Tamera's Twin Tale - A Sex Doll Love Story

Tamera's Twin Tale - A Sex Doll Love Story

Romance, sensuality, love and more in this new sexy story... and yes! this story is based on the same doll as featured on the viral video of Ryan Davis' "Jasmine", "Shakira", "Tamera"... you name her as you want... The Thicc Sex Doll all over social Media!


The quiet sound of classical music rippled to life at my bedside. I gave a long stretched over my head and rolled over. With my face buried in my pillow my hand flopped out and slapped at the snooze button a few times until Mozart faded away. That lovely middle ground between sleep and awake hovered in my head for a few happy minutes. Then it shattered.

My eyes flashed open and I lurched towards the clock. A chill washed over my skin as I snatched up the little black box and read its red sectioned numbers. 7:35 Am. Any other day of the week and I would have been fine but today was my interview at the grad school bio lab.

I cursed myself for being so stupid and not double checking I had changed my normal alarm time. My bed sheets followed me off the mattress and halfway down the hall as I sprinted to the shower. The ice water on my bare skin made me gasp but I couldn’t wait for it to warm up. I kept my hair dry and slathered some soap over my tiny breasts and let the foam run down my stomach and legs. My nipples protested the cold rough treatment and tried to stab my hands with their little pink tips. I had to ignore their painful complaining and skip their daily lotion as I charged back down the hall drying myself as I went.

Cloths flew like sawdust from a wood chippered as I rifled through my drawers and closet. I had to offend my poor nipples again and skipped hunting for a clean white bra. A white button up blouse and blue silk vest would have to suffice. Not like I’ve ever needed a bra, even at 22. My eyes shot a glance at the clock. 8:02 Am, no time for self-pity today. I had less than thirty minutes to be at the front office and check in for my interview. My heartbeat felt like it would break the buttons off my vest and my blouse already felt a little damp under my arms. Perfect I’ll be late and smell bad. As my foul luck would have it I had even worse problems. My underwear drawer was empty. I smacked my forehead and let out a pitiful squeal. They were all still in the wash. Resetting my alarm wasn’t the only thing I’d forget last night.

I fought my rising panic and racked my brain for an answer. I had set out my favorite white pencil skirt, silver ring belt, and a set of black nylons but that was it. I stared at them for a second lost in the moment. There was no way around it. The laundry was on the other side of my college apartment complex. The nylons went on followed by the snug skirt and my stilettos. I would just have to make absolutely certain to keep my legs tightly crossed. A dash of perfume hit my neck and my purse looped my shoulder. I scooted out to my car and fired it up. Its dash clock said. 8:12 Am. There was only one traffic light between me and the grad school and it blinked red right before I got close enough to floor it. I took the moment to brush my waist length black hair as well as I could and dab on a little blush and lipstick.

8:27am was the last numbers I dared look at on my phone as I rushed in from the parking lot. The sandwich boards and welcome signs directed me to a large all glass building and its pair of already open copper doors. In my flustered state I rushed to the receptionist.

“I’m so sorry I’m late. I’m Tamera Gates, one of the grad school interviews today. Could you tell me were that is?”

“Yes Miss Gates,” the older man behind the desk said. “Here is your packet and your name badge. The rest of the students have already go out on the tour I’m afraid. You may try to find them but I don’t know where they would be right now. If you want to skip that you may wait here till they return.”

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My heart did a little summersault and I fought back angry tears on my way to the empty lobby seats. I had been working for five years to get into this school and now because of one stupid morning lapse I had already wounded my chances. I plopped down in one of the stiff padded chairs in a huff. With nothing to do but wait I fingered through my packet. The schedule said I had missed the cold breakfast, introductions, and now the campus tour. Thankfully the interviews would not be until after they returned and that was the important part anyway.

Suddenly bored after my morning rush I bought a soda from the machine and tried fix my hurried makeup and hair. Back in the empty lobby with its towering ceiling glass walls and trickling water features I waited. A rush of cold air up my skirt made my knees clamp shut.

Goodness! How could I have already forgotten my little wardrobe issue! If being late hasn’t hurt my chances looking like a little tramp will get thrown out on the spot. At least I was perfectly waxed down there. Not one hair in sight.

