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Best Sex Doll of 2016 Ranking

Posted by Lina Morgan on

Updated with more pictures of winner doll. This list includes the best TPE real love dolls, not silicone

Discover what are the best real sex doll models of 2016

The web recently published a survey collected among sex doll fans where doll owners and enthusiasts identified the best doll models of 2016.

The good news are that you can buy the winners at Sex Real Sex Dolls

Here is the top 5:


1. CLM 160 cm (5’2 ft) Big Butt (23% of doll fans selected this model)

best real sex doll of 2016

 More pictures of the winner:

big butt and tits love doll domina love doll

office sex milf love doll dinner sexy love doll


2. WM Dolls Curvy 152 cm (4’9 ft)

152 cm curvy real sex doll from wm dolls


3. WM Dolls K Cup 165 cm (5’5 ft)

165 cm k cup best doll with huge boobs and large nipples



4. WM Dolls DD-Cup 155 cm (5’1ft)

155 cm dd cup real sex doll


5. Or Doll H Cup (157cm)

156 cm H cup isabel or doll best doll of 2016


To see the full list of best real sex dolls of 2016 visit Real Doll Addict

If you have any question about these models or any other please let us know and the Sexy Real Sex Doll will be more than happy to assist you and to help you finding the doll of your dreams!

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    • Lovely article, thanks for posting. I feel like buying all those dolls as soon as possible. Please keep posting more information.

      lovedoll667 on
    • Send me #4! I bought that body before but with a different head

      Tom on
    • Just bought #3 with the coupon! thanks!

      todd on
    • I think that doll 2 should be the top 1. It has a nicer body. I don’t have a sex doll yet, but I am planning to buy one. How is owning one?

      Derek on
    • Fantastic! I wanna buy all of them, I am saving for #2! my favorite

      M. K. on

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