Top 10 Sex Doll Movies and Series to Watch.

Top 10 Sex Doll Movies and Series to Watch.

The ultimate guide to learn about movies and TV shows where sex doll stories are featured

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, sex dolls had already gained traction, with more people than ever jumping ship and embracing these lovely creatures. Of course, the pandemic accelerated adoption, encouraging people who were on the fence to purchase a sex doll at last. Here at SexyRealSexDolls, we had to make operational changes to meet the demand. Away from the pandemic, movies have been a great way to demystify sex doll use. Major Hollywood blockbusters have been showcasing what life with a sex doll looks like.

And while having sex dolls on T.V. screens isn't an entirely new thing, seeing your favorite star develop a relationship with one can be mind-changing. Of course, not everyone is a proponent of the idea, but with recent advancements in sex technology, sex dolls might be a great part of our lives in the future. With this in mind, our product research team is always a step ahead in picking the best-rated sex dolls for you.

After countless hours of research and movie watch time, we have come up with the top 10 movies that revolve around sex doll domestication. Our team has also read numerous movie review sites to have a different insight from the viewers. So, have a look and add these movies and series to your 'to-watchlist. We had a great time reviewing them, and I'm sure you will too.

      I.         Lars and the Real Girl

This 2007 film, Lars and the Real Girl, is based on the life of a shy young man who turns to full-size sex dolls for companionship. Canadian actor and musician Ryan Gosling plays the main character - Lars, who's unable to make friends, let alone talk to a girl and initiate a relationship that'd turn sexual. Lars goes out of his way to learn about sex dolls and their perks before finally bringing one home.

Within a short period, Lars develops a human relationship with the sex doll – Bianca, taking her to hotels and on walks. Lars spends as much time as possible with his new lover, enjoying the company and, of course, sexual favors. Soon enough, the doll helps Lars interact with people, something that was uncommon before. 

The story underlines the benefits of owning a sex doll. Everything from being a life partner to providing emotional and sexual satisfaction, the movie brings out the picture perfectly. Another important aspect about Lars and the Real Girl is how Bianca acclimatizes Lars to connecting with other people. From a person who initially described human touch as 'burning,' the change is there for all to see.

One reviewer describes it as "uniquely absurd and painfully real," while another uses the words "sweet, sad, and funny." Overall, the film is a great watch, built upon the same benefits of sex dolls we've always shared here. Watch it, preferably with your partner, and enjoy the hilarious yet sincere and sweet drama.

sex doll movie

Scene from Lars and the Real Girl

    II.         Dummy

Dummy is a pretty good indie movie and what many would call a 2020 depiction of what sex robots are all about. Most importantly, Dummy is based on the real-life story of creator Cody Heller (Anna Kendrick). The aspiring writer discovers a sex robot in his boyfriend's house, and it doesn't take long for them to form a formidable pact.

The show is loaded with a fair share of drama and laughter, and what Heller initially thought was a mere sex doll with nothing much about it turns into a lifelong partner. And with sex robots becoming more popular, the movie couldn't have come at a better time. Barbara (sex doll) helps Cody solve her day-to-day problems, working as a unit to conquer the world.

In the movie, Cody's therapist advises her to take on the challenge and embrace the feminist sex doll. "I think she represents a part of you that wants to heal," she starts before ending the session with "Embrace her." Cody then drags Barbara from the closet to her car before setting off on what turns out to be an exciting road trip.

Overall, Dummy is a great watch. It sheds light on what life with a realistic sex robot looks and feels like. The show answers some of the most common questions new sex doll owners might have comically, thanks to Anna Kendrick's witty persona.

  III.         Monique

Monique is a 2002 French comic classic built around Alex's life, a successful yet depressed photographer. After years of marriage with his wife Claire, the relationship starts deteriorating, sending the husband in a state of full-on despair. Finally, Claire decides to move and moves in with her sculptor teacher. At the height of the break-up, Alex, completely broken and wasted, mistakenly orders an expensive customized sex doll, not knowing it would entirely be life-changing.

And when a massive package with the wording "FRAGILE" is delivered to his house, the photographer is hesitant to open it. Eventually, Alex breaks the box open, revealing an eye-catching and gorgeous sex doll named Monique. Alex had mistakenly found his perfect match in Monique and soon started loving her. She became a huge part of his life. He would even talk to her and they’d watch football games together.

For the first time in his life, Alex was a happy man because the sex doll met all his sexual fantasies, needs, and desires to satisfaction. The doll not only made him happy, but it also magically improved his condition- from a depressed to a more aligned state where he was focused and knew what he wanted. He had rediscovered himself and, above all, found a great companion.

