Fleshlight Vs. Sex Dolls; Everything You Need to Know

Fleshlight Vs. Sex Dolls; Everything You Need to Know

Should I buy a Fleshlight or a Sex Doll, here we analyze both products, pros, cons and we give you a detailed analysis...

For many decades, the sex toy industry has been focused on meeting women’s sexual needs at the expense of men. This is why- over the past few years, there have been far more sex toys for women than for men. From dildos to vibrators, getting a sex toy as a woman has been as easy as getting a chocolate bar from the store. The lack of a variety of male sex toys on the market has made it hard to get a toy that meets one’s unique needs.

However, the tide is slowly changing, and sex toys targeting men are arriving in big numbers. From prostate massagers to ‘pocket pussies,’ the FUTURE IS NOW!


Fleshlight toys have become more and more popular among men which explains the surge in the number of sales around the world. These discreet vagina replicas are super realistic and can be easily penetrated by an aroused dick. The hollow tube fits perfectly on the palm making it easy to hold it when masturbating.

Guys, times have changed, and you don’t have to spend an hour masturbating with your arm and a liter of lube. Fleshlight toys feel more like the real thing and will have you orgasming in no time. And while it is not 100% same feeling as a woman’s actual vagina, the Fleshlight is the closest you can get.

buy a fleshlight for sex doll

One of the best-selling points about Fleshlights is the wide selection available on the market to meet the client’s needs. Remember, with an actual vagina- you can’t choose the features you want or don’t want; classic illustration of you can’t have your cake and eat it. Right? Well, with the Fleshlight, you can choose the size and color you want, meaning you have control over the end product. In fact, some toys are made to mimic the actual vaginas of popular female porn stars or celebrities.

Factors to consider when buying a Fleshlight

With such a wide selection of Fleshlight models to choose from, picking one can be overwhelming. Luckily, every one of them has something to offer and what determines the ideal one is your specific needs. Some of the factors you’ll have to consider when picking a Fleshlight include;

  • Your Penis Size. Do you have a large, small, or medium penis? The size of the penis will determine the Fleshlight you go for. Pick a size that plays around your penis size for maximum arousal. You don’t want one that’s too big or too small.
  • Your Preferred Orifice. Do you prefer a mouth, pussy, or butt orifice? People have different motivations and aspirations which is why you should consider what you like the most when buying a Fleshlight. Also, some of the models have two orifices on both ends for people who enjoy mixing it up during masturbation.
  • Do You Enjoy Visual Stimulation? Do you want a toy with a flashy erotic appearance, or the appearance doesn’t matter to you? This is another factor you need to consider before making the decision. And just like I said before, we are all wired differently and have different likes. Personally, I am a visual person, and I like having a Fleshlight with an alluring exterior to get me in the right mood. So, consider this before you buy the toy.
  • Do You Have a Specific Fantasy to Fulfill? We all have fantasies in life, especially when it comes to sex. Do you wish to have a Fleshlight with a replica of your favorite female porn star’s vagina? Do you have a ‘weird’ fantasy about your dream toy? Well, go for it, pick the Fleshlight that will make your sexual fantasy come true.
  • How Intense Are Your Masturbation Sessions? Are you a fast, intense or long, slow person? Pick a Fleshlight depending on the intensity of your masturbation.

buy brandi love sex fleshlight

Fleshlight Usage

The Fleshlight’s opening resembles an actual human orifice (pussy, butt, or mouth) and the inside features realistic materials of different textures to create varying sensations. Just lube up, insert the penis, and play with the toy until you orgasm. Sounds Simple. Right?

And while there’s a lot that can be said about Fleshlights, here are two of the most basic tips that will make the experience longer, exciting, and more realistic.

  • Warm it Up. Even though much effort has been put to make the Fleshlights look and feel like an actual orifice, the toy still lacks the natural body temperature that humans have. And I’m sure you don’t want to slide your rock-solid dick in a cool sleeve, especially when all you expected is a warm pouch.

Warming the sleeve before use makes the difference in the experience by making the toy even more realistic and fun. The easiest and most effective way to warm the toy is placing it in warm water for a few minutes. You can also buy a sleeve warmer with the toy for quick and efficient warming up.

  • Lube it Up. Regularly using a high-quality lube whenever you’re using the Fleshlight is another incredible way of enhancing the experience. Water-based lubricants are recommended to use with the toys because the rest (oil-based and silicone-based) damage the material of the sleeve.

