Our Sex Dolls at the AVN Adult Expo in Las Vegas 2018

Our Sex Dolls at the AVN Adult Expo in Las Vegas 2018

Did you see any of our life-like sex dolls in Las Vegas?

Did you attend? If you did, you probably saw some of our real love dolls and brands represented in there,

January 24-26, 2018, reunited in Las Vegas the top brands and players in the Adult Industry at the AVN Adult Novelty Expo, and this year life-like sex dolls were the protagonist,

This is the most popular adult expo in the USA that brings together every year the most famous adult actresses and celebrities, sex toys brands and adult entertainment companies. This year Stormy Daniels was there, and even cryptocurrency companies made an appearance. Cryptocurrency platforms are intending to ease payment issues and to provide anonymity, something that we advocate at Sexy Real Sex Dolls, and we offer payments in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

If you missed the show, enjoy the photos!

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Share your photos if you saw our dolls at the expo!




Look really human. Well love to know this and thanks for sharing. https://www.lawsociety.bc.ca/lsbc/apps/hearings/viewreport.cfm?hearing_id=812&t=Mussio-Decision-of-Hearing-Panel

Jaycee Stewart
Here’s a thought, could you figure out a way to mold the head directly on the dolls body so that the canal from the mouth can go down the throat instead of up into the head? That would also eliminate the neckline.
I David

An add was supposed to be ass.


Noon*was ment to be boob. Virgina was ment to be vagina ! Lol I hate auto correct sometimes.


So would like to be able to pic the noon size the virgina look an depth mouth depth an add size an anal depth also. The options you all give or great but to spend this much cash on a doll makes me want to be able to pick all the details. As I said before I am 9 inches would be nice to have all holes 10 inches deep. Also from previous toys I have played with it be nice to incorporate valves in the holes them self to control the trap air from inserting it in an out like a hole in the belly button to help let air out as entering the vagina are may be an air way between the anal hole an vagina an in the mouth maybe a hole in the ears ! Because I have had the silicon half part before an it would get trapped air in it which made it uncomfortable an I made a hole in it which help me to control how tight it felt an also help me to insert my penis into it. Also made it easier to clean the toy. The hole for the air didn’t have to be much bigger than a #2 pencil. Have y’all thought about selling the dolls to chain adult stores also like Adam an eve? Or like the lions den? I can actually go to those places. Or maybe make it to where orders could be placed at those stores? For those of use who may not have valid credit cards? Would appreciate any feed back y’all can give me. As I said I am sure I can help the products y’all have to sell become better these or just some of my ideas an if y’all already use some of them great. I am very picky about how I want mine to look again such as how the vagina looks an how big the boobs or an how big the ass is. Aslo the depth . the rest of the feature y’all have make it able to be chose like the eyes the head the nipples an skin color also like the ability to have no finger nails an being able to pick the hair an color of it also. Sorry if I am sending to many emails I would really love to be able to test the beta dolls or even maybe in exchange for some of my ideas to y’all be able to own one the way I want it to look . thanks for allowing me to comment my opinions on this site to you all. Thanks for reading it. An thanks for any feed back you may give me. I am a single man at the moment.


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