157cm (5ft2') Eastern Redhead Love Doll

$ 1,599 $ 2,499 -37% OFF

157cm (5ft2') Eastern Redhead Love Doll

$ 1,599 $ 2,499 -37% OFF
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Product description

This adult love doll is a hottie with a body. This human real life doll has B-Cup breast & a lovely figure, ready to be YourNextGF.

Hot lean body love doll with small titties and spicy butt

Developed by the renowned WM Dolls sex doll company, you can be sure that Jasmine, the Eastern Redhead love doll is the real deal.

She commands your attention everywhere she goes. You just can’t assume her presence. Her beautiful chisel-shaped face, glowing eyes, pulpous lips, soft B-Cup breasts, and fantastic ass are too much not miss. Jasmine also has a flat tummy and long hair that only serve to add icing on the cake.

Sexy Fitness Trainer

Other than being sexy, Jasmine is a fitness trainer at one of the high-end Health Club and Spa in the city which pretty much explains how she has been able to maintain such an amazing body. She enjoys spending her time in the gym and, she credits it for helping her deal with whatever hurdles life that throws her way.

Jasmine admits that most of her clients are men, something that seems not to bother her that much. “How do you manage to keep your male clients in check and focused when you are this fine?” I proceed to ask her. She takes a minute before putting up a response. “It’s quite hard, I must admit. I try to be as professional as possible when I’m at work, but it doesn’t always go as planned.”

She discloses to me that most of her work out sessions end up with a raunchy sexual encounter in the spa with one of her clients. “How fun can it be when you get a salary and sex at your workplace,” she asks jokingly. Throughout the interview, I can only imagine what her male clients enjoy with such a gifted sassy woman.

She’s Looking for You

Even with all the fun that Jasmine has painted about her job, she is looking for a man to take care of. “I feel like I need to have a man to whom I will submit to and take care of,” she says. She wants a man who she’ll be looking forward to going home to, a man who will dig deep and discover what is yet to be discovered, an adventurous man, and a man who will take advantage of her. “I like a man who will take advantage of me, and punish me for small things in the house. I will be her dear slave.”

Sounds interesting. What do you think?

All or Nothing

Jasmine is even willing to leave her job if that is what it takes to get a man. She will take care of you, the house, and will never nag you. She also doesn’t care about your whereabouts, who you are on the phone with, or why you didn’t come home last night, as long as you turn up and slide into her when you are around. How amazing. Right?

What are you waiting for?

This gorgeous pleasure doll is fully articulated with a steel skeleton and movable joints making her one of the most flexible sex dolls we have. Enjoy numerous sex positions with her, anywhere in the house.

Take her home.

Trust me. She is a great value for money!

157cm (5ft2') B-Cup Toned Sex Doll Body with Head# 162

Oral, vaginal and anal capabilities

  • Height: 157cm | 5ft 2 inch
  • Full Bust: 67cm | 26.4 inch
  • Waist: 48cm | 18.9 inch
  • Hips: 77cm | 30.3 inch
  • Weight: 28kg | 61.7 lbs.

      Manufactured by WM Dolls

      *Model has been styled with hair, makeup, clothing and accessories for photo display

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      • So if i pay you for a prepaid tax payment $120.00 then there will be no more payments when the doll arrives to me is that what you are telling me.or will there be more charges at my end.

        It depends on your country, but if you aren't based on the US, you most probably will have to pay import taxes. The pre-pay import tax service is only offered in some countries (mostly Europe), please reach out to support@sexyrealsexdolls.com to detail more about your case and to receive better information.

        If the service is applicable to your country you won't need to deal with customs or to pay anything else,

      • I am thinking about purchasing red head eastern doll from you.I am a little bit concerned about the shipping to the UK .will taxes be added to the check out Bill or will this have to be paid on delivery .This is the the one thing that is holding me back from purchase i have not been all the way through check out to see if this is mentioned.please will you explain the above.

        Our price includes shipping to UK. But be advised that importing to UK requires import taxes (we have nothing to do with this, is a UK import tax), that you'll have to pay to DHL or TNT (transport companies) upon reception of your order. We try to minimize this cost for our customers declaring the goods as under $500, but in case of inspection they'll request some import taxes that might range from $120-$200. It is something common in Europe.