 I could giggle at my own thoughts as my mistake hadn’t hurt anything yet. It was a little exciting having this secret to protect. I was being such bad girl and nobody knew. I even spun my chair to the glass wall and waited for nobody to be walking past outside. I spread my knees just a little as I watched my half reflection in the glass. Sure enough, one slip with this skirt and I’d flash everyone with quite the show. Just for fun I kept going as far as my hips would let me. My skirt resisted but as it started to slide up my hips I could spread my legs farther and farther until snap. The cloth jumped all the way up to my hips and even someone in the ceiling above me could tell how clean my kitten was.  The deep chair perfectly concealed me from the back and sides so I only needed to worry about those walking by outside and the glass walls allowed me perfect vison of basically the whole campus. And if I recalled correctly the shine on the outside didn’t allow much if any sight through.

Even with the adrenaline hit of letting myself be exposed in public I didn’t indulge long. I smooth my skirt out and say very lady like for the next half hour. In my head I rehearsed possible interview questions and what I’d say in response. I practiced introducing myself and most importantly sitting and standing without letting my secret out. Though I did indulge doing so a few more times where I sat. My kitten was too cute not to.

Around 9:15am the group came back from the tour and I was horny as hell. An unforeseen byproduct of my little game with the window. I could feel a little slipperiness in-between my legs as my kitten’s lips were no longer dry. I slid up to the back of the group and tried my best to cool off. It didn’t work so well.  The two faculty members leading the group were an older in shape man with white flecks sprinkling in his dark hair and a younger redhead woman who looked just out of high school. James Bond and Ariel, just great. My two biggest weaknesses. Both had Ph.D. on their lab coats which made my condition even worse.  A flowing tingle would not leave my kitten and my nipples were again making a fuss under my vest and blouse. I did have their favorite lilac lotion in my purse…

Tamera Gates! Get a hold of yourself! This is your career at stake. Don’t let a few hormones ruin that! Focus!

 My self-talk shocked me back into a more subdued state and I willed my excitement to the background. James Bond, whose name tag incorrectly said his name was Dr. Janicasm, asked everyone to go back to the classroom they first met in. He and Ariel, or Dr. Iona as he called her, would join them in a few minutes and the interviews would start.

Thankfully no one seemed to notice I had joined the group late and I could feel my blood pressure fall back to normal. Well, at least it wasn’t elevated because of stress. My bad girl side had made sure I walked right past Dr. Iona and Janicasm. He was even more built then I thought and Dr. Iona could have passed for 18 if she tried. I almost turned off into the ladies room from a little release but I liked how this was going. The pressure building up in me was pleasure in and of itself and I always did enjoy a hard teased.

On each of our desks was a short medical terminology quiz and a pair of essay prompts. I whizzed through all of them in no time but Mr. Bond and the Mermaid were hadn’t yet returned, much to my disappointment. Chance had put me in the back row and no one was nearby to talk with so my bad girl side forced itself out again. The long continues desks had a skirt in the front which was probably there to stop girls like me from distracting our professors. It gave me a beautiful private cubby to let my knees come apart again. As my tight skirt moved up my legs I bit my lip and imagined Dr. Iona under the desk. I could almost feel her little hands on my legs trembling with nervousness. I would have laid my hands on hers once my legs were wide open to comfort her just a little. Then I’d grab her flawless red hair and pull her face to my pussy. My heart began to race as did my breathing as my imagination strained to feel her warm breath on my clit, her soft lips pressed into my kitten’s slit,  and her muffled gasps for air that I’d only let her have every few minutes before forcing her innocent tongue back inside my now hot wet hole.

A shiver rippled deep inside my body as my fingers stroked down my stomach over my clit and spread my kitten lips for real. A moan began deep in my throat and my eyes started to close.

“Sorry for the wait, I had something personal that needed seen too.”

The strong voice of Dr. Janicasm both snapped my knees together and made my kitten burn hotter. His steely tone penetrated me and I instantly started imagining what bad things I’d want him to say to me.

Dr. Iona came in right after him but so did a rather portly woman with an “I’m offended by everything” type haircut and dullest set of brown slacks and blouse I had ever seen. That killed my mood. Oh well, I was here for serious things anyway.

“Ms. Lancaster”, was how the new woman introduced herself putting far too much emphasis on the “Z” in Ms. for my sarcastic side to ignore.