This movie mix of drama, romance, and comedy clearly shows how someone can have a quick turnaround in their lives with the perfect partner. And what better partner to have than that sex doll you've always wanted to buy, but you're not sure. Watch this classic, see the benefits of having a sex doll, and you will get both your feet over the line!

 IV.         Her

This American science-fiction romantic drama film that premiered in 2013. Her is about Theodore Twombly, a depressed and lonely man with undesirable social life. Oddly enough, he excels in writing letters for people who can’t put words together. Theodore, very unhappy, is also in his final stages of a hectic divorce from his childhood lover - Catherine.

He spent more of his time on video games, and he would once in a while go out and hang out with friends. He one day decides to purchase an artificially intelligent operating system upgrade with a virtual assistant designed to adapt quickly to its surroundings. He decides he would prefer the A.I. to have a female voice, ultimately naming it Samantha.

Theodore is quickly drawn to Samantha after being amazed by how quickly she can learn and grow psychologically. They grow closer to each other and spend a lot of time bonding and talking about life. At one point, Samantha tells Theodore that he's holding back in terms of moving on due to his reluctance to sign the divorce papers and let go of Catherine.

They eventually fall in love as their intimate relationship grows through a verbal sexual chat. Samantha impacts positively on the life of Theodore as she uses her intelligence to help him in ways other people fell short. The idea that an individual could fall in love with their robotic partner has often been overlooked. Still, this movie creates a very realistic and natural scenario where a man can grow to appreciate a robot in more ways than one.

   V.         Love me, Love my Doll

Love me, Love my Doll is a documented romantic movie that was released in 2007. It showcases the character of some lonely guys who fell in love with customized real-sized dolls. In this documentary, these men describe how the dolls replaced real women and became their real-life partners. These men give their sex dolls names, such as Virginia, for example.

The movie, a 50-minute watch, shows how these guys find happiness and satisfaction in the sex dolls to fulfill their wildest fantasies. They opted for the sex dolls after an extended period of having difficulties relating and bonding with real people or approaching girls.

The guys customized the bodily features of their life-size sex dolls according to their desires and needs. In return, they enjoyed the company and love of their partners, who could never leave them for various reasons such as not being attractive. These men fell in love with the dolls easily because, unlike real women, they are not high maintenance, and they could do whatever they wanted with them.

sex doll documentary

Scene from Love me, Love my Doll 

Love me, Love my Doll effortlessly shows that not only is love blind, but it is also synthetic. The movie displays the advantages of having a sex doll. And as one of the guys in the film narrates, 'that you don't have to worry about getting her pregnant or getting diseases.

 VI.         Ex Machina

Released in 2014, Ex Machina is a science fiction thriller based on the life of Caleb, a 26-year-old programmer at the world's largest cyberspace company- Blue Book. Caleb is selected to take part in a ground-breaking experiment in synthetic intelligence at a private mountain retreat by evaluating the human qualities of a highly advanced humanoid A.I.

The experiment required Caleb to interact directly with the world's first true A.I, hosted in the body of a beautiful and sexy robot girl- Ava. In the experiment, he is supposed to tell whether Ava is capable of thought and consciousness. Ava is robotic but has a human-like face and feet. In her confinement, Caleb visits her daily for their sessions.

Eva fascinates Caleb after several sessions, and a bond develops between the two. The feelings seemed to be mutual and reciprocated. It reaches a point where Ava expresses her desire to experience the outside world. Caleb, clouded by his attraction to her, concurs and plans to help her escape from the confinement.

One reviewer describes the movie as "... the kind of movie I really enjoy when I think about science fiction". The reviewer continues to say, "... we will choose and model our life partner like we want them to be".

ex machina sex doll

Scene from Ex Machina

The movie depicts how humans and robots could co-exist together, share memories, feelings, and be attracted to each other. It is the same with sex dolls as they could provide an amazing company and be life partners we cherish and love.

VII.         A.I Rising

A.I Rising is a more recent release in our list of top 10 sex doll movies to watch. It premiered in 2018, and can be described as a thrilling, science fiction, yet romantic movie set in a century-far future. It’s about a multinational corporation- Ederlezi, which pioneers a space mission to Alpha Centauri.

The corporation recruits Milutin, a trained Slav cosmonaut. It demands that he accepts going to the mission with Nimani, a female android programmed to meet Milutin's desires and monitor his performance in the ship. Initially, the cosmonaut opposes the idea because he has previously had bad experiences with women but later agrees to the idea.

