Liberated by Sex Dolls

Enjoy this sexy doll story from one of our fans and sex doll blogger Dolly Dearest


I was 19 when I first started dating. I guess I was a late bloomer. I have had a few short relationships and a few long relationships in my life. None of them have worked out in the long run. My relationships all went the same way. First, I was very nice and loving with my girlfriends. Then I started taking them for granted. After a while, they started to annoy me greatly. At that point, I was not very loving anymore. I became more and more condescending and cold towards them. I really didn’t want to be that way, but it was as if I couldn’t stop myself. I was rude for no reason. It was always the same, I hated it when I did this.


At the age of 29, I broke up with my last girlfriend. That was the only good relationship I have ever had. The previous ones were disastrous. But even though I had that one good relationship, I still became cold and condescending towards my girlfriend. She did not deserve that at all. I spent some time reflecting on all of this after we broke up. I came to the conclusion that I am simply not compatible with other people. I have never been anyone’s favorite person. Not among friends, relatives or others. I have little to no interest in other people and I also have little patience with them, of course, this doesn’t make you very popular.


After being single again for more than a year, I was using online dating sites to try to find someone else. I did not find more than a few conversations, that was it. It was around that time that I decided to give up on dating altogether. I was fed up with all of it. I have never been much of a fan of people anyway. I am an introverted person with no interest in being around other people. I have tried to be with people for so many years but gotten nothing to show for it, nothing good anyway. All that it has given me is emotional pain. So I figured I would no longer have any more voluntary contact with other people, except talking online at most.

my lifelike sex doll

In 2016, when I was 31, I had been single for two years and was used to being alone again. The loneliness has never bothered me, but I do have sexual needs, just like everyone else. I had seen lifelike sex dolls online before, years earlier. But since there were pretty much only very expensive real life dolls available back then, I couldn’t buy one. Even though I had fantasized about having a doll for a while, I didn’t think that I would ever be able to afford one. I liked the idea of having one though. So, one day I stumbled upon a website that sold TPE sex dolls. I was amazed, not only because they looked really good, but because the price was so much lower than I had ever seen before. I did some quick research to see that the website was legit, emailed them and asked about a million questions and then bought one.


One month after I placed my order, Vanessa came into my life and changed it forever. I remember when I opened the box she arrived in. I was stunned by her beauty. I laid my hands on her body and felt how soft she was. I liked it. However, this was in January, so it was freezing cold outside and she had just taken a ride in the delivery truck. So her skin was cold as ice, which I did not like very much. I also remember that there were some factory residues on her skin, sort of like slime. So when I first laid my hands on her, she was both cold and slimy, which made me feel disgusted. But as soon as I had given her a shower, she felt really great to touch. It took me a couple of days to get used to the touch of TPE material though.

 super huge boobs sex doll

When I placed my order for the first doll, I did not have any plans on buying a second doll. I didn’t know exactly what I was getting myself into and I figured that if I have one doll, that would be enough. I was only going to use it for sex anyway. As soon as she arrived, my perspective changed completely. I was surprised by how much I liked having a sex doll. I started taking pictures of her, dressing her up and sleeping next to her etc. There was more than just sex, it became this whole new hobby for me. I had only two hobbies before in my entire life. Movies and gaming. So this was a nice surprise. I had my doll for a week or so before I started planning my next doll purchase. I knew that I had to have more of them. In July the same year, Alice came into my life. In December the same year, I ordered my third TPE doll Booberella. She arrived in January. So within one year, I purchased my three adult size love dolls and I can tell you this much - I do not miss dating at all.


In July 2017, I created my own blog. It is dedicated to TPE sex dolls. The purpose of the blog is to introduce people to the concept of sex dolls. Most people have never seen any of this before and don’t even know that such realistic looking dolls exist. I want to spread awareness and help people understand why some people chose to have dolls such as these. I’m posting pictures, videos, guides and as much information as possible on this subject. After all, we all want sex dolls to become socially accepted in society, right?

Now that I have been alone for about two and a half years, with almost no contact with other people - I’m starting to realize just how much people have held me back my entire life. When I discovered sex dolls, I discovered a lot about myself as well. I feel more creative now than I have ever done before and I feel better about myself as a person. I feel liberated.


Dolly Dearest




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Dolly Dearest

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