Also, depending on your skin’s sensitivity and the texture of the toy’s interior, you can decide the ideal level of thickness for you. Experiment with a few lubes and pick the one that works best for you.

porn star fleshlight

Cleaning and Maintenance of the Fleshlight

Cleaning your Fleshlight after use maintains its aesthetic appeal and prolongs its durability for long term usage. The cleaning process is pretty straightforward and involves the following steps;

  • Remove the sleeve from the case and use soap and clean water to wash it.
  • Rinse the case with running tap water and use a towel to dry it
  • Run tap water through the sleeve for at least 30 seconds
  • Use your fingers to remove the buildup gently
  • Apply Fleshlight’s official cleaner, Fleshwash on the inside and outside of the sleeve
  • Use a clean towel to dry the sleeve

And while cleaning after use might sound enough, there are maintenance tips that will enhance the toy’s durability. They include;

  • Avoid using soap and hand sanitizers when cleaning the Fleshlight
  • Never turn the sleeve inside out
  • Only use water-based lubes with the toy
  • Always dry the toy completely after cleaning
  • Use the Fleshlight brand cleaning and renewing powder always to prevent Fleshlight mold
  • Store the Fleshlight in a clean, cool and dry place

get fleshlight girls sex doll

The Pros of Having a Fleshlight

  • They are a known remedy for Erectile Dysfunction. Consistent use of Fleshlights trains your prostate muscles to maintain an erection and perform well during sex.
  • They offer a discreet sleeve when you need it. The small size of the toy makes it a modest way of relieving your sexual needs anywhere as it perfectly fits in your travel bag.
  • Fleshlights are more realistic and fun to use as compared to using your bare hand to masturbate



Unlike a few decades ago when the sex doll subject was treated as a taboo, sex dolls have gained worldwide acceptance, and more people own them now. And regardless of your inspiration, we can all agree that a sex doll is the answer to all your sex life woes. These pleasure gods deliver untamed sexual prowess whenever and wherever you need it.

According to sex expert, Laura Halliday sex dolls have undergone numerous improvements in recent years from what was inflatable imitations to life-size realistic silicone and TPE dolls that look just like a woman. The dolls come in different shapes and sizes to meet the diverse needs of the market, and some even have heating and moaning functions to enhance the experience. What more do you want?

Imagine having a hot woman who is always in the mood for sex, is never nagging, is always waiting for you in the house, is extra submissive, and always open to trying something new. Wait! You don’t have to imagine anymore- a sex doll has all of these amazing qualities.

a sex doll is better than fleshlight

Factors to consider when buying a sex doll

Sex dolls are designed differently in terms of the materials used, size, and features, which makes choosing the ideal one overwhelming. Here are some of the factors you should look into before buying a sex doll;

  • Your Budget. Now that you have decided to buy a sex doll, you need to think about the cost of your dream sex doll. Factors such as the materials used, size, and brand affect the pricing of the doll. So, plan your budget accordingly and narrow down your search to the sex doll that falls under the price range you are willing to pay for.
  • The Brand. Just like in other fields, the sex doll industry has multiple high-end and mid-range brands which promise quality products to the market. This makes the process of choosing a sex doll even harder. However, go for renowned brands over low-end ones who might be promising the same doll for half the price.

Quality meets the price and its very important that you consider the brand you buy from. Most of the low-end brands use cheap materials in a bid to reduce production costs, which not only renders the toy less durable but also puts you at risk of inflicting injury to yourself.

  • The Material. Silicone and TPE are the two main materials used to makes realistic sex dolls. Both materials are life-like and guarantee you orgasmic sensations every time you use your doll. However, there are a few differences between the two that you should consider before making the decision. For instance, silicone is non-porous, hypoallergenic, phthalate free, heat-resistant, and easy to clean. On the other hand, TPE is more elastic and realistic than silicone, hypoallergenic, phthalate free but also porous which makes cleaning much harder. However, silicone is relatively expensive as compared to TPE.
  • The Size and Weight. The size and weight of the sex doll will be determined by your storage space and personal strength. Do you live alone and are at liberty to have the sex doll without necessarily hiding it? Are you a beginner or expert sex doll user? How much weight can you comfortably handle without feeling overpowered? Consider the available storage space, your sex doll expertise level, and physical strength before buying a sex doll.
  • Sex dolls are designed to depict different level of realness. So, make sure you ask the seller for the extra realistic features like body heating and moaning functions, standing upright, among others before checking out. Keep in mind that you have to pay an extra amount for these features.

Other factors to consider when buying a sex doll include the available customization options, your physical fantasies, payment security, and the shipping process.

buy sex doll over fleshlight

Sex Doll Usage

Sex dolls are a game changer! Unlike Fleshlights, these amazing sex aids offer more than an orifice- a complete being that feels and looks like a woman. Sex dolls can offer companion and a feeling of belonging more than a toy will ever do.

  • Warm it Up. Some sex dolls being produced today come with innate heaters that regulate the body temperature to make the experience even more realistic (only recommended for silicone dolls, not for TPE). However, if your sex doll doesn’t have an internal heater, there are other ways to warm her up for action. You can either preheat an electric blanket and wrap her up for a couple of minutes or treat her to a warm bath.

Don’t leave the sex doll in an electric blanket for too long as the skin might get damaged (I’d recommend wrapping her up in a preheated blanket). Also, use warm water only, hot water might damage the skin.

