why women buy sex doll
7 Reasons Why Women Buy Sex Dolls

Isn't it crazy to think that sex dolls are now more accepted and not frowned upon? A concept that drew stigma a few years ago is now part of us, and the people using sex dolls are no longer seen as perverts. Congratulations world! It's been long overdue. Like men, wo...

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My Experience with Keegan, the 5ft9” Male Sex Doll
My Experience with Keegan, the 5ft9” Male Sex Doll

I’ve had this sex doll for a while now and had actually vowed never to talk about my prince charming with anyone. I’d thought of this as my closure route having come off a nasty break up with my high school sweetheart. Anyway, here we are talking about my ‘kinky side’ and a...

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