Yes we know you hate all men and feel icky in your own body, no need to ruin it for those having fun here. And move, your mustache is blocking Dr. Iona’s eyes.

I repressed a muffled snort but found my more mature side when Ms. Lancaster started reading off the names of who would be interviewed first. It was game time and I was going to get into this school. Not even Mr. Bond and Ariel could distract me from that.

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I wasn’t in the first group nor the second. I didn’t start to feel nervous until Mzzzzz. Lancaster read off what she called the final privileged few and my name wasn’t in there. Dr. Iona and Dr. Janicasm hadn’t come back to our classroom since leaving with the first interview group. I had no choice but to speak with Ms. Lancaster. I drew up close behind her tried to sound as innocent as possible. My voice had never dropped and even on the phone I still had people call me little girl. I secretly liked it.

“Excuse me, but you never read my name,” I peeped.

A most annoyed look crossed Ms. Lancaster’s painted on eyebrows as she pulled out her list again. Guess even sweet little girls offend her.

“Last name,” Ms. Lancaster croaked.

“Umm Gates, Tamera Gates. I go by Tammy though.”

She scanned the list like it was prisoner manifest and the snapped it closed.

“No Tamera Gates, you must not have submitted your application on time.”

She turned to leave even before she finished speaking.

“Oh, how could that be true? I had my name tag and packet waiting for me? I have been planning on coming her two years. There has to be some mistake.”

“Wait in the lobby. I will check the computer. If you are not there, I can’t help you.”

She waddled off and I followed until the hall opened up into the lobby. A bit stunned I plopped back in my same chair. My reflection in the glass wasn’t near so fun to look at now. I didn’t even have the smallest tickle of playfulness left in me. Student after student walked by, the stress of their interview clearly gone from their shoulders.

I waited an hour and Ms. Lancaster never came back. The front desk was empty too. Handcuffed I went back to my chair. A few minutes later I saw Ms. Lancaster outside. She had her purse and was clearly heading for the parking lot. I couldn’t stop the tears then. I fought them as best I could but there was way I could keep them all from hitting my blouse.

I thought I was doing an Okay job keeping my emotion inside. I had a silk hanky that I could quickly use to catch a stray drop that escaped my repeated blinking. I had to catch more than I expected as my mind spun, trying to figure out what to do. Had my being late caused them to take my name off the list? Could they even do that?

I yanked the hair pin I had keeping my hair back and out of my face and let all my black locks wash over my face. Bent forward I had my face in my hands and was about to just let the sobs come.

“Oh, dear are you crying?” A quite voice asked.

I sprang upright to find Dr. Iona at my side. She was face to face with me even though I was sitting and I got a direct look into her eyes. I could have sworn something was different about them but I was too ashamed of my mood to look close enough to confirm. Shame turned my gaze away and I stuffed my wet hanky back into my purse.

“I’m sorry. There was just a mix up about my interview date. I’ll call tomorrow and sort it out,” I said.

“Oh dear…umm this was the last day of interviews.”

“What?...how but I applied six months ago. Was it because I missed the first little bit today?”

My chest was quivering now I could feel myself losing control. A sharp lurch signaled my first sob but I fought it as best I could and quickly stood.

“Miss Gates…”

The gentle voice had such strength and I had to stop.

“…come with me. I am sure you are in the system if you applied six months ago. We can work something out. The interviews are a formality in many ways. Maybe you could help me and Dr. Janicasm with something. It could be like a hands on interview.”

“Oh would you do that for me?”

 I couldn’t control the tears now, there was too much emotion in me. I blubbered like a fool saying thank you far too many times and re-drenching my hanky as we walked. Dr. Iona’s shyness kept her quiet but she did give me a very kind touch. We went passed the normal class room to the elevator. She swiped her card and inserted a key and didn’t touch any floor button. The elevator moved but none of the buttons lit up nor did the readout change from Lv1. No ding signaled our arrival to what could only be considered the coolest lab I had ever seen.

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Genetic augmentation and splicing was what I wanted to focus on and this was heaven for me. Huge paper thin monitors covered the far wall and glittered with molecule bonding simulations. I had to use a lot of will power to not open one of the five black metal fridge’s that were sure to contain mutated gene strains waiting to be implanted into a host.

