Sina Sex Doll Instagramer

Sina Sex Doll Instagramer

When sex dolls become social media celebrities

My name is Tom Eric, I am male, 32 years old and I live in Berlin / Germany. I didn't have any experience with dolls until I bought mine and it was just strange at first. But when I saw these dolls at the end of 2015, I was simply fascinated by how good those look like these days... from there I was curious and did research on this topic. After I saw my beauty (It's a WMDoll 155cm with #46 Head), I was so overwhelmed and excited that I wanted to have her. It took me a few months of doing research and looking at dolls because real life sex dolls cost a lot of money, and I needed to learn more about this synthetic lovers. I read about other customer experiences, how to clean, how to handle, etc. By February 2016 I was ready to pull the trigger and I bought her.


sina instagram sex doll 155cm wmdolls

The shopping experience was easy and fast. Once she arrived, I was very surprised at how good she felt and how great she looked (of course those huge boobs and especially her tender and lovely lips). I also had to get used to the weight, although I'm pretty athletic, a "lifeless" body is different to handle,  and that should not be underestimated. But trust me... it worth it and she will be thankful ;)

living with a real life sex doll

Sina got her name sometime later as I wasn't able to find a name right when I got her,  and now she's been with me for more than two years and I can still say that I'm fascinated (the manufacturer has done an amazing job by creating this doll model). The doll care aspect isn't an issue, I actually enjoy doing it. 

I use Sina mainly as a kind of model, for me, it is a piece of art that I like to dress/take photos and bring her to life.

big boobs sex doll

Once I got used to live with Sina, I started to publish her photos on Tumblr, in German forums and TDF, where I got a lot of positive feedback. Later, I created social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram

(@sina_kent_92). And here we are, still living side by side and enjoying new experiences everyday  :-).



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i am looking.168cm right price. brown eyes brown hair Dcup, and penis insert love transsexual beauties big clitoris.taller doll is ok. What bargain can you show me?


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