Jazz, The girl next door...

Jazz, The girl next door...

This is Jazz (@itsjazz9). She's an essentially a therapeutic friend, and probably one the hottest you'll ever have. Always there, willing, and still asks for her part. No reward comes without its due diligence.

redhead hot sex doll

She's a life like love doll. I've never bought a love doll before Jazz, and I've honestly had a pretty skewed idea of what a love doll really looked like. We all see in the movies it's not lifelike at all, and generally off-putting. Then this video was passed around the workplace, and it was a pretty good comedy bit.

One of the bit's punch lines was about how shockingly good the dolls looked. While that particular doll in the video wasn't to my taste, a quick search around SRSD gave me all the options I could've asked for. You basically have the option of going to an online doll mall.

Most of the people that see these dolls would likely be interested in a doll but may feel uneasy about purchasing for one reason or another. I'll try to give you some insight into why I bought one, and what're the pros & cons.

I'm in my mid 20's and have been single for a number of years, but after going on sexual escapades in the past. I found that no matter how many women I slept with I never felt like I could hold a relationship with them. This eventually brought me to a personal acknowledgement as I got older, and my perspective on self-responsibility had changed.

sexy redhead real sex doll

Sleeping with women you barely know might as well be a game of poker, except the pots filled with life-altering chips. This started to feel far too risky for my future aspirations and deterred me from being comfortable with the casual sex life I was taking part of.

This decision was not without its consequences because now I wasn't getting laid, and everyone has their needs. I like to solve problems, and I absolutely crave new experiences. Anytime I come across a new way of solving a problem I become very open-minded about taking the chance.

Jazz seemed like a solution, and after thinking about it for a few days I bought her. What did I have to lose at that point? Maybe a little money, but that can be replaced in time, and PayPal protection made sure all I was doing was taking a chance on time before I got it back.

A transfer followed by a short wait, and Jazz was in my world so to speak. I appreciate art greatly, and I have to say these dolls are art through & through. It takes some serious skill to make something so lifelike. My dolls skin when warm is as convincing as it gets. I actually had a friend come by and check her out, it's a curious subject. He walked in and got a bit freaked out because of how real she looked. Even coming in knowing there's a doll in the house she still caught him off guard, but he was about as impressed as I.

eastern redhead love doll

 Jazz has some weight to her as well because she's roughly 70 lbs, feeling like a nice little package with some weight to feel real. I personally really like the weight because it keeps me active, and you'd be surprised how light she becomes once you start getting to business.

Her joints are tight at first, but they all have a considerable amount of movement in many interesting directions. It took me a little time, but every time I would move her I would find new interesting ways the skeleton moved.

It's very important to keep her clean, which if you use her often simply just stay on top of it. Get some Anti-Bacterial toy cleaner and use it after every use. She's going to take care of you so reciprocate the favour.

You'll need to keep in mind her skin doesn't like black clothes, so if she does use them just be prepared. If you like black clothes the dye's can bleed on her skin and stain her so just buy some approved stain remover, and more importantly, find black clothing that won't bleed so you don't even have to use remover. Clean every bit of clothing you buy before you put them on her and if you choose to have her wear black try not to have her stored in it.

See, this to me ended out being a fun little hobby. I get to buy sexy clothes for her that I want to see her in, take photo's, and enjoy the fruits of my labour whenever I feel like it. If I don't want to do anything today, I'll do nothing. If I want some Jazz time, I get Jazz time.

small tits redhead sex doll

This doll has helped me solve a problem. I have something to add to my free time. My needs are met which helps keep me in a better mood more often. There's a certain level of security that's been added to my life, which allows me to work on the things I need to. I'm definitely not worried about any consequences with strangers either.

Until I meet someone that I can really jive with, the wolf of wall street movie said it best.

You gotta pump those numbers up...

Would I recommend a love doll for someone interested in the prospect?

I'll be honest, she's convenient, has kept me happy, and it turns out she has helped me sleep 100 times better.

But let's be real...

She's hot, and all yours

Fuck it ;)

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Yes, you can get her as in the website, same doll and makeup… those photos there are from a customer’s doll ;) just let us know once you place your order

Support Team

Hi, thanks for your article. I have a doubt. Is the wig on your pics the same one that is shown on the website? Because it doesn’t look so nice… This is one of my concerns on buying a doll. I’m not sure if the wig I would get would be as nice as in the website pics.

May Doll

I can get it

Ankit Bhattacharjee

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