My sadness evaporated and I followed Dr. Iona having to only fight the urge to skip. And touch her ass. My gratefulness for her kindness had thrown gas on my surprised heat and I was wet again within minutes. We passed through several more rooms like the first one, each a dozen yards wide and immaculately clean. Dr. Iona took out her key and card one more time to get through a heavy metal door in the room that had the gene replication machines.

On the other side was more like a petting zoo then a hyper advanced laboratory. Dozens of large holding pens and cages had all sorts of our furry four legged friends. Everything from wolves to foxes to house cats and leopards lined the walls. My eyes hooked on a fox, blacker then the panther he was neighbors with.

“Did you do a hair color gene transfer with those too?” I asked.

“Very good, yes,” Dr. Iona said. “That lox and lix, they now share the exact same genes for fur production and have shown no ill effect to date.”

“Oh wow, that is just incredible. The possibilities are endless if you can keep the side effects away.”

Lox and lix were impossibly beautiful and wanted the beautiful Doctor who created them. I had to use my hanky to dry a drip that had gone all the way down my leg. My pussy was soaking now.

“So…what would you like me to help with?” I asked, sliding up as close as I dared to Dr. Iona.”

“Just a small blood sample. We are trying to get as many donors as possible to run tests with human DNA. It’s not official so we do ask you not be too vocal about it.”

“That is fine with me. I know the rules on human experimentation are so tight. But if you clone the DNA after taking a simple blood draw the rules are no quite so clear.”

“Most impressive Miss Gates. Science is about finding creative solutions to unexpected problems. Even those that come from big brother. Please sit here. Dr. Janicasm will be here shortly to draw your blood. Just one vial.”

Dr. Iona left the small room we had entered off the animal pens. It was clearly a blood draw room with its arm chain and colored top vials in little boxes on the wall. I watched her little frame sway as she ran a finger over the cages of lix and lox. The moment she disappeared I had my shirt at my waist and my clit was getting some much needed attention. A little part of my logical brain shouted to not keep working myself up, especially with Dr. Janicasm coming. I would be alone in a small room with him and he would be poking me with a sharp shafted object. I groaned with pleasure as I work tight circles over my pussy lips hitting my swelling clit with each pass. The first tingle of an approaching orgasm quivered to life in my hips and that is when I stopped. It was wonderfully awful. My pussy complained like child denied his favorite ice cream but I calmly moved my skirt back down and adjusted my hair. Seemingly on cue the moment I had my bangs just right Dr. Janicasm came in and shook my hand.

“Hello Miss Gates, Dr. Iona told me about the mix up in your interview. I’m sorry to hear that. But this will certainly count and I’ll personally see you get a fair shot at the available spots.”

I had already offered my arm out for the blood draw and was kind of staring. I didn’t know eyes could get that blue. When he turned away to gather the needle and vial it clicked in my head that he had spoken.

“Oh yes. Thank you so much. I am so grateful for the second chance. I do not know what came over me last night but I forget to change my alarm, even forget to get my laundry from the mat, and had come basically half dressed…um I mean I couldn’t wear the dress I wanted because it was still wet.”

“We all have issues at the worst times. But I would not worry yourself now. Okay, quick poke.”

I gave a gasp as the needle pierced me but relished the touch of his hand on my arm, even through gloves. The draw was over before it began and I was alone again. Lab coats were officially my most hated piece of clothing at the moment because they blocked a view James Bonds ass. After ten minutes of waiting I started to feel a little confused. I dared not touch myself again even though I was dying to start fingering now, for fear of making my arm bleed. Ugly bruising was not sexy. I should have learned to use my other hand at some point.

“Hello, is everything alright?” I softly called out. Only the quiet rustle of some of the animals answered me. My heels clicked in the silence as I left the little blood draw room and ventured out past Lix and Lox again. I braved a pet of the ink black fox threw his bars. He nuzzled up to my hand like a big kitten. I had to stop and use both hands rub his enormous ears which had to be the softest things I had ever touched. He got playful and wrap his little front paws around my arm and gnawed playfully at my thumb. A little prick from her needle like teeth drew tiny drop of blood from my finger near the nail but I didn’t care. I gave her a final strong ear rub and continued on.

