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Sex Doll Clothes: How to Dress Your Sex Doll

CLOTHES CAN DAMAGE AND STAIN YOUR DOLL. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. (We also sell stain remover cleaner) One of the most commendable developments in the sex doll world is the ability to customize your favorite choice to match your specific sexual desires. Tailor-making your order adds a personal touch, fostering a sense of pride in your purchase. Beyond picking the right skin tone, breast size, and vagina type, dressing your sex doll is just as important. It gives your new partner a personality, something to identify with. And just like humans, you can dress your sex doll differently, depending on the 'occasion' or your mood for the day. After all, variety is the spice of life. Right? This article... Read More

Taking Care of Your Sex Doll: How to Avoid Damage

Sex Doll Care Tips Sex dolls' popularity has skyrocketed recently, with the worldwide lockdowns fast-tracking adoption. And while the widespread acquisition is a great thing, it is just but half the work. People must be educated on how to use and care for their love dolls. After all, you don't want to spend thousands of dollars on such a prized possession to see it deteriorate from mishandling. Do you? In this article, I'll shed light on easy tips on how to take care of your love doll best to promote longevity. I'll also throw in some storage DONTS' at the end. So, read on. Only use water-based lubricants. Unlike sex toys, which can be made from glass and metal without... Read More

The Best Ways to Hide Your Sex Doll from Your Wife and Friends

The Ultimate Storing Guide for Sex Dolls Unlike a few decades ago when sex dolls were taboo, most people now own these human-like creations. The continued social awareness and enlightenment on the benefits of owning one has eased people initially on the fence into becoming proud owners. In addition, the forced lockdowns saw many people jump ship, translating into more sex doll ownership. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to store their sex dolls. And especially for those living in shared spaces, learning how to hide your new partner from prying eyes is essential. You don't want to continually educate everyone that runs into your doll on why he's in the room. Do you? This article will look into the best... Read More

Sex Doll Influencers – The New Age!

These dolls come to life on social media Yes! You heard it here first. Sex doll influencers are a thing now. And while I might have caught you unawares, this phenomenon is happening on a grand scale, and it's time we make peace with it. In this article, we'll discuss what sex doll influencers are and, even better, shed light on the taboo track that sex dolls have taken over the years. As you know, sex dolls have not always been popular among the population. For many years, people using sex dolls were labeled as perverts, with most people shying away from talking about the topic in public. Luckily, more people discovered the benefits that these human imitations bring, and for the... Read More

How a Sex Doll Cured my Depression. A Real Story by Red & Rosaline

Hello, my dearest friends.    Red here again, putting in my annual tradition of writing out a blog entry for Whether you're just here browsing the content of the website, are an employee of the website itself, one of Rosaline's generous and dedicated Instagram fans popping in to read this article, or a doll owner (or an owner of multiple dolls), or even a non-doll owner still reserving your last nerve of courage or collecting your thoughts to make the commitment to buy your first doll; I welcome you and greatly appreciate your time to take in my story, advice, and ideals. In my first article, I covered a large section of my backstory of who I was, and how I came... Read More

Top 10 Flat Chested Sex Dolls Online

So, you've decided to go all-out with a flat-chested sex doll? Great choice. There's something about the A-cups that makes a love doll more exciting. And even for women, small breasts mean more stimulation from boob fondling because the titty skin is closer to the body. Unlike big boobies, you have a more intimate feel of the breasts. I've been reviewing sex dolls for a long time, and the flat-chested models are some of my favorites. And to give you a glimpse of life on the other side, I've reviewed 10 of the best flat chested sex dolls money can buy you. I've also highlighted some tips at the end to ensure you make the most of your new purchase.... Read More

7 Reasons Why Women Buy Sex Dolls

Isn't it crazy to think that sex dolls are now more accepted and not frowned upon? A concept that drew stigma a few years ago is now part of us, and the people using sex dolls are no longer seen as perverts. Congratulations world! It's been long overdue. Like men, women buy sex dolls. And while sex toys are the ones most associated with women, tides have changed, and females are also digging deep in search of the ultimate self-pleasuring product. And regardless of the motivation behind the decision, I think we can agree that a sex doll offers loads of benefits, including the convenience of being there when you need it and the exclusivity in that a sex doll... Read More

The Future, Metaverse, Bots and Sex Dolls

For close to two years now, Coronavirus has been with us, successfully shaping a new world we never thought we'd be in. What started as a two-week hiatus has turned into months of anguish and, for the better part, adapting to the unforeseen changes. And while there's still hope for a better future and a Covid-free society, the pandemic has shed light on a possible future with love dolls and sexbots and virtual worlds being a centerpiece of our day-to-day lives.     This article will look into some of the indicators that the future can only get better in the sex doll industry. How has the pandemic shifted the tides? And even better, why did the demand for sex... Read More

Traveling With Your Sex Doll. What You Need To Know

In the recent past, technology has taken over most aspects of our daily lives. And as people contemplate the possibility of robots replacing human workers by 2030, the sex doll revolution is the least of their worries. Sex dolls have become a common part of our lives. A topic that was initially considered taboo is now seeing the light of the day. And just like the society 'accepted' sex toys like vibrators and dildos, people are now warming up to the idea of owning and using love dolls. In fact, major cities like Barcelona, Toronto, and Turin have seen sex doll enthusiasts open up brothels where clients can pay around $120 per hour to do whatever they want with one... Read More

Sex Doll Vs. Sex Toy. Time To Put the Debate to An End.

The unending desire for sexuality fuels advancements in the sex toy and sex doll industry. Thirty thousand years ago, our ancestors started carving out eight-inch-long siltstone phallics’. And while some archeologists argue the stone ‘penises’ were used to sharpen tools, their rather familiar sizes and shapes said otherwise. And if you thought Cleopatra allegedly pleasuring himself with a box full of live bees in 51 BC was crazy, Seamen had to use cloth-made masturbators to meet their sexual needs while at sea. And for the privileged ones, blow-up dolls were part of their carry-on luggage in the year-round voyages. Luckily, there are numerous sex toys and sex dolls now, and you don’t have to use your soggy pair of socks.... Read More