  • Lube it Up. Consistent use of a high quality lube makes the sex more realistic, as you can slide in blissfully without lifting a finger. Never use oil-based, and silicone-based lubes because they will damage the material of the sex doll. Water-based lubes work perfect.

Cleaning and Maintenance of a Sex Doll

Cleaning your sex doll can be overwhelming at times but trust me, it pays more dividends than choosing not to. Clean the doll after sex to avoid procrastination and heave it ready for the next time. Generally, a sex doll should be cleaned at least once per month. However, the key areas should be cleaned after every sexual use.

To clean the doll;

  • Remove the wig and vaginal inserts if applicable
  • Clean the wig separately
  • Use a soft towel to remove excess lubricant and body fluids
  • Use a vaginal irrigator or a handheld showerhead with a luffa to clean the orifices making sure all the residue is removed
  • Rinse the orifices with clean water and use a clean towel to dry them completely
  • Lay the doll on towels on the bed and use a moist sponge to clean it gently
  • Dry it well before storage

And while cleaning the doll after every use extends its lifespan, proper maintenance avoids injury on the doll and maintains its aesthetic appeal. Here are some of the sex doll maintenance tips;

  • Never used alcohol-laced and silicone based products in lubes and cleaning agents
  • Do not use harsh and abrasive soaps
  • Avoid using a hairdryer on your doll
  • Do not leave the doll on an electric blanket
  • Only use water-based lubes
  • Make sure the doll is completely dry after cleaning and before storing it
  • Store the sex doll in a clean, cool and dry place

sex doll realistic in bathtub

The Pros of Having a Sex Doll

  • Sex dolls are an ideal alternative to women
  • They are available in different sizes to match the specific needs of everyone
  • Considerably safer that visiting escorts
  • Sex dolls are extremely submissive and never nagging
  • They are always in the mood for sex


Why a Sex Doll is Much Better than a Fleshlight…

So, having looked at both Fleshlights and Sex dolls, what would you rather have? A Sex Doll of course! Right? Well, unlike a Fleshlight, a Sex Doll offers you human company in the house or wherever you might be. You can lean on her, carry her around on your arms during sex for a more realistic experience, and wake up beside her every day.

Unlike a Fleshlight, you can develop an emotional connection with your Sex Doll. Just like with humans, we buy the Sex Doll that we like, and a connection develops as days go by. With time, the emotional connection becomes stronger, and you actually look forward to coming home to your new girlfriend every night.

Also, the realism and effectiveness of Sex Dolls which involves the use of realistic materials that jiggle and wobble during sex makes the experience very different from the one with a Fleshlight. You can spank the ass, caress the boobs, and most importantly, stare at her innocent cute face as you make passionate love to her. You can’t do that with a Fleshlight. Can you?

So, get yourself the Sex Doll of your dreams and enjoy untamed fun moments with your new girlfriend. All our sex dolls are tried and tested, and we only present you nothing but the very best!


Your Trusted Sex Doll Partner”




I just bought my first sweetheart. I am going to call her Kenna. I have been so lonely for so long and now have someone to look forward to. It is going to take a month for her to arrive but just looking at her picture…I am falling in love. I customized her to be exactly the cute little pixie that I have fantasized about all my life. I have been married 2 times and have vowed to never marry again. Now I will have a life long companion that will never have a headache, bleed, nag, whine, empty my bank account or have a baby to take away and rip my heart apart. She is mine for now and always. I will lavish all the love I have on her and she will always love me…I can’t wait!!!


I can’t wait to get one, I already have my eyes on the girl of my dreams, a redhead, nice taned tight body with 34 C titts.

Ron Bennett

I’m not joking..I wanted a sex doll to look like my sister….and it was the most perfect experience ever without hurting anyone….I use my doll about twice a day sometimes seven times….


Please explains the pros and cons of the removable vagina. Not sure which one to choose when I order my doll

Steve George

I wish you made a very tall AMAZON lady warrior body/athletic looking doll (6’ – 6" / 2.33 meters?) or more taller like 7’ tall, so a tall man (6’/2 meters) can have sex and put his face in boobs area at the same time.

Also, wish you offered big breast which look like 1/2 a ball shape which just stick out from the chest wall and do not droop like natural big ones do.

Is there a simulated clitoris in the vagina area? By stimulating it in various ways, can the doll make “joy” noises?

What about “fantasy” options like -

elf ears,
vampire fangs,
succubus wings,

pointed sharp nails,

she-devil tail (and the end can vibrate and be cleaned),

2x normal size big alien eyes

- being available in a “FANTASY COMIC-COM-PLAY” fantasy category?

I mean, if someone is going to have fantasy sex with a doll, why not go all the way into Fantasy Land with the idea, and further make the type of “fantasy sexy lady” which only exists in movie scripts, comic books, and folklore, eh! So, add more options like these to your selection, I’m waiting for such things before buying.

Taller, and the fantasy options to make the doll truely unique and beyond a normal woman.

Charlotte Blackwood

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