“Dr. Iona, do you think I could take Lix out of his cage for a little while? Dr. Iona? Dr. Janicasm?”

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I ended up back in the first room I had come out of the elevator in where all the paper thin monitors lined the wall. There were different now. Instead of showing multiple molecules interacting it just show a single pair and the words “Hyper compatibility” flashed in red at the tops.

            “Miss Lancaster, I know what the test results have shown and I’m telling you we must act now. We cannot wait. Any micro mutations that happen in even the next few days could disrupt everything. It only worked with you because we acted within the hour of discovery and her rating is double what yours was.”

            “Yes Dr. J but I was fully willing and knew what was going to happen to me. Miss Gates may not agree to the method or the possible results. We can’t be sure so quickly.” 

            The voice of Dr. Janicasm and Dr. Iona was unmistakable coming out from a half closed door me and Dr. Iona had passed up when first arriving. What confused me was why he said Miss Lancaster. I saw her leave and she would never have stood for the sexist term miss either. Dr. Iona came rushing out with a bright red flustered face but stopped and went pale when she saw me. Dr. Jay followed but no one else.

            “Oh Miss, Gates.” Dr. Iona stammered. “We…um I…”

            “We have to act. Miss Lancaster. Now!” Dr. J said. In his hand was a vial of a light pink liquid.

            “Wait wait wait!” I said. “Miss Lancaster? You are not Ms. Lancaster. She left already and I saw you both at the same time.”

            “Yes…she is my…sister.” Dr. Iona said. She tugged at her own long red hair like a little girl too shy to say high to a boy. And her eyes kept looking up at me. There was great conflict in them but I could also see she was right on the edge of asking me something important. Dr. Jay jumped in first.

            “She is Dr. Iona’s IDENTICAL twin sister,” he said.

            “Impossible,” I shouted. “Ms. Lancaster is at least fifty…and they look nothing..”

            “Fifty seven,” Dr. J added. He took off his lab coat, rolled up his sleeves still holding the pink vial.

            “Dr. Iona is our first major success blending a gene repair serum to human DNA. It has extremely narrow parameters right now to work but the more successes we have the more we can expand those parameters. The desired effect is near instant age reduction to the level of the donor DNA. The side effects is a slight change in appearance to that donor also. But that is all so far. Your blood test show you are twice the match Dr. Iona was, will you undergo the test? I know it is sudden and we have no time for all the legal nonsense. Your window will change within the hour it is now or…”

            “Yes,” I blurted out.” I will do it. Anything for real science.”

            It looked like Dr. Iona opened her mouth to say something more but I had already taken the vial.

            “Drink that and in five minutes we have to stimulate the bonding.”

            I threw it back and it tasted like cherries.

            “Stimulate? Like there is a catalyst next?”

            “Adrenaline,” Dr. Iona blurted out. “Adrenaline is the catalyst…and…and…”

            “And what,” I asked.”

Her face was the most adorable red I had ever seen thought it was sad to see her so embraced.

            “And Oxytocin…lots of oxytocin,” She said.

            I let out a confused laugh. Oxytocin was released during extreme sexual arousal. Surly she meant a synthetic form.

            “You mean…” I started to say.

            “She means this…” Dr. J said. He went up to Dr. Iona and ripped her blouse open. She let him to do it without resistance and even moved her arms so he could slip off her lab coat. Her perky breasts giggled perfectly and the black and pink bra made her white skin even more luminous.

            “We have camera’s I the lobby and the blood draw room. We know you are not too shy for this,” Dr. Jay said.

            It was my turn to go a little red but he was right. I only stood in place because I couldn’t believe what was happening, I expected to wake up any moment. A warm tentative kiss from Dr. Iona on my neck broke me from my stupor and my hands were under her shirt on her bare skin in an instant. My body surged with heat and I pulled Iona hard to my chest. Her soft large breasts against my tiny ones sent ripples of pleasure through me. My aggressive side rushed to the surface in response to her innocent passiveness. She whimpered softly in my ear as I roughly groped her ass and nibbled her neck. My hands went down the back of her skirt and found the lace pantie she wore. I gave it a hard yank and pulled the band high up her hips. Her wince of pain and how she grab me for support added head to my fire. I could feel the hot drips running down my legs from my bare pussy. My heart fluttered in my chest and waves of building heat washed over my skin. I shoved Iona against the wall and pressed my forehead to hers. I looked in her innocent green eyes and twirled a lock of her mermaid red hair in my fingers. She wetted her own lips and shyly leaned towards me. I pressed hard into the kiss as my hands worked to break the remaining buttons on her blouse.

