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Get Ready; Sex Robots Might Be Hitting Your Screen Soon

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Can you imagine a world with Sex Dolls as TV Hosts?

The sex doll industry has gone through one of the most vigorous transformations that we have seen. The billion-dollar industry moved from a mere business producing human rubber imitations to a diverse trade focused on delivering dolls with AI personalities. Previously, the sex dolls were simple inflatable rubber beings that were associated with minimal sexual pleasure. However, with the continued research on the subject, consumers can now enjoy sex robots that can pleasure them just like a woman would.

The recent development of sex dolls looks to produce sex robots that can maintain a conversation and even work for TV stations as fully fledged presenters. Currently, there are a number of sex robots that have been developed with such capabilities.


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Erica is one of the intelligent sex robots who is set to become a TV presenter in Japan. According to Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro the designer, the aim was to create a sex robot that can think and act completely on its own. Dr. Ishiguro who is also the director of the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory at Osaka University, claims that he has been trying to get Erica the presenter role since 2014 when she was created. This intelligent sex robot can maintain a conversation and retain what you tell her.

The designer maintains that Erica was not build to be a sex doll but a testimony of how advancement in humanoid technology is coming along. Dr. Dylan Glas, the robot’s architect, says that he has spent the last two years studying Erica’s mind and personality and thinks she is fit enough to be a presenter. And although Erica only has 20 degrees of freedom, she can understand who she is talking to, work out where sound is emanating from, and track movements of people in the room. Quite impressive, don’t you think? Well, let’s wait and see how this goes.


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Harmony is another AI sex robot that can hold a conversation, remember what you tell her, and is fully customizable. Harmony’s designer says that the sex robot has an operating system that resembles that of a phone or computer. “This means that if the operating system is ever connected to the internet, hacking is a possibility, says Dr. Patterson. According to the CEO of Abyss Creations, Matt McCullen, the sex robot will continue to learn about its environment to build on a good relationship; more like human do.


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And while more and more sex robots continue to be produced every day, Erica and Harmony are great examples of how the AI robots could soon be hitting your screens. Considering that they use an operating system and can be controlled using a mobile phone or PlayStation controller, these AI sex robots are not far away from being fully-fledged presenters. According to the promoters of the sex dolls, not only will this be reliable but it also helps in cost saving.

We cannot assume the excellence that humanoid technology is exhibiting. In fact, Saudi Arabia granted a sex robot, Sophia citizenship and is now considered human. In an interview, Erica told the interviewer that she thinks she is a human being. “I think socially I’m like a person. When people come and talk to me, they address me as a person.” Dr. Ishiguro also maintained that they don’t have a distinguishing factor between people and others in Japan. “Basically, we think everything has a soul. So we believe Erica has a soul.”


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The focus in the development of realistic sex dolls has been to make them as human as possible. The designers are looking to add rotatable necks, realistic face, and movable limbs to make sure that the robots mimic human in every way. However, the AI robots are now being developed with not only the human-like aspect but also the ability to act, think, and do everything completely on their own; just like a human would do.

Imagine turning on your favorite channel and having the NEWS read by a realistic AI sex robot? Does it make a difference? The NEWS remain as NEWS!



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  • Why do men already have dolls with AI and after speaking to your rep it seems there are no plans for AI Male Dolls? This is very frustrating. Being a woman looking into this possibility is hard enough. It seems like all your products and accessories are made for men with women as an afterthought. Do you have any women helping with the designs that are supposed to be appealing for women b/c the ones you have are not really? They look about the same. You have a million options for men and about 5 for women. It’s depressing.

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  • People, especially women in America, seem to absolutely hate sex dolls. They are seen as disgusting, sick and literally evil. What do you say about all the fear and aggression these dolls Receive from women? My wife and I did an experiment at, to get an idea of how woman generally view sex dolls and the men that use/own them. It is not pretty. I was called emotionally lazy… among other things and none of them believed that I was married with kids.

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