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My Experience with Keegan, the 5ft9” Male Sex Doll

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I’ve had this sex doll for a while now and had actually vowed never to talk about my prince charming with anyone. I’d thought of this as my closure route having come off a nasty break up with my high school sweetheart. Anyway, here we are talking about my ‘kinky side’ and a love at first sight affair with Keegan, or KD as I love to call him.

A colleague at work recommended this glorious sex doll to me some time mid last year and life hasn’t been the same for me ever since. I remember how awkward it sounded to me at first when Jane run the idea by me- ‘how can...?

Are you serious Jeanie?

You’re crazy!

lifelike adult male love doll

These were just but some of my reactions to the idea of buying a realistic sex doll. How desperate could one be? I thought to myself. However, I must admit that I was impressed by KD’s realistic design, immense presence, and sculpted body from the word go. And though I was in denial, I really felt a rush in my stomach which is something that happens once in a blue moon.

To cut the long story short, it took me a few days, maybe weeks to seriously contemplate the thought and… that’s why we are here! My friend Jane has a different male sex doll in her house but she recommended KD for me because she was planning to add him to her humble collection.

To me, KD has everything I’ve always wanted in my dream man. Talk of a captivating face, drooling eyes, strong hands, chiseled abs, humongous thighs, and most importantly, a rock-solid dick to drown in me every day. Trust me! He’s too good to be true. Away for his out of this world looks, he complemented my sex drive in a way that no other man has ever done.

I consider myself a sex addict and I want the dick exactly when I want it! You get me? And apart from coming in at a time that I really needed him, KD didn’t fall short of my expectations. It’s been a year now and I can still make an endless list of why he’s still my rock (literally).

So, now that I’ve moved past my jealousy and I’m willing to share my experience with you, here are some of the reasons that I’ll always cherish this gem of a man;


  • He’s Always Where I Need Him.

And that’s on the couch, waiting for me- the hardworking woman. As an advocate, I always find myself entrenched in fighting for the happiness and enjoyment of others, that I forget of my own happiness. Well, this was what was happening before KD came in, and I don’t think there’s someone who wants such a life.

keegan real life male sex doll 

This incredible piece of art is always waiting for me every night, and there’s nothing that I look up to like lying on his masculine arms- it’s my little heaven. I’m always in a hurry to come back to the house and meet my prince charming who calms off all the demons in me. I actually sneak from work during my lunch break to have a quickie with him every once in a while.


  • I Feel Safe Around Her.

Ladies, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels safe around tall, well-built men. There’s an unexplainable sense of security that comes with a tall, bold man. Well, that’s what KD does for me- I always feel like I’m safe from every evil happening in the universe when I’m with my boo- it’s surreal. I usually feel like I can get away with anything because he’ll stand in for me- a feeling that I never felt before in my life.


  • It’s Always a Good Time.

Every time I’m around KD is always a fun time. Whether we’re chilling on the couch keeping up with the latest series or he’s throwing me on the bed, it’s never a dull day with my immaculate being. His immense size and unmatched power not only makes him much sexier but it also makes sex with him extra realistic. At 5ft9” and 123.5lbs, the poundings are out of this world.

fit real gay love doll

Having him lie down as I take the wheel is my best position and one that gets me to cloud 9 in seconds. Imagine sliding his veiny, stout dick in me as this massive gem holds my waist with his strong, masculine arms- at least I don’t have to imagine with you, Ha-ha. Everything about KD’s body and personality is to be admired- I wouldn’t take away anything!


  • His Finely-Chiseled Abs!

I don’t know why I took so much time before getting here, but I bet you already like what you’re seeing. Aren’t you? One thing I can tell you for sure is his mighty Abs feel just as good as they feel, if not better. A perfect evening for me is having him lie on the couch topless and resting my head on the abs- of course after some extirpating session in the shower.

The squishy yet solid abs coupled with the chiseled chest barrels is a combination that I look up to seeing every evening when I get home. I actually can’t remember the last time my man wore a shirt.


  • He’s my Pegging Partner.

I don’t know about you, but pegging play is one of my weaknesses (I have a couple). Ever since my late teen years, I enjoy pegging so much that I once had a problem with my ex who didn’t like it (as much as I did). With KD’s tight ass, mixing it up and exploring forgotten grounds is a must-do for me.

And you know what? I didn’t need to buy a dildo- just a harness! Why? Well, my baby came with a detachable penis meant to demystify cleaning, and also save me a couple of dollars. With his massive 7.5” dick, I can penetrate his tight ass every time I feel like! What more could one ever ask for?

And when I said I have a million and one reasons why this life-size male sex doll is the real deal, I really meant it. Every day is a new experience for me, and with KD having all the things I ever wanted in a man, I think this is just but the first anniversary of many more to come.

I Love You My KD!!

sex with male silicone doll


This is the story of one of our customer and her relationship with Keegan the 

175cm (5ft9') Life Size Male Sex Doll, that was recently featured in the magazine, below you can see the cover of the article about it.


how it is to hook up with male sex doll

 vangardist publication male sex doll

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  • Hi! First off thank you for having the courage to talk about your doll. I am in the process of purchasing a doll myself, and am excited and am apprehensive about it. Like you I have had a terrible relationship and am just tired of the crud you have to deal with dealing with a live man. I have picked out the doll and will be ordering him Friday.
    I do have a question though. Did you do any modifications to your doll? I have been looking at wigs, etc. and have been communicating with people who care and repair for these dolls. Once I receive my doll and do the modifications to him. I will post pics.
    Again thanks for posting!

    Rebecca on
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