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Our doll Shakira featured at Ryan Davis' Show

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This thick real sex doll just went viral! It is the Sex Doll of 2018!

Women are in trouble in 2018 is the title of the video from Ryan Davis, American comedian. In this, really funny video, he talks about the reason why women should be worried when men start using sex dolls and he actually talks about our doll Shakira or Jasmine as he calls her. You cannot miss it!!




As you can see, this dolls has many benefits as she isn't gonna complain, she never gets a period and she won't say NO whenever you wanna hang out with your friends. After this hilarious video, enjoy some more photos of this now famous adult size sex doll,


 shakira sex doll ryan davis video

real life sex doll shakira in ryan davis show


Social Media went crazy about this sex doll and we have seen many memes and great drawings, here some examples

jasmine viral sex doll on social mediamemes of viral sex doll jasmine ryan davis

sex doll getting famous on twitter and instagram

drawings of famous hip hop sex doll jasmine


We don't believe that sex doll will replace anyone, and we have many men, women and couple customers. Real dolls may bring company, emotions, fantasies, and spice up relationships and are the perfect complement for those looking for a way to fill those needs.

If you are wondering where to buy the sex doll of 2018, we'll it is here in our site. Find out more about sex doll Jasmine in this link,


Jasmine is back and in blonde!!

Jasmine sex doll blonde


Please reach out if you have any questions!


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  • Just saying if your tired of moody bad attitude females or if your simply not into the wine and dine game or the rush and roulette with STD’s game. Or simply because women are so liberated in today’s culture with things going on like slut walks etc. Can you blame any man ? If I cook my own food, clean my own house, I work and provide for myself with my own house/apartment. Why do I need a women !?! Only thing would be for sex .. this solves that problem without worrying about STD’s or child support or just the common nagging that comes with a women’s company. And in today society the rate that women cheat is Ludacris ! … This is a great investment for me. I work 2 jobs and run my own online e-commerce company. Also an Online Graphic design company. I actually turn women down ALOT lls cause like I said I don’t mind being alone I prefer it actually. Alot of people only with actual people from fear of being alone. And for that angry women that keep commenting your only mad because you feel like this is something nobody can compete with so you say the obvious will can it do this or that … Or us guys are lame and ugly and can’t get nobody etc. Lmao .. personally I’m fr from ugly 6’2 195pds Black Male 27 yrs old .. I was on the basketball team I have friends and even grew up with shy glizzy and fat trill with alot of females I’ve non knocked down in my day .. now I’m tired of female bullshit and I do everything myself so as I said what’s yah point ? But for a guy who needs a women cause he isn’t a full Man. Just saying fact is Men are starting to wake up and realize yah really are pointless without pussy (as companions) yah just ppl frfr .. but this doll .. that’s my babe !! Never in a bad mood and always in the mood .. loyal to me and she don’t have to cook, clean, or talk I got that covered ! .. alot of you women can have a man paying the bills and providing and still don’t cook, clean or fuck when demanded or asked, just a bunch of back talk. I’m an Alpha type male I don’t do back talk (barking) you can gtf out fr tho type guy. But I’ll leave on that note … The doll A1!!

    Jay on
  • Damn, all this time, I actually bought one from a different company, just to see what’s so special… The one I had, will lets say the hole was too small and not enough thickness. I threw my $1600 product away, but now I’m like damn, all I had to do was wait and spend an extra $600 and try this. By the way, there’s many reasons to why people buy these products, to each it’s own. I’m scared of STD, too many girls are scheming child support, and can’t stand condoms, so give me less headache please.

    Curious on
  • @fuckyourdoll

    Hahaha! I’m amazed you managed to put down the ice-cream long enough to write that post (which clearly reads “I’m super angry because nobody wants to have sex with me”).

    It’s not the doll’s fault that nobody wants to f*ck you, it’s because you’re ugly, obnoxious and probably out of shape. It is funny though, I’ve never actually seen someone feel so jealous/threatened/insecure over a piece of rubber before, you’re pretty pathetic.

    We all know the real reason you’re upset is because you’re afraid that more people will realize that an inanimate object is a better companion than you’ll ever be.

    Protip: Buy lots of cats. Trust me, you’ll need em’.

    Mansplainer9000 on
  • These women mad af they can’t even hide it

    Time to put these ladies back where they belong :^)

    omegamale on
  • Women have dildos now men have something much better and they are jelly

    Anonymous on

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