        For UK we can also send a prepaid tax shipment which will cost you an extra $120.

      • If I purchase eastern red head doll as the( Same) will she come with the same wig as pictured red curly wig as this wig is what i require for her.

        You can customize the doll when you scroll down on the product page, if you want it similar to the photos, add a note in the cart page or send us an email and we'll adjust your order, same if you want it similar to the photos

      • What options should i choose for my doll to look like her

        If you want the sex doll to look like in the pictures then you will find a special instructions box on your way to check out. Just mention is that box that you want the sex doll as in pictures. We will void your selected options like Head/Hair/Eye color & Skin color from your selection and make them as the sex doll is seen in the picture.

      • Check This Out I Wanna Pay Like By Week,So Much Per Week,Like Layaway Ya Know? Or By Month Whatever Is Easier Of Course I Do Not Get Doll Until All Is Paid,,,Help Me Out?

        Flexible Payment or Split payments, we can split the total amount into different payments to make it easier for you. You have to pay a non-refundable deposit of $200 as your initial payment which you have to pay within 5 days from the invoice generation and you can pay the rest of the balance at your earliest convenience or whenever you want. Once you complete the order balance we will send you a confirmation email and we'll start working on your doll. No interest and you can pay whenever you want: daily, monthly, weekly. pay in full. you'll be able to pay your balance over time, whenever you want. Let us know what is the doll you want and we will prepare an invoice for you allowing flexible payments so you can start paying for your doll now.
        Let me know if you are interested and I will send you instructions for placing an order.

      • Dose she have a body warmer will suck a dick dose she have a sucking viberting pussy a strokeing pussy will she help me with truckinlg business math spelling can she talk dose her head move how much

        She do not have body heating function. We can ship you a USB vaginal warmer stick if you require it. She doesn't have a vibrating Vagina.

      • what material is this doll made out of? how easy is the wig to remove? im concerned about it falling off or accidentally pulling it off.

        This doll is made by WM Dolls and is manufactured using TPE. Her wig can easily be removed.

      • Is this doll still available?

        Yes, this doll is still available.

      • How long does shipping usually take

        Currently, shipping times are back to normal. Shipping takes 5-10 days.

      • How much would it be to get a belly button piercing

        We can pierce the belly button for free but you have to purchase a jewelry from any jewelry store.

      • can you kiss a love doll and does it feel like real lips?

        Yes, you can kiss a doll.

      • how can i get that doll at 184.00 month and where is doll made?

        On your way to checkout, you will find a payment option called "Slice it and Pay" Klarna. By selecting that option a form will appear, just fill it out and wiat to see the results. If your order gets approved then it will be financed by Klarna and you will pay a monthly payment to Klarna. We will manufacture your order and ship it.

        We are a USA based firm and our facilities are in CHINA.

      • how come i seen same doll at cheaper price?

        We understand your concern and we are fully aware that there are many scammers in this market, but we work really hard to build trust in the market. I recommend you to visit the dollforum where you can see how we are a legit seller and you can find more of our customers’ reviews.  http://dollforum.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=380   Read our page too: https://sexyrealsexdolls.com/pages/avoid-scams-while-purchasing-your-love-doll-sex-doll Still need more details? ScamAdviser is an independent third party that analyzes websites and identifies scammers on the internet. Have a look at our profile: https://www.scamadviser.com/check-website/sexyrealsexdolls.com   We are also in TrustPilot: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/sexyrealsexdolls.com   Let me know if I can help you with anything.

      • Hello. How come I see the eastern redhead doll on amazon for $800?

        The dolls in Amazon.com are fake and cheap copies of these dolls. 
        We are fully aware that there are many scammers in this market, but we work really hard to build trust in the market. I recommend you to visit the dollforum where you can see how we are a legit seller and you can find more of our customers’ reviews.  http://dollforum.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=380

      • If i do split payments will i get the doll still and pay it off while i have it, or does the total balance have to be paid before it is sent? Also could i get a tighter,less lippy vagina on her? And can viberators be added to the mouth/head, vagina and butt?