During the trip, Nimani is activated, and the cosmonaut decides to experiment with her programmed models. He discovers that the android is too submissive and artificial, not like the human women he’d met in his past. 

After some time, they both get emotionally and romantically intertwined to a point where they have regular consensual sex. Nimani's feelings grew so much that Milutin noticed her behaving beyond her set routines and was later determined to determine if her feelings were real or programmed.

The movie showcases a premier algorithmic future where android programs will be installed in sex dolls. It also displays a future possibility of humans and sex dolls having an exclusive romantic relationship.

VIII.         Air Doll

Air Doll is a 2009 Japanese drama classic about an inflatable sex doll called Nozomi. The film begins with Hideo, a middle-aged man living alone with Nozomi. The doll is all he has in his life, and it's his companion. Hideo talks to her over dinner and has sex, dresses, and takes her out on walks in a wheelchair.

One day while Hideo is at work, Nozomi comes to life and dresses in a maid's uniform. She decides to leave the house and explore the world. Accidentally, Nozomi walks into a video store where she is offered a job, which she takes and gets romantically involved with one of the employees- Junichi.

Nozomi, while working at the video store, accidentally cuts herself and deflates. With adhesive tape, Junichi repairs the cut and inflates her with his mouth. Hideo walks into the video store one day and is served by her sex doll, but he doesn't recognize her. Later Hideo finds out that Nozomi is no longer a doll and asks her to return to lifelessness because he finds human relationships "annoying." She was hurt and decided to run away.

She later begins to experience and wonder about death. She even goes to her manufacturer, where she is told the maker believes sex dolls have hearts. Nozomi eventually goes back to Junichi and tells him that she will do everything he wants for him.

As good as sex doll movies come, this one here comes I highly recommend this Air Doll. It's right up there on your watchlist - a must-watch! It portrays how you can have an intimate, close and loving relationship with your sex doll.

  IX.         Love Object

Love object is a romantic horror movie released in 2003. It is based on the life of a socially weird technical writer, Kenneth Winslow, who has little experience with romantic relationships. He is later promoted as editor and introduced to his new assistant- Lisa, an attractive and gorgeous lady.

Knowing that Lisa is way out of his league, he decides to build his dream girl by ordering a life-size sex doll from the internet. Upon delivery, Kenneth lies to his neighbor that it’s a fridge. He then unpacks the doll and customizes it into a woman that resembles his new assistant and names it 'Nikki.'

After being with Nikki for a while, Kenneth's life takes a remarkable shift as he’s able to regain social and romantic wit to capture Lisa’s attention. Kenneth then starts dating Lisa, but he later wants her to look and behave like Nikki. After a while, Lisa catches up and is disappointed with Kenneth.

This movie highlights how having a sex doll could improve your social relationships, especially if you are afraid of taking that first step and approach a girl. You may sharpen your skills with your doll before tossing yourself into the dating field. It’s evident that sex dolls offer more than sex.

    X.         Cherry 2000

This film revolves around the life of a successful businessman, Sam Treadwell and how far he would go to find his wife’s replica. Sam loses his lover, who happened to be a state-of-the-art sex doll robot model- Cherry 2000. Cherry was destroyed when she had a short circuit during sex with Sam on a wet kitchen floor. He was determined to do anything to find a similar model replacement and insert his wife's memory chip.

During the ordeal of losing his lover, Sam hires 'E,' a tough sex-charged tracker to help him find the ideal sex doll replacement in the dangerous 'Zone 7'. Throughout their action-packed and risky mission, Sam and E realize that what Sam has been looking for the entire time might be right there and his to grab.

Released in 1987, Cherry 2000 was ahead of its time. It portrays how you can fall in love with a sex doll and the things you would do and how far you can go to be reunited with the love of your life.

Final Words

The relevance and benefits of sex dolls in human life are mostly overlooked. With future technological advancements, sex robots might be more useful in our daily lives than we might think.

Watching a romantic movie that features sex dolls with your lover or companion will strengthen what you have and help both of you grow together as a unit. Like in the movies reviewed above, sex dolls have numerous benefits and modern-day application.

Watch these movies - if you haven’t already, and enjoy a mind-blowing, fun, and thrilling experience with your partner.



Add the following movies: Galaxina, 2050, Amalia 2.0, and Replicas.

John Sheakley

I liked Cherry 2000 when it was released. I don’t agree with the conclusion, though. The only sex doll/sex robot movie I’ve ever actually enjoyed was “2050”. The others all seem to have an agenda- and agenda designed to drive men back into the blue pill dating market. Been there, done that. No thanks!

Eric W Whipple

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