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Top 10 Black Sex Dolls

African American, Ebony and Black Dolls


It's an undeniable fact that Black or African-American women are insanely gorgeous and seductive. They're enchanting with even a glimpse, and most importantly, they're submissive! They possess the reputation of being uptight but staunch; hence, most men lack the finesse of approaching them. Worry not because here at SexyRealSexDolls, we've got you covered.

Painstakingly detailed to real women, our ebony sex doll parade is overwhelming even to the maestros of the craft. From brown skin, chocolatey, to deep melanized sex dolls, we have it all. Black sex dolls are the sex goddesses - charming at every curve. And, they hold the flair of being naughty and nasty – just like you fancy it.

Welcome to wonderland. Our diverse sex doll collection showcases diverse attributes, from short, tall, petite, thick, curvy, busty, and big-booty beautiful black sex dolls. Yes, they're as you pictured- perfect.  Certain enough, you've come across the slang 'black don't crack!'- more than once. That represents our collection of black sex dolls. Order yours here!

      I.         Wooty, Big Tits with Hella Booty Sex Doll

Wooty is the first testament to the elegance of black sex dolls. Her ecstatic physique can bend even the mightiest of men to her will. She's tempting!

Standing at 158cm (5’’2') and weighing 56.5kg (124lbs), she's the woman of your dreams if you like voluptuous females. Her big bubbly butt, huge tender breasts, succulent lips, chocolatey skin tone, sexy thigh gap, slim waist, and thick curvy hips give Wooty an incredible fusion even an insane man wouldn't resist.

booty black sex doll


Oh, don't let her cute face fool you. She's nasty between the sheets and desires a dominant tiger to growl inside her. Come on, tiger, don't keep Wooty waiting!

    II.         Sarah, 158cm (5’’2') Ebony Silicone Sex Doll

From top to bottom, Sarah sparkles with perfection. She has a stunning face, sexy dark eyes, juicy kissable lips, and a lean body mimicking that of a goddess. Her sweet round soft breasts with virgin-like nipples and a fine spongy ass are the icing on the cake. She's one of the most realistic black sex dolls ever to grace the market.

At just 29kgs (63.9lbs), Sarah is the special ebony sex doll to try all your wildest sexual fantasies. She's not only flawless in her design but also proficient in bed. She can satisfy all your sexual desires with her orifices. Whether it's oral, anal, or vaginal, she delivers a masterclass at any time, place, and position.

ebony sex doll

Sounds erotic? She likes it hard and fast! Try Sarah. You'll never have enough.

  III.         Hattie, the Sexy Gym Buddy Sex Doll

Do you work out? If yes, how often? If no, you better get your gym gear ready. You're about to get all sweaty. Every man needs a gym buddy- goes without saying. How about a hot, sexy, dark, petite lady as your gym partner? Mesmerizing, eh?

Hattie fits the bill with a height of 163cm (5’’4'), a weight of 36kg (79.3lbs), and engineered with high-quality TPE material. She's the ideal gym partner with attractive D-cup breasts, a small butt that suits her body, and a slim waist to hold when handing the backstrokes.


black sexy fitness doll

She brings an unseen gym and sex motivation to the lads. Imagine doing your routine, and Hattie is there looking all pretty and ready for pounding while you're lifting. Who wouldn't fashion that?

Pack all your bags for the gym. Meet Hattie!

  IV.         Katrina, Jiggly Tits & Wide Jiggly Hips Sex Doll

If huge jiggly breasts, wide hips, and a thick bouncy fat ass are your forte, then Katrina was tailor-made and served on a juicy platter just for you. Yes, you! She's one of the best TPE black sex dolls designed by the famous YL Dolls.

Her commanding yet stunning blue eyes compliment her chubby and voluptuous body. Her thin waist broadens her hips and continental booty even further. I know what you're thinking, perverted men! Yes, she enjoys hard spanks during doggy style. It's even a more delightful sight, seeing her massive squeezable tits and bubbly ass wobble to the tempo of your strokes.

BBW black sex doll

From boob job, blow job, anal sex, to exotic vaginal sex, she's yours to command. Price her off and watch a maestra in her art- Maximum pleasure.

