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Pick the Doll of the Summer 2020 and WIN!

Posted by Sexy Real Sex Dolls on

One more year, let's choose together The Doll of Summer 2020!

If you had to pick a doll for this summer vacation together, which one would you pick?

Well, after more than three thousand participants voted in the contest we got to select the Doll of Summer 2020!

#1 with 1,069 votes!

172cm (5ft7') D-Cup Sexy Yoga Instructor - Layla

 sex doll of summer 2020

#2 with 838 votes!

161cm (5ft3') TPE Body with Silicone Head Curvy Doll Model - Yumi

 japanese busy silicone doll

#3 with 457 votes!

166cm (5ft5') Oversized Melons and Perfect Body Love Doll - Paulette

big tits lifelike sec doll 

#4 very close to Paulette with 402 votes!

173cm (5ft 8') H-Cup Play Girl Bunny Sex Doll - Janine

 big tits blonde sex doll

Other participants were:

162cm (5ft 3') E-Cup Lovely Brunette with Curvy Body - Caitlin

 silicone big boobs asian love doll

155cm (45ft1') L-Cup Big Boobs and Puffy Nipples Love Doll -Jollie

 huge nipple lifelike sex doll

It is important to mention that we allowed our visitors to pick dolls from outside the survey and some of the dolls with most votes were:


 buy cheap jasmine sex doll

Hella booty-wooty

 black thick sex doll

 Marion 166cm 5'5" C-cup

 arab realistic sex doll

Participants in the contest are going to receive a special offer to buy the winner doll and their picked dolls at a price never seen before, plus other surprises, so if you voted, stay tuned!

Thank you all for your participation and support!



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  • I would love to win this, as my wife is no longer capable of intimacy for the past 6 years and counting…

    Paul on
  • Yumi is my fav sex doll! I have on and it is truly amazing, detailed and perfect. Thanks for this amazing doll SRSD! hope she wins the contest! vote for her

    Robert on
  • i’d luv win her been celibate over decade now due to injuries from service it would be wonderful to try b physical without performance fear/embarrassment

    Richard Gasparri on
  • Please consider me for the store I could really use it my wife is going through cancer which creates a nonexistent sex life we’ve talked about this and she is well aware of how much fun it would be and she could watch also thanks for the consideration.

    Lvjbuffet on
  • Never really won anything before, though I’ve tried. Maybe this will be a first.

    PN on

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