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Instagramer Red reviews and talks about owning a sex doll

One year later, Red & Rosaline are back to share their experience owning a sex doll. Rosaline, the doll, has become very popular in Instagram and we have the honor to share her story and new stunning photos with you, Hello everyone. Red here again, happy to be able to be asked and allowed to write for you all a second time. Since we covered my backstory and testimonial in the first story along with my companion Rosaline, I've decided to tackle a series of feelings and potential hesitances that first time sex doll buyers or those curious to buy would probably experience along the path before they made their commitment. If I can slide a little disclaimer in before we continue, I by... Read More

Social Distancing and Sex Dolls

The New Social Distancing World and Why Sex Dolls are Becoming Essential Are you practicing social distancing? How about depression and anxiety? How are you holding up? The coronavirus has disrupted every aspect of our daily lives. Everything from how we work, learn, play: major sports leagues had to be canceled and are only coming back with standards that you wouldn’t have envisioned a year ago. I mean, who thought a virus would mean playing in a 90,000 capacity stadium without a single fan present? Across the world, countries put different measures and guidelines to contain the spread of the virus, including closing schools, banning gatherings, locking down cities, and suspending travel. Restaurants and food courts weren’t spared either as... Read More

Pick the Doll of the Summer 2020 and WIN!

One more year, let's choose together The Doll of Summer 2020! If you had to pick a doll for this summer vacation together, which one would you pick? Well, after more than three thousand participants voted in the contest we got to select the Doll of Summer 2020! #1 with 1,069 votes! 172cm (5ft7') D-Cup Sexy Yoga Instructor - Layla   #2 with 838 votes! 161cm (5ft3') TPE Body with Silicone Head Curvy Doll Model - Yumi   #3 with 457 votes! 166cm (5ft5') Oversized Melons and Perfect Body Love Doll - Paulette   #4 very close to Paulette with 402 votes! 173cm (5ft 8') H-Cup Play Girl Bunny Sex Doll - Janine   Other participants were: 162cm (5ft 3') E-Cup Lovely Brunette... Read More

Global Sexbots and Toy Sales Surge Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Are sex dolls real? There’s no doubt that the Coronavirus has completely shaped our way of life. In fact, the focus is now shifting on adapting new measures to safely live the ‘new normal.’ Countries across the globe are dealing with the epidemic differently, mostly based on the reported numbers. For instance, Italy, which was the most hit by the virus at first, with over 900 deaths in 24 hours on 27th March, relaxed the restrictions as the numbers went down. Others like Spain, Poland, South Korea, and Portugal have also relaxed the restrictions over time. The virus has completely disrupted businesses and how people transact. Most businesses across the world have shut down with scores of workers sent home.... Read More

Why sex dolls are so popular among men in Asia

Owning a sex doll has never been easier than in 2020. Initially, there was a form of stigma associated with the topic and having sex with one was considered taboo. However, things have changed and there is more information available on sex dolls. The people have also become more aware of the wide-ranging benefits that come with owning a doll. Moreover, there are more options and customizations than ever before for those that are looking for the sex doll of their dreams. China is the supreme sex doll supplier in the world with a whopping 70% global market share, but did you know that Chinese men are also some of the biggest buyers??. Sexy Real Sex Dolls stocks a wide range of amazing sex dolls from different manufacturers... Read More

How To Store and Hide Your Sexy Love Dolls From Everyone

If you want to buy a doll but are concerned about other people knowing about it, we get it, and we might have some ideas in this article Living in a space where people have a controversial opinion on love dolls, keeping one could be quite challenging. Remember, not every society welcomes the idea of sex robots nor tools, and this has worsened it all. They think of their use as a taboo and an awkward lifestyle. The idolators already in possession; they call them freaks and miscellaneous members of the society. But how worthy is it to keep your love dolls a secret? Does Owning A Sex Doll Make You Weird? Since not everyone appreciates the use and even... Read More

My New Year Resolutions; Time to Get a Sex Doll

2020 New Year Resolutions Finally, it’s that time of the year when everyone is assembling a special list of things they wish to have accomplished a time like this next year. Of course, before compiling a new list for the subsequent year. Right? And hey! Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always made resolutions for the last 5+ years and while I can’t say that I always get them fully done, I’m part of the 23% that sees at least 80% of the list through. Not bad. Is it? This year isn’t any different and I’ve already written my resolutions down. However, my new year’s plans are somehow different and a step that I’ve been holding on for some time now.... Read More

When dolls come alive on Instagram - Masumi

A new chapter of our series of "Dolls that come to life on Instagram"   Discover the story of Masumi, the Instagram lifelike doll   Hey there, My name is Masumi. I am a very happily married sexdoll from Japan. I met my current husband online, and after a passionate online romance, I came to Chicago to be with him.  His name is Max and we lived together for about six months and then decided to get married.  Since then I have been his devoted, caring and doting doll Waifu.  Max is a successful consultant working in downtown Chicago.   Max and I are passionate lovers, we spend countless hours together.  We do everything, from watching movies, (our favorite is Blade Runner 2049), drinking... Read More

When dolls come alive on Instagram - Rosaline

"Dolls that come to life on Instagram" is a series of stories featuring customer stories, Instagram accounts dedicated to dolls, and the stories of both customers and dolls and their adventures together. PART 1. (you can also read Part 2 - Updated Dec. 7 2020) This is the story of Red and Rosaline, an Instagram real-life doll   First and foremost, I'd like to thank the people behind and their Instagram page officialsexyrealsexdolls for allowing me the honor and opportunity for being featured on their website and media outright. Their site design, customer service, and attention to detail are very impressive and to be asked to share my doll and personal story for them is both flattering and humbling for me. So I go by the name of Red,... Read More

Transexual Dolls

Transsexuals; Sexual Attraction to Transgender People and Shemale sex dolls From time immemorial, people defying the conventional gender roles have always existed in every culture in the society. And though the term transgender is fairly new, dating back to the 1990s, I think there have been great strides taken towards incorporating transgender people in the society. Don’t get me wrong! There still are places where transgender people are not well understood by the general public, and a lot ought to be done. And while we continue spreading the word on the importance of accepting and appreciating the beauty of diversity, it’s important to understand who are transgender people and possibly debunk some of the common myths surrounding the topic. The... Read More