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Realistic Fat Sex Doll is Here!!!

Posted by Sexy Real Sex Dolls on

Updated: 15/12/17

Are you looking for a fat sex doll? 

If you are looking for a more realistic love doll different than those top model bodies, perhaps you might be interested in the new fat love doll. This pretty doll has the realistic proportions of a girl with a wide waist and big ass.

The universe of fat dolls doesn't end here, there are more models that might look like pregnant or BBW love dolls so don't miss out those either.

Are you turned on by fat girls? This is the real doll that you need

Fans of bigger asses and wider waists dolls will enjoy this new model from WM dolls. This fat doll is 158cm (5'2) tall and comes with the new head #93, but can be combined with other heads too. Her breast size is 75 or C-cup, and her butt is a little bigger than in other dolls.

In reality this real love doll is not that fat, she is just a little bit wider and perhaps more real-looking. If you are looking for a realistic companion to enjoy the cold nights during this winter, she is the one!


Height: 158cm (5'2)

B.W.H: 81x84x96cm (31'8x33x37'7 inches)

Weight:41kg (90.3lb)

Breast cup: 75-C

Click HERE to Purchase Today!!

New pictures of the most real adult size fat sex doll. She actually looks like a sexy pregnant love doll. Tell us which one if you favorite

Fatty Sex Doll with head #117

adult size lifelike pregnant sex doll
Fat Sex Doll with head #43, she looks like a pregnant sex doll in this shoot
realistic fat sexy love doll
Let us know what you think about her in the comments section
fat real sex doll wm dolls 158 cm sexy real love dollfat doll real love sex dollbig butt fat sex doll from wm dolls 150 cmfat sex doll sexy love doll big belly and ass

If you are looking for other big dolls we have a great selection like the  160 fat and other curvy dolls

Please comment your thoughts!

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  • One other thing. You should call the fat sex doll “BBW SEX DOLLS.” It’s much more of a catch.

    Randy on
  • I think this is a great idea. There should be a few more different sizes and shapes though. There should be larger sizes like the girls on who are top heavy with huge breasts, and large girls that have a pear shaped body with huge butts. There are a lot of men out there wanting a large bbw doll. I hope you guys think about this and check out to give you some more ideas.

    Randy on
  • While the size of this doll is not the size of a kid. It is still small. What a disappointment.

    Inablink Ofaneye on
  • The second one, for sure. This is a brilliant business move. A little full-figured, I think, should be standard – its just adds so much to realism. This girl’s just a little more than that, on the plump side, and looks phenomenal. Having her petite too means she’s still light and easy to position and store. Great job!

    crescend on
  • am 59 years no land sexcy poor man. am wish ultra large faty sexy beautysexcy doll for sex. plz give price detail

    muhammad yaqoob on

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