aquatic play. Whether in the shower or bath, enjoy the bliss that comes with shower sex.

Dressing Your Flat Chested Sex Doll

One of my favorite things to do with my flat chested sex doll is dressing her up, depending on my mood. Luckily, I have loads of different items of clothing. Whether it's a regular night or a cosplay-kind of night, dressing your sex doll as you wish is a real flex. Flat-chested dolls are especially easy to dress, with most tops coming off perfectly.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Flat Chested Sex Doll

Cleaning your sex doll is the best maintenance tip for your sex doll. Ensure you do it immediately after use. In addition, dry the doll thoroughly and store it in a clean, cool, and dry place.

Regularly dust your flat-chested sex doll (especially the orifices) with renewing powder or cornstarch to enhance the freshness of a new sex doll.

And that's it! Flat chested sex dolls are must-have accessories in the bedroom. Whether you're single or in a relationship. Having one of these beauties adds to the options in the bedroom, ultimately spicing up your sex life. And the best part about it is they come in multiple shapes and sizes to meet your specific sexual needs.

Explore more small boobs sex dolls here,


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