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 I ripped it off her shoulders and down to her wrists. I left it there and tied her arms behind her back with it. Her chest rose and fall with her accelerating breath, moving her breasts like two watches from a hypnotists. I buried my face between then and kisses and licked her skin. Louder whimpers grew into moans as my teeth bit her bright red bra and gave it a tug. My hands had found the zipper of her snug skirt and worked it down her hip. Iona gave a gasp and her little hand shot to my breast and her nails dug in. The pain was glorious and I have her a slap across her tits. Her innocent eyes flinched but begged for more at the same time. I spun her around and shoved her chest first to the lab wall.

My fingers ran down her ass crack and up between her legs. Her smooth lace panty held a hot moistness to it. I stroked her pussy through her panties while nibbling her bare neck and shoulders. Her ass pushed back into my fingers and her legs opened wider. A fresh rush of her pussy juice soaked through her panties and made my fingers shine. I couldn’t bare not being inside and ripped her panties down to her ankles. I fell to my knees and rammed two of my fingers in her shaved pussy. I bit her ass cheek as I pumped her. Cries like a baby fox erupted from Dr. Iona’s lips as she clawed at the wall.  

A wet shine ran down my fingers and to my wrist before dripping to the floor. Every few seconds I forced more of my hand deeper inside Iona’s body and kept pumping. First, half of two fingers. Then three fingers up to my knuckles.  Four fingers followed and I had to drop to one knee in order to keep all of them inside Iona’s tiny pussy hole. Her fox cries grew into full screams but she let her weight fall down into my thrusts, helping me drive past my knuckles and over my hand. When I folded my thumb in and starting spreading her open with my entire fist her screams turned to growls.

 Her gaze snapped back at me her eyes flashed with aggression. Her round human eyes were gone, the slits of fox had replaced them. All her sweet innocents was gone and animal heat had replaced them. It was then I recalled how they had looked slightly different to me the first time I had seen them and now I knew why. They were the same look Lix had. Identical with their more oval shape and the possible yellow honey color. She began to pant as he knees flexed letting her whole bodyweight push down on my hand. I a little voice of warning fired off in the back of my mind about her eyes but I was far to Horney to even consider listening. My free hand went to my clit and rubbed fast circles as more and more of my wrist slipped inside Iona’s bright red pussy. When her pussy hole slipped around my upper arm a jolt hit me. It wasn’t a sexual one but rather it felt like hot water had been injected into my blood.

It was my turn to scream and I crumpled to the floor. My hand popped out of Iona’s pussy covered in her shinning juice. The heat was most intense in my chest but it was quickly spreading over my whole body. As it did I began to quiver uncontrollably. I couldn’t command my own body any longer and I fell to myside. Spasms wracked me and my legs spontaneously opened as wide as they could. My hips bucked up over and my back arched so high my moans were laced with real cries of pain. 

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The world around me turned to blurred colors and fussy shapes but I could hear clearly.

“She is almost ready Dr. J” Iona said. “This is exactly what happened to me. If things go the same, she will be in such a state of sexual tension she will want to die if she can’t get a release. I know I did. This will build the oxytocin and adrenaline to the levels we need.”

“Perfect, we will let that build as long as possible to stress the cells into accepting the new DNA to survive.”

I knew the voices but the meaning of what they said only half found its way into my understanding. The “Burning water” had infiltrated my entire body now but it was hottest in my nipples and deep in my hips. I tried to command my hands to finger my pussy as that was the only thought that could stay in my head. My hand only quivered more violently at my side and wouldn’t go near my aching vagina. I couldn’t form words and only the cries like a fox came from my lips even though my mind was trying to scream “Help me!”

My nipples burned under my vest and blouse as I writhed on the floor. My hips still tried to thrust my kitten into the air like there was a cock above me I could not see. I knew there was a male nearby and believed if only I threw my hips higher I could entice him to spread me apart.

