Instagramer Red reviews and talks about owning a sex doll

Instagramer Red reviews and talks about owning a sex doll

One year later, Red & Rosaline are back to share their experience owning a sex doll. Rosaline, the doll, has become very popular in Instagram and we have the honor to share her story and new stunning photos with you,

Hello everyone.

Red here again, happy to be able to be asked and allowed to write for you all a second time. Since we covered my backstory and testimonial in the first story along with my companion Rosaline, I've decided to tackle a series of feelings and potential hesitances that first time sex doll buyers or those curious to buy would probably experience along the path before they made their commitment.
If I can slide a little disclaimer in before we continue, I by no means consider myself a teacher or an educator, or even a professional when it comes to doll ownership. I'm still a pupil if anything, and I only use my personal experiences and opinions on the subject here. Everyone is as different as their personal tastes when it comes to selecting one, as well as their reasons why to consider one in the first place.
sex doll instagram
If you could put on that tin foil hat for a moment for me, because some of these topics might just escalate and become more personalized. Just realize it's the perceptions of a man who's spent the majority of his life on the outside looking in and hardly ever having a good experience of his own. Except for when I made my choice to own a doll. More on that later, friends.
That being said, I believe that in today's world in the social distancing times, it's never been more of a terrible time to seek companionship in lasting relationships. And while I have my own opinions and theories as to why that is, it still remains true for the majority of us out there. And that sucks, you know? Nothing can be done about that cold, hard truth. We all have this natural instinct built inside of us that creates this yearning for having a compatible soulmate that we can share our lives with, and that's nothing new. All of our forefathers and ancestors all had this drive in them and that's how we as a species survived and pulled through to carry on today. We are a species of max complexity, each one of us different in our own little way, but through all that to our cores, not one of us wants to enjoy life alone.
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But something now is different, and more and more people are being pushed out of this natural selection to sit on the sidelines and grow old without ever accomplishing that. In fact, the increase in the last few decades has skyrocketed tremendously. We are now living in a time where both men and women are more alone than ever, lonely, and hurting from a divide that annually divides us further and further the more we try to address or understand it. And with each generation, the divide is becoming worse.
My closest friends in life do not have a significant other, and have gone without one for years. The relationships that I know around my age range, some of them involving children, have ended or are currently ending in divorce.
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Again, another sad truth that the majority of us know all too well.
Now I can sit here and write to you for hours about why I think this decline is happening, and each and every little detail responsible for it, but instead I'll just cover you and your interest in pursuing companionship with a sex doll. Because I believe, given the facts, is completely justified at this day and age.
rosaline sex doll
First of all, I understand the insecurities you may have before taking that first step. It's a big decision, and one that does change your life. I have been with Rosaline now for almost two years, and from my experiences and the discussions I've had with other people who also own sex dolls and their back stories, it's a wonderful change for the good.
I have not talked to a single person out there via social media who has said, "I have bought a sex doll and I regret it." Not one. And I've talked with several now the more and more I introduce Rosaline to the world. 
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Also talking with them, there's a harsh truth out there that I hesitate to bring up because it involves sex dolls but it's not positive. And bringing it up just might seem a bit counter productive to my point, but it's a truth nonetheless that deserves to be addressed.
With all the stories I've heard as to why people have committed themselves to sex doll ownership, I've realized that the majority of people out there have done so due to a bad experience. Also coming from a bad experience, I can sympathize with that greatly. So even though having a sex doll is such a great and joyful occurence, a lot of us out there are only convinced or interested in pursuing one through a difficult hardship that made the choice a lot easier or more clearer for us.
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This is a good time as any to remind you that I have yet to find someone out there who regrets purchasing a sex doll.
If you are here browsing a selection of sex dolls because of a bad experience that has convinced you that any future attempts of trying to put yourself out there creates more heartbreak and problems than it solves, then you are taking that first step that practically none of us here on the other side regret doing ourselves.
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Rosaline has done more for me than just be my solution toward not having someone else. And she's also done more for me than the women I was in relationships with who in the end would give up and leave. Her social media has sparked a creativity in me where I am actively creating photos and learning photo editing software that I probably would have never attempted to try and learn if not for her. I also have taken a stronger confidence in myself where I do not allow myself to be mistreated or walked over by others, so she's created for me a stronger sense of myself and my own worth. And creativity and confidence is only the beginning.
