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Let's Choose the Doll of the Summer 2019!

Posted by Sexy Real Sex Dolls on

UPDATED! We got a winner!

One more Summer we are looking for the doll of the summer, and you helped us!

Choose your doll for the Summer of 2019 and receive a special deal to buy the winner doll plus other surprises! We'd like to ask our customers what doll would be the Doll of this Summer, and we have a small selection of options. 

Well the contest is over and over 1500 participants selected their favorite dolls for the Summer of 2019 and we got a winner!

sex doll of the summer contest

Marion the WM the 166cm (5ft5') C-Cup Love Doll with 38% of the votes wins the title to the best doll of the Summer 2019!! Congrats to Marion and all her fans!!

marion winner of sex doll contest of 2019

Here you can see the rest of candidates at the Doll of the Summer 2019 Contest

The second place goes to the curvy Sino 155cm (5ft1) Anime Doll and in the third position, we have a tie between Jane 163cm Plus (5ft4') and Crina 150cm (4ft11') M-cup, both with 164 votes or 10.8%. Doris 156cm (5ft1') is fourth and Charlotte 157cm (5ft2') fifth!

sex doll winner of summer contest

Participants will get access to special deals and a reduced price of the winning doll! Enter your email to answer so we can send more details about the winning model



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  • Gorgeous face and skin ton

    Kyle on
  • Marion, no contest :)

    Eric on
  • Redhead hot for me.

    Tim on
  • Marion

    Clint on
  • Maroin is my dream princess. Please male my dreads come through and let me have her.

    Sigurd Germundson on

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