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Real Sex Dolls Shipped to Customer

Real Love Dolls Built and Shipped to our Customers. Sex Dolls Pics with No Photoshop or Edits


These are real love dolls customized by our customers and shipped to them,  the style and customization options might differ from the doll advertised as we allow you to build your own personalized sex doll. These are photos of the dolls at the factory taken with a cellphone camera right before shipping to our customers


 Click on the picture to buy that doll and customize it


172cm H-Cup with Head 142 by WM Dolls 170cm Jy with Implanted Hair 151cm Silicone Sex Doll 155cm Silicone Sex Doll Hentai     166cm (5ft5') C-Cup Jill Sex Doll WM 166cm C-Cup Scottish craft sex doll 163cm CJBS sex doll with huge booty by SY Dolls 163cm CJBS sex doll with huge booty by SY Dolls 163cm CJBS sex doll with huge booty by SY Dolls 163cm CJBS sex doll with huge booty by SY Dolls 163cm H-Cup Shakira Sex Doll with Head 201 WM 163cm H-Cup Shakira Sex Doll featured by Ryan Davis Ryan Davis Jasmine Sex Doll Shakira Thicc Sexy Real Sex Doll WM Dolls 157cm B-Cup Sexy Real Sex Doll with head 162 WM Doll - WM Sex Doll Head 162 WM 157cm B-Cup Sexy Real Sex Doll with head 162 163cm (5ft4') H-cup Fat Butt Sex Doll with Big Curves - Shakira... also called Jasmine 140cm D-Cup realistic super sexy sex doll 168cm medium boobs adult dolls for sale 150cm massive titties human size doll 155cm realistic sex doll standing feet option 155cm real huge tits huge ass realdoll 168cm realistic vagina sex doll 168cm medium boobs rubber dolls for sale 160cm big breast best tpe doll 160cm sexy feet sex doll 160cm realistic vagina realdoll 145cm medium tits silicone sec doll 85cm WM Doll torso  160cm BBW real doll 156cm medium breast real doll 168cm small tits real doll 150cm biggest titties real doll 170cm big tits Mature Busty realistic sex doll 150cm biggest boobs realistic sex doll 85cm big tis life like realistic sex doll torso 166cm big tits realistic sex doll 151cm life like silicone love doll 160cm huge titties curvy real doll 156cm huge breast real doll 175cm flat chest real doll 155cm adult size small tits real doll 162cm huge titties BBW real doll 163cm adult size small breast real doll 170cm huge titties adult size real doll 156cm small boobs life like love doll 140cm big breast porn star realistic sex doll 151cm huge tits silicone realistic sex doll 160cm BBW huge tits love doll 158cm Small boobs fat sex doll 155cm small breast life like real doll 160cm huge tits BBW sex doll    170cm huge tits real life sex doll 150cm medium tits life size silicone real doll 160cm curvy asa akira huge titties real doll 151cm huge titties blonde silicone sex doll 160cm small tits asa akira silicone sex doll 155cm small tits life size sex doll 166cm big tits athletic body realdoll 155cm medium breast real life like sex doll 165cm medium breasts life size sex doll silicone lifelike love doll sex robot adult size blonde love doll silicone adult size sex doll with real body tpe real love doll best price curvy sexy real sex doll adult size silicone love doll massive boobs brunette 145cm Silicone blond life size sex doll 150cm huge tits realistic sex doll 156cm huge tit life like love doll  160cm small breast blonde silicone sex doll 160cm Silicone real doll 155cm small tit life size real sex doll 150cm huge titties real doll 160cm Kim Kardashian style realdoll 165cm asa akira style real doll  156cm small tit life like anime sex doll 156cm large breast adult size life like love doll 170cm huge titties lifesize realistic sex doll torso 140cm small breast dick barly style real doll 170cm huge latina silicone sex doll 160cm big tits human like silicone sex doll 155cm real doll life size sex doll 155cm medium breast high quality real life like love doll 168cm small tits skinny sex doll 156cm huge titties big ass fuck doll 140cm big tit realdoll 163cm adult size real life like sex doll  145cm small tits silicone real sex doll 150cm huge tits big ass life size sex doll 160cm big tits huge ass fuck doll 163cm massive tits blonde sex life like love doll 156cm large breasts bubbly ass fuck doll 153cm Small tits lifesize sex doll 175cm Male Sex Doll by WM Dolls

If you like any of these models let us know and we'll make it happen