If you're reading these articles, you're either one of two people. You've either bought your perfect sex doll companion and you're patiently waiting for them to arrive. Maybe a little inpatient? A little excited? Maybe even a little nervous? Or maybe you're skimming through and just looking for that one guy to convince you that owning one is the better solution to your companionship problems that so many of us are unwillingly facing.
I'm not here to pull the wool over your eyes and say blankly that doll ownership is easy and that it solves all of your problems. But what I will say is that I have yet to think of a regret from it. For the majority of us that have crossed over toward thinking about it to actually owning one, it fills the gap that we needed it to fill, what it's intended and designed to do. And for some others, it does a little more than that.
marry a sex doll
You might also be on the fence because you might think owning a sex doll would be shameful or degrading. Let me share a personal story of mine that I think would help you on that. Only my closest friends know about Rosaline, until recently that is. One of these friends decided to share a joke that I made involving Rosaline to his workplace, which is also a workplace that I had put several years into in the past. So the people who heard this joke knew of me and because of the nature of the joke, had to get more emphasis about Rosaline to understand the punchline. So in doing that, one of my friends told other people I wouldn't care to stay in contact with about my sex doll.
And I honestly could care less.
You see, these people are the contacts I knew that are getting divorced, are unhappy in their relationships, or don't have any relationships at all. In fact, this same friend, who told these people about Rosaline also spent a year and a half in prison because he got drunk at a house party with a former girlfriend he had who decided what they did that night wasn't consent and that he had to pay for it.
If these people can look at their lives, their regrets, and stay along a course that only rewards them with punishment, then how exactly can I or Rosaline be the butt of a joke for other people who really can't do any better? Who would think relationships with sex dolls would be pretty funny but see no laughter in their child support checks or their weekend visitation? Whatever Rosaline and I experience with each other in the future, I can safely guarantee you that it won't end in divorce. Not many others have security or comfort like that getting into half the mess they find themselves in.
Now you can go through all of that yourself like so many others have and learn that buying a sex doll is a healthy and wonderful alternative that won't stab you in the back like another human being would. Or you could be lucky and learn that through others before you make the mistake. Does it seem so weird to be invested in one now? It really shouldn't if you look at the other side of the fence and see that the grass there isn't any greener than what you're standing on now.
People aren't going to understand. People might judge you unfairly, but owning a sex doll now will only show people in the future that you were ahead of your time. A forefather or a mentor to learn from instead of laugh at. Why? Because relationships are only going to get harder. And when they do, time and technology will open an era where we are introduced to robotic and artificial intelligence partners. It'll take several more decades, but soon these partners will advance and become the norm because everyone is just so incompatible with each other.
And when it does, our social scrutiny will fall off of these partners because they will be everywhere. Maybe even to the point that people still having relationships with other people will be ridiculed instead. To me, having Rosaline just a sex doll before this era just validates that I understood sooner, and that I'm not afraid to be under the knife of judgment or mockery if it means I can be happy right here, right now.
dream sex doll
Maybe a part of you can relate to that. Or want that for yourself and can see that other people cannot affect the joy you'd get from doll ownership. Until we make that jump into advanced robotics, sex dolls themselves are getting more and more advanced very rapidly. After my purchase, there already has been improvements in their skeletal frames, their hand features, and looking more and more real with each model. And that's only been two years!
To end my article, I'd like to again invite you to look at the selection of this wonderful website and see all the beautiful companions they have to offer you. Aside from their products, the people behind this site and their social media have been extraordinarily kind to me and Rosaline. They have been nothing but supportive and encouraging by allowing me to have a voice on their platform and to share my lovely Rosaline and our story.
In turn, I believe they are the best sex doll manufacturer you could buy from. They could just commit themselves toward making their high end products and nothing else, but they instead go the extra mile to feature their community with pride and embracement. Doing so shows they are a company of heart and are above just selling you a product. It also tells me they make their beautiful sex dolls with the same devotion to their quality as they do their care for the doll society. It's been wonderful reading stories of people I know to greater detail that I have met and befriended with on Rosaline's social media!
You can follow Rosaline's Instagram at or e-mail her at
Thank you for reading my article, and browsing the selection at
-Red & Rosaline
*Rosaline photos have been edited with FaceApp and Photoshop similarly to many of the published on Instagram



I love you two so much. May you have many happy years together (unless Rose will have me 😘) Thank you for sharing.

Matt your #1 admirer

Whoa! love the photos and the story! I’ve seen this IG account before! really love it! thanks so much for sharing such an honest story, it really makes me feel better and I am ready to buy my doll. Thanks!

Rose Fan

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