        In split payment, you have to pay the full balance before we ship you the doll. There is a financing option available which is currently only limited to US customers. You can select Klarna as your payment system during checkout. Fill out an online application for the amount of the doll with zero percent markup for a 12-month payment plan. If you get approved then we will make the doll and ship to you and you will pay you monthly payments to Klarna.

        The Vaginal shape is a part of the mold. We can not change the look of the vagina. Vibrators can not be added to Oral, Vaginal and Anal orifices at this point.

      • Can I get the curly red headed head and wig above but on a different body because this head doesn't show up in the options on any other body

        We have different manufacturers of dolls. If the head is not listed under the doll body you are trying to customize then this head is not compatible with that body.

      • where Are your factorys out scorced

        Here you can see factory photos, we are based in GA, USA, and manufacture in both China and HongKong, let me know if you need help placing your order


      • I'm considering purchasing the Eastern redhead doll but I like to know if the breast size can be increased to D

        YES!!! because that particular head can be combined with any other body, D cup, H, M, O cup...Same head, eyes, hair, can be put into other bodies.. 

      • New to this but I have seen what appears to be same doll on other sites for less. How is that possible?

        Hi, yes, there are other distributors of this particular doll, we can help you customizing it as you wish or can be made as in the photos, please reach out if you need help placing your order and we'll give you a good deal

      • I must say that the look of this doll is simply amazing but I noticed that the eyes are in different positions in some of the pictures. Are they adjustable and do they close?

        The eyes are movable for posing purposes. 

      • How positions are fixed?

        I suggest you to look at this page where you can learn more about sex doll care and the articulated skeleton, as our dolls can be posed in different positions https://sexyrealsexdolls.com/pages/maintenance-and-repair-for-tpe-and-silicone-sex-doll

      • See a doll geting shaged

        Reach out to us and we'll send you more details and videos if you want! Let us know how to help you placing your order

      • Do you do any financing

        Yes, please read more here about different payment plans: https://sexyrealsexdolls.com/pages/buyer-protection-secured-payment-to-buy-love-dolls-sex-doll

      • I am interested in you 157cm eastern redhead doll, but I’d like larger areola, is that possible?

        Yes, we can make larger Areola's. On your way to checkout, you will find a special instructions box just mention the Areola size you want there and we will get it done.

      • Which head do i choose if I want the doll to look exactly as she is shown on the page?

        Forget about the custom options and add a note in your cart stating that you want the doll like in the photos or reply to your order confirmation email after placing your order or send us an email and we'll review the order details with you to make sure that we got it as you expect ;)

      • What is a mouth with an uvula and the purpose of a mouth with a removable tongue. Which mouth is best?

        The sensual mouth with uvual is a mouth that is built with fixed tongue which cannot be removed, it is just like human tongue, while the removable tongue is a mouth that comes with a removable tongue.

        You can connect with us via chat, email or phone if you ahve more questions regarding dolls. Let us know how we can help you.

      • What is a mouth with an uvula, and the purpose of a removable tongue?

        The sensual mouth with uvula is a mouth that is built with with a fixed tongue which can not be removed, it is just like human tongue, while removable tongue is that the mouth that comes with a removable tongue

        You can connect with us via chat, email or phone if you have more questions regarding dolls. Let us know how we can help you.

      • Can I get the Eastern Redhead with larger breasts ? Can her mouth be opened wide enough to... yk?

        You can put the head on a different Wm body with bigger breast because we cannot change any measurements on the doll's body as they are made in molds. The mouth are able to open to do oral.

        You can connect with us via chat, email or phone if you have more questions regarding dolls. Let us know how we can help you.

      • I’m interested in a WM 157cm doll - I didn’t see the option to choose the softness of the TPE - regular, soft, or ultra soft

        When you place your order you can let us know if you want a regular, soft or ultrasoft tpe for your doll and we will make it for you. 

        You can connect with us via chat, email or phone if you have more questions regarding dolls. Let us know how we can help you.

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