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New Silicone Realistic Sex Dolls

Posted by Lina Morgan on

New models 111 cm (3'6 ft) and 160 cm (5'2ft) small breast, from Z-Onedoll

Buy these realistic silicone love dolls with fully articulated body and feel like real skin.

You can customize them with multiple options for free and you can have them with heat and sound systems for an extra price!

The 160 cm (5'2ft) model comes with a new small boobs with a breast size of B-Cup with the following measures: Bust--77cm (30"); Band--65cm (26")

This doll starts as a price of $2399 including free shipping

The 111 cm (3'6ft) model hast the following measures:

Bust*Band*Waist*Hip Shoulder Arms Legs Feet Weight
24cm (9'4") 44cm (17'3") 50cm (19'6") 15cm (5'9") 17kg (42lb)


For this model the sex capabilities (oral, anal and vaginal) depend on the technology preferred (heat and sound, only heat or none). Sound doesn't allow oral capability. Ask us for more details. And the vagina is fixed

Starting at $1200 with free shipping

Both love dolls are made of high quality silicone with fully articulated and posable skeleton. You can customize these dolls and combine them with different heads.

Enjoy some pictures of the best sex dolls and click on them to purchase today!

160 cm small boobs

small boobs 160 cm z-onedoll sex doll    160 cm small breast z-one doll silicone love doll 

111 cm big boobs

111 cm silicone super realistic sex doll with big boobs    big boobs small real silicone love doll 111 cm z-one doll





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