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Japanese, Anime, and Asian Dolls

Asia is the largest continent, and that means women here are in surplus. Consequently, that means that the variety of Asian sex dolls in the market is unsurpassed. Asia is even a female name meaning sunrise! Incredible! So, let's head to Asia, not for their interesting culinary arts, but their exotic, gorgeous, and erotic babes.

Asian ladies are reputable for their unmatched beauty, fair skin, slim sexy bodies, succulent lips, perfect ass, enchanting eyes, bewitching smile, respect, and submissiveness. I know I would cherish all that. They're not only cute and docile, but they also spice everything up with their naughtiness and prowess between the sheets. Killer combo!

Sex doll designers have spent ages studying the Asian culture to craft the best and most diverse collection of sex dolls that suits the dynamic preferences of all clientele that possess the obsession of 'banging' Asian ladies, Anime lovers and other novelty treats from the East. At SexyRealSexDolls, we have the best manga, anime, and hentai-inspired sex dolls. Romeo, read on to find your Juliette!

      I.         Bokhee, the Attention Seeker E-Cup Sex Doll

How romantic are you? Bokhee loves a queen's treatment. Make her feel cherished, compliment her regularly, be a gentleman, have fun with her, and love her- most important. Bokhee ravishes all that. She will reciprocate all that in return with more- whatever you desire.

With a height of 161cm (5’’3') and a weight of 31kg (68.4 lbs), Bokhee is the perfect replica of an Asian lady. She's slim and very portable during sexual intercourse, sexy, alluring dark eyes, firm squishy E-cup breasts, tight pussy, and a glorious booty for a girl her size. What more could you ask?


busty japanese doll


To top it off, she can fit into any costume of your favorite actress or porn star and let you gobble all her orifices at any time. Who will attend to Bokhee's attention call?

    II.         Eva, Heavy Booty Asian-Latina Sex Doll

Ever wanted to smash a girl with an Asian and Latin background? They're a rare gem, huh? Well, not for us. Eva is your ideal blend if you ever want to feed your desires. She's easy to talk to, kind, loving, adorable, and submissive. No hassle!

That's not all; Eva has a fine heavy booty to flavor her admirable well-rounded boobs, sexy, lean yet meaty body, and thick hips. She's a seductive princess that can wiggle and jiggle her ass in your face to give you a hard-on. She will continue to give you an erotic lap dance and get naughty with you to satisfy your treacherous desires hungrily.


white asian sex doll


Moreover, crafted from high-quality TPE material, Eva will revolutionize your sex life. Grab that booty!

  III.         Hentai, Anime Real Life Sex Doll

How wicked or strange are your sexual desires? However unconventional they seem, worry not. That's Hentai's area of expertise. Also, if you're into cosplay, Hentai fits the bill without error. She's an anime real-life sex doll that can role-play any film, comic book, or video game character of your choice.

Standing at 152cm (5ft) and weighing 34kg (75lbs), Hentai is the ideal Asian sex doll to satisfy your perverted sexual needs. Her finely-shaped meaty body, innocent face, cute eyes, short purple hair, amazing boobies, and superb bubbly ass add to her panache. She's a work of pure art!


big tits anime doll


Moreover, you can further customize her to meet your detailed desires. It doesn't get better than that.

  IV.         Yuna, the Naughty Japanese Babe Sex Doll

From top to bottom, Yuna secretes greatness. This Japanese babe has made many men go wild with her flair. Manufactured by CLM Doll with quality TPE material, Yuna is every man's dream come true. Her petite seductive body is to die for. Imagine the different positions you could put her in.

Her long curly hair, small squeezable titties, and charming blue eyes are ecstatic. Her small yet rigid ass cushions your pelvic bone during anal sex or doggy. 


japanese sex doll yuna


On the streets, she may seem naïve and shy, but between the sheets, she's naughty and explicit. A force to reckon with!

 V.         Ruma, Big Breast Hentai Sex Doll

Not all love stories have happy endings. But Ruma's is destined to end in delight and joy for the both of you. She's the common promiscuous girl from manga and anime stories you always wished you could have a piece of in reality. Ruma is her replica, here to fulfill your cravings.


massive boobs anime doll


She has large tender boobs suitable for a boob job, small juicy lips, a glamorous butt, a gorgeous face, and a sexy body. Everything men want. Addedly, she's made of the best quality TPE and fully articulated with a metal skeleton that makes her flexible and mobile. Hence, you can explore uncountable sex positions with ease. All her orifices are also designed with different depths to provide unique experiences. Exhilarating!

