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150cm (4ft11') M-cup Busty Sex Doll with Big Ass- Crina, WM Dolls - Sexy Real Sex Dolls

150cm (4ft11') M-cup Busty Sex Doll with Big Ass- Crina

Sale $ 2,099 Reg. $ 2,599
158cm (5ft2') Jiggly Tits & Wide Jiggly Hips Sex Doll - Katrina, YL Doll - Sexy Real Sex Dolls

158cm (5ft2') Jiggly Tits & Wide Jiggly Hips Sex Doll - Katrina

Sale $ 2,099 Reg. $ 2,800
157cm (5ft2') B-Cup Most Realistic Latina Sex Doll - Corina, WM Dolls - Sexy Real Sex Dolls

157cm (5ft2') B-Cup Most Realistic Latina Sex Doll - Corina

Sale $ 1,999 Reg. $ 2,699

Sex Dolls On Sale for Limited Time

Fat Butt Sex Doll with Big Curves - Shakira wearing silver hood

Ryan Davis 163cm (5ft4') H-cup Thicc and Fat Butt Sex Doll with Big Curves - Shakira... also called Jasmine

Sale $ 2,199 Reg. $ 2,699

New Exclusive Sex Doll Design

For the first time, you can customize your sex doll with blue and green skin colors to make it look like an alien sex doll! Many customers send us emails asking about building fantasy dolls, cosplay designs, anime and whatever you can imagine, and even when we have a large collection of fantasy sex dolls, elves, vampires, anime dolls, superheroes, etc... our customers imagination goes far beyond... some designs are hard to develop, but in the last few months many asked us about adult sex dolls with fantasy skin tones like green, blue, red... for alien love dolls... who doesn't want to have sex with an extraterrestrial being? We built a new exclusive TPE body and sexy head design with the collaboration... Read More

Anastasia's New Friends

Anastasia's new IronTech Sex Doll Friends! She has been busy... and now she has new roommates!!  As always, the new family members had a welcome photo shoot by Christopher who you should follow on Instagram @angeldollphotography luckily we can show you some parts that you couldn't see in Instagram, so scroll down to see all the angles and hidden gems ;) Here you can see and read more about Anastasia who has been in previous posts with us! She is always traveling and living the finest life! now she has a new family and many more roommates, some of the latest additions are Aniko and Aneisha, and here below you can see the best photos of their photo shoot. Enjoy!!... Read More

Could I take a bath with a sex doll?

Bathing With Your Sex Doll Much has been said about how sex dolls are not only meant for sexual pleasures. We have read online about how people have taken their sex dolls to a whole new level that is not entirely aligned towards sexual activities. Please note that, over and above sexual intercourse with your sex doll, you will find yourself going milestones to do more things with her like going shopping, going to the movies, going for a road drive, and even walking her down the aisle. So, after all, is said done, you will them realize that the question of bathing with your sex doll is so real you do not even need to ask. Let us discuss... Read More

10 Insane Facts About Sex Dolls

Things you didn't know about sex dolls With the recent trend of Sex Dolls becoming a more popular thing, one would be surprised just how many peculiar facts and figures there are about this phenomenon. Here are some facts about sex dolls that you might not have needed to know: 1. While most sex doll owners literally use their sex dolls as sex toys and objects for their own pleasure, some men go beyond and treat these dolls as actual partners. An extreme case is Davecat, a man from Michigan, who not only has married a sex doll he has affectionately named Sidore but has a mistress named Elena as well who is a sex doll. Davecat’s wife, Sidore Kuroneko,... Read More

How to avoid being scammed when buying a sex doll

Only buy from trusted and authorized vendors The advent of the internet is described by many as the biggest revolution in the world. Not only has it enhanced convenience in how people share and receive information, but online shopping has been simplified more than ever. You can now visit an online store, browse through its products, and click to buy without lifting a finger. However, with great power comes responsibility. The simplicity introduced by the internet carries with it a hoard of challenges. One of the greatest issues of online shopping is security concerns. More and more people report online shopping scam cases every day with a great percentage of the reports resulting in financial loss. The sex doll industry... Read More