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In love with 170 cm Bikini Contest / Fitness Body Real Sex Doll

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We just fell in love with the new 170 cm fitness body real doll with killer curves!

This fantastic new model combines the size of a tall doll with a bikini contest body as it has real abs with huge boobs and a nice rounded ass. What else can you ask for in a sex doll?

Ever catch yourself eyeing those bikini fitness models? Aren’t they so much hotter than just some skinny girl in a bargain store bikini that doesn’t even fit right? Get your own physique model and let her give you a bikini show every night.


If you like this new model as much as we do, please enjoy the pictures below!

The new WM 170 cm models come with two different breast sizes H and M cup sizes!


milf real sex doll jiggling massive boobs


Our personal preference are the new customized dolls with head #93 as it looks like a Mediterranean or middle-eastern doll, the new head #149 which has a more Latin look, and the super hot MILF sex doll with head #152

Click on the pictures to buy realistic 170 cm sex doll models today!


New super hot MILF realistic love doll. 170 M - cup

real milf sexy love doll



Have a sensual dance with this sexy real sex doll with a 170 cm - C cup

stripper sex doll realistic


My favorite is the Mediterranean sex doll with huge boobs and sexy ass on a tan skin/ 170 - C cup

arab sex doll

170 cm with M - Cup Boobs! If I felt like dancing I would pick this Latin style exuberant doll with crazy curves ready to make you living a dream!

latin sexy bikini sex doll

But if you want to live your fantasies like in a movie... this your sexy real sex doll...

blonde curvy real sex doll with abs


What is your favorite? Please comment below

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  • Why do you think Hitler invented sex dolls?

    Kenneth on
  • Incredible!!! yup! I am falling in love too! I am saving to buy that doll! You’ll hear from me soon

    JJ on

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