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Black Friday is Already Here! Buy Sex Doll

Every 24 hours we have a sex doll lightning deal! Why waiting to the holidays to buy your sex doll! We don't want to work during the holidays! Buy NOW a realistic love doll and enjoy the holidays!! We don't want to leave anyone alone during this Xmas so start buying your doll now and enjoy the holidays and the winter with a realistic sex doll. Every day you can buy limited time only sales! Find the best sex doll deal of the day! Click Here Read More

Exclusive Pre-Sale of Limited Edition Ultra Realistic Silicone Doll

One of the most realistic silicone sex dolls in the market This is an Exclusive Limited Edition sex doll that will only sell 500 units Worldwide   Pay a Deposit Today to save yours! $1100 deposit non-refundable to save a limited edition model.   Final price is $3600 + Shipping. Delivery by the end of Jan 2018   Reasons why you should buy one:   This doll doesn't allow any customization as it is a limited edition Made of high-quality silicone Hyper-realistic design! it has veins and freckles! Improved skeleton, and real finger skeleton with finger joints (not wires) Easy to store as arms and legs can be removed Small flight case included Height: 163cm (5ft4") B.W.H: 84x62x86cm Cup: C Weight: 30kg Final price is: $3600 + Shipping Delivery... Read More

3 Weeks with Anastasia - Sexy Sex Doll Story

One of our customer shares his love story and experience with his sex doll for the first three weeks. We are glad to read that he is not looking at her as a sex doll toy but as a lovely companion. Loving and caring for your sex doll will ensure a doll long live. Here is his story….     I have ordered a WM Dolls 168cm E-Cup Love Doll with #15 head from SRSD and named her Anastasia.   First Few Days   I have had my sex doll for 3 days and still hadn't come up with a name for her. I am a bit of a Russophile, so I wanted it to be a Russian name, a longer name that can be shortened,... Read More

10 Reasons to be a real love doll owner

Discover the top reasons to buy a lifelike sex doll and what are the benefits of doll partners Article provided by our partner from CyberDear I am the owner and creator the website, and I have made it my mission to defeat the social stigma surrounding dolls. Being an owner of multiple high-end love dolls, I can say without a doubt that they are the best part of my life. The process of explaining my reasons for owning dolls to the people close to me has actually been surprisingly easy, as the positives far outweigh the negatives. Once I explained all of the following points to my friends and family, they completely changed their minds and some of them... Read More