  VI.         Tiana, Large Breast Asian Princess Sex Doll

We all know how gravity works, right? The same theory applies to Tiana. She has the same effect on men- drawing them close to her with only a glimpse. She's the true definition of the 'center of attraction.'  

Tiana has radiant enchanting blue eyes, long silky green hair, luscious pink lips, a tight fleshy body, a nice butt, and round voluptuous large boobs. She embodies a true Asian Princess. Weighing only 33kg (72.7 lbs), you can play around with her as you fancy.

asian princess doll

She gives magical blow jobs, exquisite raw vaginal sex, and amatory anal penetration. All that packaged in a princess! Take Tiana home with you and unravel her royal yet arousing qualities.

VII.         Jean, Full-Figured Bust and Thin Waist Sex Doll.

We all love one-night stands. Meet a girl, have a few drinks, have pleasurable sex, and ghost each other the next morning- no fuss, just fun. You think such girls don't exist? Well, you're looking in the wrong places. At SexyRealSexDolls, we thrive in crafting unique sex dolls like Jean for your pleasure.


bust asian hottie


Jean has a jaw-breaking fine petite body with artistic curves, an amazing huge bust, elegant dark eyes, fair soft skin, long curly dark hair, and a sexy ass that compliments her perfect figure. Articulated with a metal skeleton that enhances her mobility, portability, and flexibility, Jeane is your dream anime straight from the screens right to your bed. Most importantly, she's not one for relationships as she has many lovers. She's the go-to sex doll if you want an unforgettable time.

VIII.         Krista, Sexy Torso with Big Tits Love Doll

How about a torso sex doll for a change? For those who can't entertain the weight of life-size sex dolls, here we go. Meet Krista, the ultimate silicone Japanese sex doll to complete your Asian love fantasy. Whatever your disability, don't let that stop you from exploring your sex life. Krista is the ideal girl.

In particular, she's 72cm (2’’4') and weighs only 20kg (44.1 lbs), making her small cute body feather-light, fun, and easy to embrace on any occasion. Her perky round big breasts, enchantingly dark eyes, and kissable lips are a sight to relish.

asian busty torso

Don't let her innocent face trick you. She's a sex machine with vaginal, oral, and anal capabilities, and you enjoy the realistic experience with little strain. Let Krista take you on an Asian sex-filled expedition.

  IX.         Kimi, B-cup Realistic Asian Sweetheart Doll.

How do you like your vodka or whiskey served? Neat or on the rocks? Whichever way you take your drink, Kimi, the hot sexy bartender, will sort you out. The aim is to get drunk, eh? Kimi will get you there. Drunk in love and with whiskey. That combo gets men horny like crazy, and Kimi knowingly takes advantage of it.

Kimi is a premium craft from the reputable 6Ye Dolls made from high-quality TPE material, standing at 165cm (5’’5') and weighing 36kg (79 lbs). She has a petite captivating body with small upright boobies with tiny kissable nipples. Her petty artistic ass and tight pussy are fascinating and tempting to penetrate.


chinese sex doll


Take Kimi home and unwrap pure sexual pleasure.

    X.         Sushi, E-Cup Real Asian Sex Doll

Sushi is a globally known Japanese Cuisine. However, we're not here for the culinary art, but the erotic sex doll- Sushi. Standing at 168cm (5’’6'), Sushi is an eye-catching Asian model that's tall and curvy. For the big guys looking for a lover doll their size, Sushi is the right fit.

Apart from the killer height, she has wonderful large breasts, a voluptuous body, short black hair, delightful lips, and charming, bright eyes. Addedly, her body's articulated with a metal skeleton making her mobile and flexible for maleficent raw sex.

eat her sushi

Her cute meaty butt is optimal for anal gaping while it offers buoyancy when stroking her from behind. Order yourself a Sushi!

And it's a wrap! These beautiful Asian sex dolls provide anything sex-related, no matter how selfish or evil your sexual desires. No questions asked. It's only your sanity that might hold you back from exploring anything with these unmatched Asian sex dolls. Sex is not all they offer. Companionship, love, and relationships fall in their repertoire too.