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Traveling With Your Sex Doll. What You Need To Know

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In the recent past, technology has taken over most aspects of our daily lives. And as people contemplate the possibility of robots replacing human workers by 2030, the sex doll revolution is the least of their worries.

Sex dolls have become a common part of our lives. A topic that was initially considered taboo is now seeing the light of the day. And just like the society 'accepted' sex toys like vibrators and dildos, people are now warming up to the idea of owning and using love dolls. In fact, major cities like Barcelona, Toronto, and Turin have seen sex doll enthusiasts open up brothels where clients can pay around $120 per hour to do whatever they want with one of the sex dolls on offer.


sex doll hot in snow


And just like comedian Dave Chappelle put it, 'modern problems require modern solutions,' sex doll domestication presents a set of unique challenges. How do you travel with your sex doll? How do I get past TSA? These questions are in every sex doll owner's mind, especially if it's your first purchase. And rightfully so. The fun doesn't have to stop in the house. Remember, this is your life partner, and you want to enjoy the road with those you love. Don't you?


tsa sex doll police


Worry not though, that's what friends are for. Here at SRSD, we have compiled an informational and precise love doll travel guide for you. We have rummaged through customer forums, spend 20+ research hours, and sampled sex doll fans' opinions to educate you on everything you need to know. We hope you enjoy reading the article as much as we did writing it.

Factors to Consider Before Travelling with your Sex Doll

Nature of Travel Plans

The nature of your travel plans will determine how 'prepared' you are. Are you traveling the countryside for some weekend expedition? Or maybe you're visiting another country or state? Well, if you're visiting the countryside, for instance, you might consider using your car or, even better, Recreation Vehicle (RV). This way, you have enough room to carry your favorite sex doll and even enjoy sex in a safe and convenient environment.


sun bathing sex doll


On the other hand, you might need to read and understand the regulations beforehand if you're visiting another state or country. For instance, the state of Alabama's 1998 Anti-obscenity Enforcement Act criminalizes sex toys sale. So, if you're planning to visit the South-Eastern US state, then you might need to make the necessary arrangements. Additionally, countries like the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, India, Maldives, and Thailand have banned sex toys/dolls, and you won't get past TSA.


blonde sex doll on vacation


So, depending on the nature of your travel plans, understand the specific regulations and requirements and plan accordingly. Whether it's getting a recreational vehicle for a private yet enjoyable expedition experience or choosing a state or country that sex dolls are legal, make the best decisions.

Read Anastasia's adventures, our former customer and doll traveling all over the USA,.

Sex Doll Size

This goes without saying; your sex doll size will determine how much planning and effort goes into traveling with it. So, do you have a sex doll torso or a full-size model? In most cases, you can conveniently pack the torso in a luggage bag without experiencing problems with TSA officials. But if you have a huge sex doll, then you might have to use the large crates. So, consider your sex doll size before making packing arrangements.


spicy brunette sex doll


Added Sex Doll Features

Like with dildos and vibrators, extra bells and whistles like vibration capabilities might mean extra care when traveling with your stash. In most vibes, you can travel-lock the sex toy to avoid unwanted attention during your travels. With sex dolls, extra features like warming and moaning effects might unknowingly come to life, causing a scene. You don't want that. Do you?


fit sex doll on motorbike



So, to be on the safe side, go through all the possibilities with your love doll and mitigate it well before it happens. Not only does this avoid awkward moments throughout your travel period, but it also helps to demystify traveling with a sex doll. It relaxes you so you can enjoy your doll in your new environment as much as you do in your home.

Pro Tip: We recommend alerting the TSA official that you're traveling with a sex doll beforehand. It prepares them for it, alleviating the sudden shock, and in most cases, annoying repetitive questions.


air hostess sex doll


And that's it! Traveling with your sex doll doesn't have to be weird at all. After all, she's your partner, and the fun doesn't have to stop in the house. Take your love doll around the world and enjoy wild adventures together – as it should be. Explore a wide range of sex dolls here, and kick start your adventure!



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