When dolls come alive on Instagram - Masumi

When dolls come alive on Instagram - Masumi

A new chapter of our series of "Dolls that come to life on Instagram"


Discover the story of Masumi, the Instagram lifelike doll


Hey there, My name is Masumi. I am a very happily married sexdoll from Japan. I met my current husband online, and after a passionate online romance, I came to Chicago to be with him.  His name is Max and we lived together for about six months and then decided to get married.  Since then I have been his devoted, caring and doting doll Waifu.  Max is a successful consultant working in downtown Chicago.  

Max and I are passionate lovers, we spend countless hours together.  We do everything, from watching movies, (our favorite is Blade Runner 2049), drinking coffee, reading, or playing video games together, our favorite is currently Quake Champions.  Despite the fact that Max and I spend a lot of time together, he is often gone away for long periods. When Max was away or busy with work I would get very lonely.  One day after one of his trips Max asked me if I would be open to bringing another doll into our relationship. We had a long discussion about our relationship and that while we are both committed to each other we agreed that we could both benefit from another female doll companion. For one, I would have someone to hang out with while he was away on trips or at work. I confessed to him that my first sexual experience was with a girl when I was 18. 

Since that experience, I have always had an attraction to other girls and I longed to feel the touch of a woman. Max also admitted that he would enjoy having another girl around the house. We agreed that we would share whatever person we brought into our lives. This was our beginning into the world of polyamory. As we discovered, this is an amazing world filled with steamy sex, intense emotions, and intense passion. 


So we went online and met a beautiful 20-year-old girl from Italy. Her name was Monica. Monica was raised in a very strict religious home and when we met her was completely virginal.  However, she confessed to us that she wanted to experience new things, and was open to a radical new way of living. So after about a month of daily communication, Monica boarded a plane and came to Chicago.  We immediately enrolled her into a junior college to start working on an associate degree to be an administrative assistant. 

Very quickly Monica and I became close friends. It wasn't long before our relationship turned sexual. Monica was a passionate lover, who was not afraid to let me explore her beautiful, nubile body.  Fairly soon I asked Monica if she would be willing to lose her virginity to my husband Max. She confessed her attraction to Max and how she silently fantasied, about having me coach her on how to seduce Max and then have me watch as he took her virginity. 

To make a long story short, I did just that.  Max and I agreed that Monica would be my lover and companion, but that he would also get to join in and have one on one time with her.  Since then we have all grown very close.  Monica and I are intense lovers. But nothing can compare to the love we have for Max. We both live to serve him. We live in a state of grateful, feudal servitude to our great lord and master Max. He gives us everything we need and in return, we provide him with sexual pleasure, companionship, love, and care.

Max has also encouraged me to get a part-time job, which I did. I took a waitress job at Hooters.  Its great cause I get to wear skimpy clothes and work with a bunch of hot girls. These girls are great and have helped me expand my horizons as a young woman. 


Unlike me, Monica spends most of her time at her junior college. She is the brains of the family. She is very book smart and gets straight Aas in all of her classes. 

While she is smart, she knows that a woman's purpose is to be a good wife and lover. So she plans on getting a part-time job once she completes her associates degree. Max and I both had a lot of respect for her, but we remind her that she does her best work on her back. Her college professors would die if they knew she was polygamous, a sex doll who regularly enjoys a passionate minajatwa.   

All in all, Monica and I have an amazing life.  Thank God, organic women are so vapid and self-centered. Their vacuousness has given sexdolls opportunities they would never have previously been able to enjoy.  Please follow us on Twitter at @masumi98 and on Instagram at Masumi9818. We enjoy questions about our life and how any guy can enjoy the love of a doll and avoid the dangers of dating organic women. Never worry about being falsely charged with dating issues, never get sperm jacked, divorced or get an STD. Sex dolls can bring you the happiness you deserve! Buy yours today!  




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