Sweat burned in my eyes and made my hair stick to my face but no matter how wide I opened my legs or how much I internally begged to be fucked, my pussy felt nothing but air. My fox cries alternated with whimpers and tears of anguish and frustration joined the sweat on my cheeks. The cool hands of Dr. Iona on my wrists only made me burn hotter inside. I wanted so badly for her to yank me to my feet and kiss my lips. Instead, I felt myself being pulled into a seated position. This made me furious. I could not be fucked while sitting down, my pussy hole had to be open for that male I knew was near bye. The anger built in me but my body still did not obey anything I told it to do.

My sight began to clear some but I didn’t care to look for anything but the male. Snarls and snaps escaped my lips as I tried to get Iona to turn me back over so my ass could push into the air. I knew the male would have to take me then.

“Dr. J its happening, look there on her cheek, her skin is far lighter than before and much clearer. It looks like that of a ten year old. And it’s spreading. I can feel the skin on her arms getting even softer than before. There isn’t a blemish left. But what…what is that?”

I could only sit in my un-fuckable position and pant with stress as Iona pointed at my head. Movement caught my eye and I nearly died. My whole body lurched inside when Dr. J came around front of me naked and with the biggest hard on I had ever seen. It swayed side to side like a great staff as I came closer. He pushed it inches away from my eyes as he looked down at my head.

I could hear unending screams and squeals echoing around the room. I knew they came from me but I never made any willful choice to make such sounds. They poured out of me as I watched his cock head swell even bigger before my very eyes and yet I was powerless.

“I do not know what that is but we must keep it happening. This could be the perfect subject. More, we need to stress her more!”

“Yes Dr. J”

I watched with burring furry and lust as now Dr. Iona stripped naked and kissed Dr. J. right in front of me. His cock slid right between her legs and her red pussy rested right on the shaft like it was a horse’s back. She wetted her lips after the kiss and looked right at me with a gleeful haughty smirk. My swirling heat burst from my pussy as a flood of hot juice flowed out onto the floor.

Useless! That is for his cock! I cannot waist it like this I can’t!

My inner shouting and outer fox screaming tipped my over and I fell to my back. This eased my frustration a tiny bit as I could not feel my pussy tip up and my legs fly open. A gasp of pain and pleasure erupted in my ears but it was not my voice. It was Iona’s. I could hear the slap slap slap of her ass on a cock and balls and knew she was getting fucked again.

That needs to be me it need to be me!

My body rebelled entirely and flew into spasms. I couldn’t open my eyes because my face was too contorted. My spine popped and cracked from how high it arched itself up. It spontaneously fell in time with the symphony of wet fucking sounds coming from Iona’s pussy as Dr. J’s cocked rammed in and out of it. 

“It’s working Dr. J it…oh GOD fuck me…its working! She…she is growing fox ears.” Move me closer! Fuck me on all fours right next to her that will torturer just right I know it.”

To my unbearable pleasure my eyes were able to open just as Dr. Iona got on to all fours and let her back drop so far down her ass touched the back of her head. Dr. J grabbed her throat and bent her even farther back before starting forward with his now shining wet cock. I watched its glistening head spread Iona’s pussy hole and slide deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper into her petite body. I swore I’d see it come out her throat. Her rhythmic moaning bouncing higher in pitch each time Dr. J’s shaft reached its base and only Iona’s little ass stop it going farther inside her. Again my body jolted in time with his thrusts as that was all it could do to feel fucked. It didn’t help.

sex with real love doll

I screamed with sadness and anger when Dr. J thrust forward and held is cock inside Iona. Her hold body glistened with sweat and shakes started in her hips. She tried to pull away and she screamed “to big to big” but she was trapped bent backwards and had no choice but to keep the cock buried inside her—the exact prison I needed to be in. Dr. J did not let up and kept pressed as tight as he could. Iona’s hole body began to quiver and only threw gritted teeth did a panting continuous moan escape.

