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Best Curvy Realistic Sex Dolls! Big Butts!

Posted by Sexy Real Sex Dolls on

Most wanted curvy real sex dolls!!!

Many customers were asking us about a big butt sex doll, curvy or a combination of big boobs with a big ass

We finally have the models that you were looking for. Fully articulated skeletons (even the fingers) that you can position as you want and that you can combine with multiple heads and body options.

How to find the best curvy real sex doll? Here we will offer you three great options that you cannot miss! We are sure that you will find the best sex doll for you

There are three main options when looking for a curvy sex doll:

1. Killer Curves! Sexy Doll

If you like dangerous curves and volume this is your sex doll. An incredible body with huge boobs and a nice well rounded ass. 

152cm (4'9) Huge Boobs and Ass

  • DOLL SIZE       152 cm   4 ft 9
  • WEIGHT               37 kg       81.5 lb
  • BUST     85.5 cm    33.6 in
  • WAIST   53 cm     20.8 in
  • HIP         92.5 cm     36.4 in

super curvy chubby real love doll

2. Big Butt Real Sex Doll

For the fans of big butts!! This is the most expected doll! Wide hips in this realistic body.

160 cm (5'2 ft) Big Ass

  • DOLL SIZE          160cm   5 ft 2
  • WEIGHT               39kg       86lb
  • FULL BUST           81cm     31.8 in
  • UNDER BUST      63cm     24.8 in
  • WAIST   60cm     23.6 in
  • HIP         98cm     38.5 in

big butt real sex doll

best curvy real sex doll 160 cm

3. Fatty Style Love Doll

But if you are looking for something more realistic and a little bit fat... a chubby sex doll here! This doll also has a big and voluptuous ass

158 cm (5ft2') Fat Girl with C-cup

  • DOLL SIZE           158cm (5'2)
  • WEIGHT               41kg (90.3lb)
  • FULL BUST           81cm     31.8 in
  • WAIST                   84cm     33 in
  • HIP                        96cm     37.7 in
  • Breast cup: 75C

Chubby real love doll



Click here to see the full collection of the biggest assess on love dolls 



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  • Mm Ningependa Nikue Mmoja Wenu

    Joseph on
  • Hi, I’ve been searching different love doll sites for the dolls with the biggest butts….some have nice butts but the problem is the biggest size are only limited to – hip 38 inches..i want a size of at least -hip 45 it possible that i can get one custom made to that HIP SIZE!..please respond back!

    Darryl Johnson on
  • I want to buy a doll with biggest ass small waist .I want to show the sex doll pic that i wanted size.

    Ko tun lin on

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