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Sex Doll Vs. Sex Toy. Time To Put the Debate to An End.

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The unending desire for sexuality fuels advancements in the sex toy and sex doll industry. Thirty thousand years ago, our ancestors started carving out eight-inch-long siltstone phallics’. And while some archeologists argue the stone ‘penises’ were used to sharpen tools, their rather familiar sizes and shapes said otherwise.

And if you thought Cleopatra allegedly pleasuring himself with a box full of live bees in 51 BC was crazy, Seamen had to use cloth-made masturbators to meet their sexual needs while at sea. And for the privileged ones, blow-up dolls were part of their carry-on luggage in the year-round voyages.

blow up sex doll

Luckily, there are numerous sex toys and sex dolls now, and you don’t have to use your soggy pair of socks. Most importantly, the stigma surrounding the subject is slowly fading away, with more people open to the idea of owning or using one. It’s been a long journey though – some sex toy/doll brands had to disguise themselves as ‘wellness brands’ offering ‘marital aids’ to falsify acceptance. Even today, Japanese sex toy powerhouse Hitachi is yet to acknowledge its signature product, the Magic Wand, as more than a massage aid. But who’s complaining?

Sex Doll Vs. Sex Toy – The Irony

Sex dolls and sex toys have a similar development plan, with society ignoring both until it couldn’t ignore them more. However, while sex toys are pretty much acceptable now, some hostility towards love dolls still exists.

Sex toys are mostly used by women and are usually seen as a tool of empowerment and a way to reclaim female sexuality. On the other hand, sex dolls are more of a men’s thing, and as weird as it sounds, a man owning a sex doll is seen as a ‘creep.’ I don’t know! I think it’s the usual resistance that precedes change. There’s absolutely nothing sleazy with owning a sex doll, and maybe when more women embrace the idea, then it’ll no longer be eerie. Huh?

jy chinese sex doll

Sex dolls can boost confidence, combat loneliness, and form lifelong partners.

Our Choice

So, sex dolls or sex toys? Which is the best option? There are no definitive answers to these questions. It depends on your intuition, budget, and willpower. In this article, we’ll look into the different features of both sex toys and love dolls.

In the end, we hope you’ll have a better understanding of the topic so you can make a more informed decision.

The Size

Probably the greatest difference between sex toys and dolls, even the largest of the former is hand-held. This is mainly because, like the name, sex toys are built around the principles of portability and ease of use. On the other hand, sex dolls are made to look and feel like a real person. For this reason, you can expect everything a person has, including the head, arms, legs, and breasts, for full-size female models. And even for torsos, the size difference is immense.

Sex dolls are defined as anatomically correct human imitations used to enhance pleasure during solo and coupled play. Your sex doll will probably have an orifice – vagina, mouth, ass. For male models, the doll comes with a penis. For sex toys, you’ll either get an orifice or a penis – massive difference.

buy wm dolls

A 160 cm (5”2’) sex doll weighs 40 (88.18 lb). On the other hand, a regular vibrator weighs anywhere between 0.086 - 0.23 kg (0.19 – 0.5 lb). You can choose to have hollow breasts or a torso to reduce your doll’s weight, but the size and weight differences between a sex doll and a sex toy are incomparable. Simply said - a sex toy is just but a small part, a component of a sex doll.


Sex dolls cost up to thousands of dollars depending on the material, quality, and size. And even for cheaper ones, you’ll have to cough at least one thousand to get it off the shelf. On the other hand, sex toys can cost as little as $10, with premium offerings costing a few hundred dollars. Check our selection of strokers and sex toys at the cheapest price, get one for under $30!sex toys under 20

 People new to the sex doll/toy world might find it better to buy a sex toy. After all, it’s way affordable compared to a love doll, it’s portable, and you don’t have to worry much about storage. Of course, the experience is different for both, but pricing is a major distinguishing factor.


Besides the resulting sexual pleasure, the material is probably the most unifying factor for sex toys and sex dolls. Most premium brands use body-safe and durable silicone. TPE is also a common material among designers because of its realistic feel and affordability. Of course, the material choice will depend on your preference and the price you’re willing to pay, but silicone is recommended because it’s non-porous and more hygienic.

The standout feature for sex dolls is the use of a metal skeleton designed to take the role of bones and joints in the human body. Sex dolls are more realistic and flexible with a skeleton and movable joints, allowing you to enjoy numerous sex positions with ease.


As you’d expect, sex dolls are better than sex toys regarding the overall sexual experience. There’s more on the plate to choose from, and sex feels like a real person minus the emotional reciprocation aspect. However, the development of sex robots aims to bridge the gap and make the love dolls more responsive. You can also instill extra bells and whistles like heating and moaning functions to make the experience even more realistic.

real sex doll

So, as much as modern sex toys are pleasurable, there’s no comparison between a sex toy and love doll pleasure.

Other Factors

Other factors that distinguish sex dolls from sex toys include aftercare – cleaning, and storage. The small size makes sex toys much easier to clean and store. Traveling with your sex toy is also much easier because of the portability aspect. However, the sexual experience between these two is incomparable. Sex dolls will always come out on top!

And that’s it! Do you think a sex toy or sex doll will be a great addition to your sex life? Well, there’s no reason not to think so. Both offer an array of benefits and are a great way to take care of your emotional and physical well-being.

Sex dolls especially offer a full-course meal of pleasure.

No snacks.

No microwavables.

The Real Deal!

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  • Why not update your website? I really get tired going down to the mini photos and returning to view them in full.

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  • My WM DOLL is so much fun I will never be able to go back to not having her in my bedroom!

    Colt on
  • i really want a doll please send me onee they loook soo damn sexyy likeee OMGGG

    nicholas mazariego on
  • Well sex doll vs sex toy to me is like taking a 2021 Ferrari drag racing against a 2021 Chevy Corvette for Ford mustang cobra. There all wonderful Machines but we know Chevy and Ford can’t beat Ferrari, but it’s all about what you can afford to invest in.

    Anthony on
  • Well i have yet to have had a chance to try a sexdoll. This is only because of price unfortunately, but one day it will happen. Heres my opinion on the subject for what its worth and my personal experience that ive bought quite a few toys in my day. Thats in relation ships and being single. In my prospective is that toys are quicker vrs something that you can actually kinda get the sense of having a intimate moment with a person. Toys are great and i will always have a few what toys lak for me is the aspect of. Of being able to grab hips butt shoulders to feel like its actual pussy though its not. I am a straight male fyi. Its being i dont see whats wrong with have any kind of toy regardless of size and or looks. If your honest and forth coming about anything why have a need to hide or be ashamed. Theses day if your shunned or cast out for being you!!! To hell with those people anyway.

    Andrew Emil Scalzo on

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