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Anastasia's Adventure Continues

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Anastasia, my WM168E doll purchased here at Sexy Real Sex Dolls, has become a bit of a local celebrity here on the San Francisco Peninsula. It has been exactly 6 months, since Anastasia's last blog entry. A lot has sure happened since then. 


The last blog, in the end, I posted a couple photos of her outdoors in the public. Her first shots. Little did I know at the time. It was the beginning of my true photographer, model romance with Anastasia. Doing photo shoots of her out in the public had become addicting. These dolls are so beautiful, I just couldn't comprehend having to keep her locked up in my home.


Then when I realized that Anastasia fit in my housemate's clothes perfectly and she was more than willing to share her wardrobe with Anastasia. It was ON!!!!


With the beautiful scenery and landmarks of the Bay Area, and with access to a wardrobe that would put any boutique clothing shop to shame. Thanks Carrie. I can honestly say that Anastasia is the best dressed, most photographed sexdoll ever. Also, as far as I know, the only sex doll in the world that is consistently doing outdoor in the public photography shoots.


I even started an Instagram account for here back in November. As of this writing, she is approaching 600 followers. Not bad for a soft piece of plastic in the image of a woman.

anastasia real love sex dolls
Anastasia loves the fresh air of our coastline. We have taken many trips down the Pacific Coast Highway, stopping for photo opportunities.

real sex dolls driving convertible car
Nothing better than a beautiful doll, a convertible and the open road. My 1992 Miata is a big part of our outdoor shoots and sure draws the Miata enthusiasts to her Instagram account. Also, fun to screw around with the other motorists on the highway. I bet its not every day seeing a lifesize doll in a car going down the road. The truckers love it as they get a rather good jiggly view of Anastasia's cleavage peering down into my car.

playboy reallovesexdolls lifelike doll

Day trips down the coast to Santa Cruz are one of our favorite destinations. West Cliff Drive provides a perfect backdrop with plenty of  passerby's getting a kick seeing a 5'6" doll posing along the rail.

german sex doll

We also like exploring the huge redwoods in the  coastal mountains.  Anastasia looking good in the Lululemon gear.


country real sex doll
Then heading up to the summit for some breathtaking views.


traveling with a real sex doll

The most exciting are hitting the San Francisco landmarks. Always a good time with the tourists

sex dolls picking up flowers
But we always feel comfortable hanging with the locals just over the hill at Pacifica or...

sex doll pier model photoshot

on the San Francisco Bay.

sexy garden sex with love doll

Golden Gate Park is always full of opportunities.

amazing sex doll clothes and outfits

Lately, with spring arriving, Anastasia is breaking out the bikinis. She sure can show off her assets.

cop batgirl and superwoman sex doll

Another thing that is great about sex dolls. They make outstanding cosplay models. For Anastasia, being a WM168E, shopping is easy. She's a small or size 2 or 4, so off the rack is no problem.


baseball and real madrid player sex doll


Just like the last blog, Anastasia still has a sporty side to her.

sex doll date tonight
But she sure does clean up well.

dinner date with sex doll partner

On occasion, Anastasia will accompany us at a fine dining establishment.

christmas night with sex doll

Some Christmas photos of Anastasia, Carrie, and myself.

miss minnesota sex doll
Anastasia is like Carrie's little sister, always going into her room and borrowing her clothes.

sex doll with dog friend

Mischa, our Italian Greyhound, even like to get into the pictures. She is such a poser. Will do anything for a treat.

making up my sex doll for tonight date 

And of course, gotta get myself in here. As I am not ashamed to have Anastasia, as nor is the rest of our household. She has been a welcomed addition, though Mischa, might have some say on that. Hope you all enjoyed the photographic adventures of our last 6 months.


Take Care, Christopher


Get Anastais Here  

Let us know if you want to share your sex doll story! 



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  • Really great photo shoots, thank you for sharing. Well done. Well impressed.:)

    Anthony on
  • Your welcome, It’s been a joy to take her out and photograph her. Showing her off among the general public. Showing everyone what beautys and works of art , they are.

    Christopher on
  • great pictures, thank you for sharing, loved them.

    angel on

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