Exclusive Pre-Sale of Limited Edition Ultra Real 163cm (5ft4") Silicone Doll

$ 4,799 $ 6,999 -32% OFF

Exclusive Pre-Sale of Limited Edition Ultra Real 163cm (5ft4") Silicone Doll

$ 4,799 $ 6,999 -32% OFF

Delivery time depends on wether you order a made-to-order doll or in stock ready-to-ship item, ask our team or learn more


Product description

One of the most realistic silicone sex dolls in the market

This is an Exclusive Limited Edition sex doll that will only sell 500 units Worldwide


Final Price is $4299+Shipping ($500)= $4799

 Reasons why you should buy one:


    • This doll doesn't allow any customization as it is a limited edition
    • Made of high-quality silicone
    • Hyper-realistic design! it has veins and freckles!
    • Improved skeleton, and real finger skeleton with finger joints (not wires)
    • Easy to store as arms and legs can be removed
    • Small flight case included
    • This doll is a masterpiece and a collector doll, not intended for sex although it is possible, but it doesn't have oral or anal capabilities
    • Measures:
      • Height: 163cm (5ft4")
      • B.W.H: 84x62x86cm
      • Cup: C
      • Weight: 30kg


Final Price is $4299+Shipping ($500)= $4799

Shipping in June!

See some of the features and details:

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silicone sex doll foot



UPDATED VIDEO as of May 2018



Ask a Question
  • Can a head with oral capabilities be attached? Does this have heating capabilities? Can she stand?

    The head has no Oral orifice as well as no Anal orifice for this Sex Doll. She only posses Vaginal Orifice. She does not have any heating functionality. She has a standing feet feature and can stand on flat surfaces.

  • Can You Add A Pick Of Her Bent Over ? Curious if the vagina position Is More Realistic Unlike Most Dolls On The Market

    The vagina is ultra realistic. Please look at the photos on the gallery and you'll find a detailed one

  • is the vagina removable?

    The Vagina is built-in. This doll has vagina only, she does not have anal orifice as well as oral orifice. 

  • Whose the manufacturer? and can yall add more video, especially moving the hands more and showing the arm and leg disassembly and give her some pokes so I can see how soft the silicone is.

    Video coming soon! it is a partnership sponsored by WMdolls and other manufacturer :)

    We received many deposits already so please make yours if you are interested in this limited edition sex doll,

  • is the doll a dismembered doll? I see photos of it in a case with legs and arms unattached. Second skin color is it white or natural flesh color? I am looking at buying a new doll and own tpe dolls and would like a silicone doll as I have never owned a silicone doll. I am waiting for a realistic looking doll and a doll that is fairly soft for silicone. Do you have more photos ore skin color compared to tan skin? I have been looking at the realism of the REALDOLL sold in the USA. How does this doll compare to that type of doll?

    This doll allows to detach the limbs for easier storage. Skin is natural and for this model, there is no customization available as it is a limited edition doll. High-Quality silicone in this model, look at the realism of the photos zoomed-in, it is one the most realistic dolls :)

  • Is shipping free - to the USA - for this doll? How soon would the doll ship, and what is the estimated or average shipping time?

    Yes!! Free shipping in USA! It depends on the doll model, some are made faster than others. This particular one is a limited edition that will be ready by May.

  • Can the doll be bathed and or submerged in the tub?

    Yes, you can. Just be aware of the wig, as treating wigs might be complex if you get it wet. You can read more about how to treat dolls in here: https://sexyrealsexdolls.com/pages/maintenance-and-repair-for-tpe-and-silicone-sex-doll

  • Can this doll have Black/African skin?

    I am really sorry as this doll does not have any option to customize.

  • are there any other face options for this item? From some of the pictures it seems the face is different.

    This is an exclusive model and only has one head option.

  • Is this doll still available for purchase?

    Yes, it is still available for the purchase.

  • Sorry, I forget a thing There is a 168 cm Artificial doll, but I could not find her on your website. Eventuelly I would pick up her over the ordered one. a great week Christoph

    Not sure which one you are referring to but happy to assist you, here some 168cm dolls https://sexyrealsexdolls.com/collections/168cm-5ft6-e-cup please let me know how to help you place your order

  • Hallo dear Seller, my name is Christoph, I live in Germany and have experiences with dolls(Realdoll,Sinthetics, yl doll and Victoria doll(mgsexdoll)). I started an order and hanging in the payment process.3075$ to pay for the Artificial Human . I`ve read in the instruction, that I have to pay a deposit amount about 200$ to start the production process. I want to use the paypal credit too. Now in the payment process now I have to pay the full amount, there were no paypal credit options. Can you please help me further?I hoping hearing from you soon. best regards/Beste Grüße Christoph

    Thanks for reaching out and for your trust. The PayPal credit option is only available for USA customers, however we can offer you a Flexible Payment Plan that requires a $200 non-refundable deposit that goes towards your balance. Otherwise you can pay online with debit, credit card, bitcoing, or bank transfer. Please let me know your order details, and shipping details and I can prepare an invoice for you to make it easier. Thanks

  • 日本までの関税も含めての購入価格を教えていただけますか。

    私達の価格は日本への出荷を含んでいます。 しかし、日本への輸入には、輸入税が必要です(私たちはこれとは何の関係もなく、日本の輸入税です)、注文を受領した時点でFedExに支払う必要があります。 商品を500ドル以下で宣告しているお客様のこの費用を最小限に抑えようとしますが、検査の場合、120〜200ドルの輸入税を要求します。

  • Hi, I'm interested in this doll, very impressed after watching the video, is her eyeball rotatable?How long can she stand without damaging her feet?If I order now, how long would it take to ship to my house, please kindly advise, thanks

    This is a collector doll with limited units. Please send us and email to support@sexyrealsexdolls.com to provide you more details

  • What is the vaginal depth?

    15-18cm approx, please reach out if you are interested on this doll as it is a limited edition model for collectors, not intended for sex, although possible. But the doll has very detailed features that make her more as a piece to collect than a fun doll,

  • Hello, Please let me ask a few questions. Can I open and close the eyelids of this DOLL? You can check it at the following site. https://sexyrealsexdolls.com/products/exclusive-limited-edition-163cm-5ft4-silicone-doll There are options in the explanation in the site above. If you order to you, can you select that option? Is not that the two types of head pattern and eye open pattern that closes her eyes rather than opening and closing the eyelids?

    Cannot close eyes, please send me the right link as you are sending our website's link. This special edition will only offer 2 options for Wig, but there aren't more customizations, don't get scammed by websites that are copying our content all the time. Make sure you buy from authorized vendors.

  • will they be making a more realistic male doll any time soon>?either in tpe or silicone?

    We will continue bringing new models constantly. Male models aren't as demanded as females, so there are fewer in the market, but we can help you building your own

  • Does the doll cost only 1100 if I pay now? What does the doll look like without the arm and leg bracelets?

    That is the deposit to save 1 model withing the limited edition, the prices would be around $3600+Shipping

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