Sex Doll Influencers – The New Age!

Sex Doll Influencers – The New Age!

These dolls come to life on social media

Yes! You heard it here first. Sex doll influencers are a thing now. And while I might have caught you unawares, this phenomenon is happening on a grand scale, and it's time we make peace with it. In this article, we'll discuss what sex doll influencers are and, even better, shed light on the taboo track that sex dolls have taken over the years.

As you know, sex dolls have not always been popular among the population. For many years, people using sex dolls were labeled as perverts, with most people shying away from talking about the topic in public. Luckily, more people discovered the benefits that these human imitations bring, and for the last few years, we've seen mass adoption with people who were initially on the side jumping ship.

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The pandemic especially has been an awakening call for the sex doll industry, with most sellers reporting a surge in sales and love doll inquiries. Here at SexyRealSexDolls, we had to bring in reinforcement to deal with the increased demand.

The Magical Transition

In what can be seen as the best two years for the sex doll world, the 2020 – 2022 period has been a revolution. Not only did it see more people buy their first sex doll, but it also opened doors for creatives to make an extra buck from the adversity.

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Like YouTube, which saw the number of creators and views plummet during the pandemic, Instagram sex doll influencers sneaked in without much of an entrance. You see, with more people confined at home, people started their YouTube channels in a bid to make use of the time and, for those laid off, to make a little cash on the side. Similarly, the pandemic saw a new market open, the sex doll influencer market.

'Special' Calling

Unlike your everyday Instagram Influencers, their sex doll cousins are driven by greater ambitions and aspirations than money and fame. The goal is to reach out to more people and further educate people on why they should embrace the sex doll revolution. For instance, Celestina, the first sex doll influencer, was born from the need to prove that a real sex doll can get more Instagram followers than an imposter.

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Now, here's the story. Celestina is a US sex toy reviewer's girlfriend. T, the boyfriend, decided to open an Instagram account after a woman made it in the NEWS for undergoing numerous plastic surgeries to look like a sex doll. Personally, this sounds retrogressive, considering we're continuously working hard to develop sex dolls that look and behave like a fellow human being.

For T, this was an opportunity to prove that a real sex doll can be more Instagram famous and relatable to people – a campaign for sex doll and robots advocacy that's been successful, with Celestina accumulating over 3k followers at present.

In the years that followed Celestina's introduction, we've seen more sex doll enthusiasts become influencers. And with websites like The Doll Forum with 70k+ members, it's not hard to see why sex doll influencers are gaining traction on the interwebs.

Demystifying Sex Doll Relationships

As stressed before, the inspiration behind sex doll influencers is different. Unlike your favorite influencer, they're driven by the need to showcase the plight of sex dolls. Of course, there's some money to be made, but the goal is more significant than that, giving your artificial partners a personality.


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Like the everyday human influencers, these lovely sex doll celebrities help demystify a specific subject or product so that people can better understand them. Adding personality to your favorite sex doll helps it become more than an inanimate object. Think about it! We all have different character traits, which makes meeting new people exciting. In the same way, these influencers help emphasize the personality aspect, so sex dolls are more striking and more than just their looks.

Pro Tip! There's Some Money to Be Made

While the aspiration is to educate more people on sex dolls and their importance, sex doll influencers make money on the side. And who's complaining? 

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There's decent money to be made, whether from their monetized Instagram accounts or sex doll promotions gigs. Some sex doll influencers participate in exhibitions, and some even represent clothing brands as ambassadors. So, it's not all education and awareness; there's an incentive.

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The Future? It's Now!

And that's it! While some people still consider sex dolls a foreign subject, we can't disregard how far we've come over the years. The gradual change in people's perception, mass adoption catalyzed by the pandemic, and overall industry growth are there for everyone to see.

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The sex doll influencer phenomenon couldn't have thrived at a better time when we are heading to the Metaverse and Virtual Worlds, and we'll see dolls and bots interacting there. People on the fence can see a new side of sex dolls they don't usually see. Attaching a personality to a love doll spurs curiosity and fosters decision-making, ultimately leading more people into the community.


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