    V.         Jane, the Sexy Football Lady Sex Doll

Football (soccer) fanatics, here we go:

The transfer window is officially open, and we're delighted to announce the signing of Jane, your sexy football sex doll. With a height of 163cm (5’’4'), she's a flawless portable companion. Oh, she's a virgin too. How does Jane the sexy football virgin sound?

curvy soccer sex doll

 Despite being a virgin, her ball-handling skills are unmatched. There's no one else you'd rather handle your 'balls.' Her dark chocolate skin tone, fat butt, squishy big tits, captivating eyes, and glossy lips are the cherry on top. She can fulfill all your sexual desires with her bedroom prowess. Give Jane the debut she's craving to unwrap and taste utter sweetness.

  VI.         Doris, Apple Bottom SBBW Sex Doll

Doris is the fine black girl in your hood your parents warned you about. They knew she was too charming and intriguing to resist. But we serve her hot to your doorstep. She has unblemished soft brown skin, overwhelmingly curvy with glorious massive tits and a big bubble butt. Any man would go mad for her.

curvy latina sex doll

She's among the best SBBW sex dolls, and rightly so because of her striking human-like resemblance. You're right to confuse her for an African princess when devouring her. Ravishly hit it from behind in the bath tab and feel her entire body shake in delight while her thick ass bounces back and forth. It's marvelous! You're a click away from ecstasy.

VII.         Gemma, 152cm (5’’2') Big Tits Silicone Love Sex Doll

Are you a sucker for chocolatey petite ladies with enormous alluring boobs? Well, here's Gemma for you. At only 5ft2, Gemma is a very realistic sex doll with J-cup breasts, small sexy curves, and a perfect butt for a lady her size. She couldn't be more incredible!

She's the latest ebony doll from Sino Doll crafted lighter than other models. Fully articulated with a metal skeleton, Gemma is flexible and can easily curve into whatever position you desire when pipping her at full throttle.

big nipple black sex doll

Spank her firm booty and embrace her huge jiggly boobs, all while gobbling her ass, vagina, and mouth to satisfy your selfish pleasures. Experience her magic here.

VIII.         Randalin, Huge Hips Torso Love Sex Doll

The list wouldn't be complete without including a torso sex doll. They come without limbs and arms, which makes them feather-light and easy to play around with. At 92cm (3ft), Randalin is the most curvaceous torso sex doll with massive broad hips and large enticing boobies.

super curvy sex doll torso

Randalin is made of soft TPE material, and she's wholly articulated with a metal skeleton and movable joints, which makes her very flexible, to add to her portability during sexual intercourse. With huge hips comes a fat ass. She enjoys doggy-style so much. That's not all; her anal, oral, and vaginal penetrations are out of this realm. Take her home and bury yourself in her elegance.

  IX.         Maria, 159cm (5’’2’) Big Tits Silicone Sex Doll

Weighing 35kg (77.1 lbs.), Maria is another Sino Doll lighter design made of pure quality silicone. Maria is an African-American petite sweetheart with J-cup breasts, dark curly hair, bewitching green eyes, glossy pink lips, and a sizable firm behind.

She's friendly, beautiful, and a sucker for new audiences. Yes, she'll be thrilled to meet you. Don't let her flawlessness deceive you. She's a bedroom bully. Oh, that's a good thing, eh? My apologies. More so, she enjoys grinding in all her orifices. No limits.

hot big tits black sex doll

 Forget a Hail Mary and Hail Maria! She'll love you for sure.

    X.         Nava, 168cm (5’’6') A-Cup Ebony Sex Doll

If you fancy small squishy titties, then this deep melanin and petite ebony goddess is the lady of your fantasies coming straight to your crib. Nava has dark, silky long hair, magnificent dark eyes, luscious lips, and small round breasts, constituting her hot angelic body. Looks can be deceiving, but Nava's are everything but.

Nava's A-Cup breasts are exhilarating. She doesn't even need to wear a bra while doing the dishes on the kitchen sink. Surprise her from behind and make love to her. She likes that. And most importantly, she adores bad boys like you. Also, she's a sex lioness. She can never have enough, as all her orifices are crafted with varying depths and satisfying textures to give you a unique sensation. From us to you- We recommend.

african sex doll

And, it's a wrap! The above list has been skillfully researched with passion and panache by our team of sex doll experts. You won't be disappointed trying out our ebony sex dolls. The best state-of-the-art sex doll designs are crafted from TPE and silicone material- the type we exclusively deal with.

If you dream of feeding your black girl fetish, then our black sex doll collection has the most enticing recipe to satisfy all your sexual desires. From short and thick and tall and petite, there're a lot of choices for you. What's more, you can further customize your sex doll preferences to your liking when ordering from SexyRealSexDolls.