My spontaneous writhing twisted me onto my stomach and by pure instinct my legs tucked under me and I got up on my knees. My ass shot into the air as my skirt slid up to my lower back. I threw my head back and tried to get in the same helpless position as Iona. I managed to get my head to touch the top of my ass but I still felt no release. My body fought to arch back even farther as it hoped if I could be even more submissive then Iona the male would fuck me. Dr J stayed inside Iona whose little body seemed about ready to collapse from the strain of taking cock so deep for so long. Her nice manicure lay in chips on the floor as she clawed continuously at the ground. Dr. J did take one hand off her throat and reach over to stroke my bare ass. His touch sent ripples through my hips and it seemed like I could feel my ovaries straining to push out their female contribution as fast and as many as possible. It was torturous. What was even worse was Iona has begun to orgasm spontaneously. With so much stimulation inside her sight vagina, every few moments her labored breathing would cease, her body would lock up. It made her face turn bright red before a loud gasp would signaled the orgasm’s end and she could breathe again. I could see her quivering body had lost all its strength and she was only held on her knees by the strength of Dr. J.

Mercifully for Iona he only subjected her to a half a dozen forced orgasm’s before finally pulling out of her stretched pussy. She collapsed to her side, barely able to keep her eyes open. Those wonderfully gold fox eyes locked onto mine and a sharp pain spiked in my raised ass. The sting of Dr. J’s hand spanking me made it worse. He hit me again and again until the pain flashed so hot my consciousness faltered. When I came to, I felt something stuck on my ass, something new. Then my pussy erupted with pleasure as Dr. J’s cock finally penetrated it. I squealed with delight and pushed back against him. This bent the new thing on my ass and being so gloriously twisted back like Iona had been I could see what it was. A shinning black fox tail. I didn’t even wonder about it I just flexed it higher to better let Dr. J fuck me.

He slammed me good just like Iona. His strong rough hands on my throat and chin pulling me back so hard I didn’t need to support any weight on my hands. They just spread open and closed in time with the cock being forced inside me. My mind just focused on the beauty of being taken so absolutely. Only when Dr. J inflicted the same torture on me that he did Iona did I break slightly from my sexual stupor. He wrapped both his muscular arms around my neck and forced his cock up to its base inside me. Like Iona when he slammed into my limit I flinched. It felt like a balloon was inside my vagina swelling every second. It was horribly amazing. I fought to get away but that made the pleasure even more. Knowing I could not escape set the spark to my first orgasm. It fired off deep in my hips and radiated up to my chest. Its energy seemed to settle in my breasts and they began to hit me with painful pleasure too. I couldn’t keep track of time or how many orgasms kept hitting me, but I did hear the sound or ripping cloth. In the reflection of myself in one of the flat TV monitors I saw my vest had ripped and was hanging open. Another orgasm burned my sight with flashes of white light and when recovered enough to breath I let out another gasp. My less than A cup breasts has burst out from my blouse and I could see them growing. Like the cock burring ten inches inside my throbbing pussy my breast swelled with each orgasm.

lick nipple real love doll

Dr. Iona had recovered enough to crawl over to me. With lustful eyes she scooped up my breast and begin sucking the nipples. This put me over the edge and I couldn’t even feel a break between orgasms. It was like my body had been plugged into a power outlet and an endless shock of pain and pleasure rippled through me in rapid pulses. I did feel Dr. J start thrusting again and Iona sucked harder at my three inch long nipples. The room started to go dark as my body could not endure much longer. I do recall seeing Iona take her mouth off my breasts long enough show me a mouthful of milk she hand draw out of me. The moment she swallowed I felt Dr. J orgasm inside me and his cum splash out. Knowing his sperm was now mine was the last straw, the stimulation flat lined me and I passed out.

Two days later.

            Dr. Iona kissed my forehead and I gave a happy sigh. My arms stretched above my head and I let out a long purring moan. My long fox tail swished happily and my furry eyes twitched. The fan in my apartment bedroom poured a cool breeze over my naked body.

            “Any luck?” I asked.

            “As a matter of fact yes. It took three stores but I found them. A half dozen 30 K cup bras for the sweetest fox girl in the world.” 




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I have a question that is relevant to the scent of TPE. Can the scent be disguised so that it is less strong and more agreeable to the doll’s aroma. I have noticed that silicone is more pleasing aroma and the tpe is softer and more realistic. Thanks for your interest and time.

Jack Fulsom



As I keep looking at this model of doll… all I can say is damn… wow, they really out done themselves, because I haven’t found a doll as outstanding, so real then this picture. I haven’t own one yet, yes I’m looking forward to owning one at least to give my honest opinion.


Where can I buy this exact doll


Where can I buy this exact doll?


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