Why sex dolls are so popular among men in Asia

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Owning a sex doll has never been easier than in 2020. Initially, there was a form of stigma associated with the topic and having sex with one was considered taboo. However, things have changed and there is more information available on sex dolls. The people have also become more aware of the wide-ranging benefits that come with owning a doll. Moreover, there are more options and customizations than ever before for those that are looking for the sex doll of their dreams.

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China is the supreme sex doll supplier in the world with a whopping 70% global market share, but did you know that Chinese men are also some of the biggest buyers??. Sexy Real Sex Dolls stocks a wide range of amazing sex dolls from different manufacturers like WM Dolls, the most popular doll brand in the world, that we distribute as the Top Authorized Seller. Other names in our catalog include OR Dolls, Z-Onedoll, CLM Dolls and many reputable sexy love dolls manufacturers. And while most of the dolls are exported to outside countries, Chinese men are more than willing to enjoy this familiar piece of cake, especially now that social distancing is enforced in most states.

Why are real love dolls popular among men in Asia?, especially in countries like China. I mean, we appreciate the surge in business these days that everybody is forced to be at home during the Covid19 quarantine and lockdown, but as a responsible seller, we need to understand why this is happening and we are going to analyze multiple markets in a series of articles, in this one we are going to focus on China, in the next ones we are going to talk about USA, Europe, etc. 

Here are some of the reasons why these love dolls are garnering impressive numbers in the Red Dragon nation.

Gender Imbalance

One of the greatest reasons why more men in China prefer to have sex with sex dolls is the looming scarcity of women across the nation. There’s a massively huge gender imbalance gap in the country. According to Statista’s 2019 report, there are 713 million men compared to 681million women in China, a gap that continues to widen by the day. To put it into perspective, there are approximately 116 men to 100 women.

And remember, this report considered population trends from 2008 to 2018, which means that the numbers have obviously changed and gender imbalance is more visible today. So, what do these statistics mean? You might be asking. Well, it’s pretty simple. There aren’t plenty of fish in the sea and the turnover bulk of men have to find alternative ways to satisfy their sexual needs and urges.

In the new norm during the times of the social distancing, lockdowns, and viruses is more difficult than ever to meet someone special and to date, and dolls are helping men in need. The reality is that real-life dolls aren't just sex toys, many customers tell us that they develop an emotional connection with their dolls, they value the companion and they don't feel alone anymore, sex dolls help to battle anxiety in these difficult times.

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And the fact that China’s sex doll designers are the best in this billion-dollar industry doesn’t help the situation either. Chinese men have a vast collection of realistic, lifelike sex dolls at their disposal, which makes the transition much easier.

The Renowned One-Descendent Policy

As a corrective measure to counter the rapid population growth, the central government of China implemented a nationwide one-son policy in 1980. One Chinese family was required to only have one kid by law in a long-running program that ended in 2016.

And while the program may have been discontinued for four years now, the ramifications continue to hit the East Asian nation hard. From an overly aging population to the persistent gender imbalance brought about by the Chinese’ traditional preference of having sons; the effects still haunt China to date. During this time, when the families weren’t allowed to have more than one descendent, the Chinese men seeded refuge in realistic adult dolls. You know? There’s absolutely no chance of conception, never nagging, and always in the mood. Perfect combination. Don’t you think?

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The admiration for sex dolls gained momentum in this period and the innovations in design and functionality of the sex dolls only catalyzed the popularity. More Chinese men now prefer having sex with sex doll over women, thanks to the controversial policy.

Submissive Partners

Unlike women, dolls are the coolest partners that you’ll ever have. No pressure to perform to your very best, nobody’s judging, and you can have sex any time of the day or night. Over time, Chinese men got accustomed to the concept of laid back sex. Just get a realistically-looking sex doll, with a mellow voice, and artistically carved vagina and enjoy the experience. In fact, most of the love dolls are waterproof, which opens your imagination to a world of new possibilities.

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Generally, doll companions are seen as a perfect alternative to women with a whole lot of benefits tied to them. They are always in the mood, laid back, and never in their feelings. You can even watch porn as you drill her from the back. Isn’t that amazing?

Incredibly High Sex Drive

Away from the social issues and programs that resulted in a surge of lifelike dolls demand in China, men also buy them to satisfy their sex drive. For single men, the dolls provide a reliable avenue to meet your sexual desires without risking contracting diseases from multiple partners. On the other hand, married men use sex dolls to relieve their desires, especially when they’re away from their wives, often on business trips.

Having sex with a realistic doll isn’t considered cheating by many, especially when its impossible to have sex with your wife at the time. Whether you’re away from home or she’s not feeling well, it’s better to use a sex doll rather than have sex with someone else. So, why should you continue having blue balls at work when you can get cuddly with your sex doll?

Lifelike dolls are marketed as a spice to add to a declining marriage. You know? You’re getting used to each other and the flame that was there before is starting to fade away. It happens. Most Chinese men thus prefer introducing a real life robot doll in the bedroom to spice up the experience. It’s actually a sure way to bring in fire into a romantic relationship.

An Avenue to Release Wild Fantasies

We all have our dark fantasies that just can’t be released in our day to day life. Men specifically have an extensive list of things that they’d actually enjoy doing or being done to them. For instance, there are some who enjoy anal sex, but their partners would never allow that. Similarly, there are men who enjoy being active and dominant in bed, which might be interpreted as sexual abuse in today’s world.

And while some people might see it as a normal thing, people are getting prosecuted for these things, a development that only fuels the overlying preference for adult love dolls. These immaculate dolls offer you an avenue to live your wildest fantasies in a safe environment. No court summons, divorce papers, or any consequences from fulfilling your desires. It must be nice. Right?

And that’s it! Sex dolls have come a long way over the years and it’s not a surprise that the numbers have been rising too. There are more dolls available and owning one hasn’t been much easier. Sex dolls are pure, pleasure goddesses ready to unburden your sexual fantasies and give you the best sex that you’ve always wanted. China is the leading supplier of sex dolls around the world and most citizens are actually appreciating the wide-ranging benefits of owning one.

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Nice blog and thank’s to share this information with us.

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I have this kind of Doll buy from this Shop https://xfunshop.com and i must say she is perfect. Like a real Women love it so much to Playing with she.


Great observation not much I can say ,not sure what I could do to improve things I mean I do have some ideas that could spark imagination one example is to have different kinds of eyes like a reptiles or some of unusual colorations , your dolls are wonderful and I would love to own one someday when things turn around for the better .


Great observation not much I can say ,not sure what I could do to improve things I mean I do have some ideas that could spark imagination one example is to have different kinds of eyes like a reptiles or some of unusual colorations , your dolls are wonderful and I would love to own one someday when things turn around for the better .


I keep reading these parts where dolls are better than a real woman, in some aspects yes and others not much so.
Yes with a doll you get a partner of your choice, no nagging, don’t cost you money, can use as you wish when you wish. Sounds good but a few factors that are missing is communication, affectionate touch and oral pleasure, it can be the most perfect body, beautiful object ever but there is nothing like a real woman giving oral and hearing her expressions of enjoyment. Don’t gete wrong I would love to own a doll and use at will and be done with it but I have to reject the idea that a doll can be better than the real thing in aspect of oral pleasure. Perhaps in the future this will be accomplished then I will agree that sex dolls have conquered the need for real women :)


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