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Sex Doll MeetUp in Texas!

Posted by Sexy Real Sex Dolls on

Did you go to the 3rd Annual Sex Doll MeetUp? This is what you missed...


The past September 10th L3fty, one of the veterans at DollForum was organizing the 3rd Annual Texas Meet of Doll Owners, and SexyRealSexDolls was sponsoring the event helping with the FREE doll giveaway!!

The event consisted of a weekend meet at L3fty's place, located an hour North of Houston, and reunited some of the most popular members of DollForum and their doll partners.

Between the assistants with not dolls, there was a doll giveaway that we helped to arrange.

During a weekend, like-minded doll enthusiasts were sharing their experiences and showing off with their synthetic beauties! This meetup also attracted enthusiast and curious looking to buy a doll and trying to learn more about the different materials, models, and brands.

Some words from L3fty the organizer:

Honestly we got to know each others' dolls. Learned their Backstories. Got to meet the people that attended and got to know them. We normal conversations about the world. We also talked about the pros and cons of different dolls and how they are manufactured. There were tons of questions asked. I don't remember most of them, but some of the questions were about doll maintenance, wig maintenance, Where to shop for your dolls, best clothes to get for your dolls, things like that. 
Hanging out with the dolls mainly consisted of us Taking pics of the dolls. Lots of pics by the other members that attended. Some of the members sat and talked while cuddling with their dolls. 
We Barbecued every night and some of us enjoyed a little Alcohol. At the end of the meet, I held the raffle and gave away the doll to the member that Had no doll, and I gave away to photography lighting studios.
All in all, it was a lot of just hanging out with like-minded people and sharing tons of laughter. Wow, it was a great time and it sounded like the folks are already looking forward to next year!!

We hope to see many events like this in the near future as love dolls are becoming more popular and mainstream. We advocate for stopping the Sex Doll Stigma and events like this only confirm how dolls bring joy, emotions and great times to men and women!

Enjoy some photos of the beauties of this amazing event!


Doll of the Giveaway sponsored by SRSD!

Some of the dolls that came to the Meetup

sex doll meetup in texas from dollforum

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