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Keegan, The Seducer Male Sex Doll

Yes, women also enjoy the male love dolls, they can be a great companion apart from making fantasies a reality... we bring you the seductive story of Keegan the perfect male sex doll...   I met Keegan at a small shop in a rural town. He was in the liquor section looking at bottles of mead, one of my favorite drinks. Captivated by his wild looks and unique outfit, I approached him and asked him if he was a big fan of mead. He said he was, and asked me which one of the two bottles he was holding up was better. I pointed to the one infused with mint. He laughed, and said that was his favorite too. He was impressed... Read More

Doll Lovers Delight...

We purchased our stunning WM 157 B cup we named Kimber, through Sexy Real Sex Dolls and we couldn’t be more pleased with the company and the doll herself. We were a couple looking to enhance our love life and I believe we made an excellent decision.  The 157 B cup is a fantastic first doll for any new doll owner. Her size is perfect without being too small or too big. She fits right in between weighing in at 62 pounds of absolute sensuality.  Sexy Real Sex Dolls customer service was awesome from day one. Answering all of our questions, slightly changing our order to shipping. We couldn’t have asked for better.  I wanted to include a few of... Read More

Anastasia's Adventure Continues

Anastasia, my WM168E doll purchased here at Sexy Real Sex Dolls, has become a bit of a local celebrity here on the San Francisco Peninsula. It has been exactly 6 months, since Anastasia's last blog entry. A lot has sure happened since then.    The last blog, in the end, I posted a couple photos of her outdoors in the public. Her first shots. Little did I know at the time. It was the beginning of my true photographer, model romance with Anastasia. Doing photo shoots of her out in the public had become addicting. These dolls are so beautiful, I just couldn't comprehend having to keep her locked up in my home.   Then when I realized that Anastasia... Read More

Jazz, The girl next door...

This is Jazz (@itsjazz9). She's an essentially a therapeutic friend, and probably one the hottest you'll ever have. Always there, willing, and still asks for her part. No reward comes without its due diligence. She's a life like love doll. I've never bought a love doll before Jazz, and I've honestly had a pretty skewed idea of what a love doll really looked like. We all see in the movies it's not lifelike at all, and generally off-putting. Then this video was passed around the workplace, and it was a pretty good comedy bit. One of the bit's punch lines was about how shockingly good the dolls looked. While that particular doll in the video wasn't to my taste, a... Read More

Celestina, the Sex Doll Correspondent

SRSD brings you another Sexy Real Sex Doll Story. Learn the sexy story of Celestina, the popular sex doll on YouTube and Twitch My name is Turd Flinging Monkey, or “TFM” for short. I have been a YouTuber and Twitch streamer for a number of years. I talk mainly about MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) philosophy, as well as host two weekly podcasts: The Turd Flinging Monkey Show, a Saturday evening talk-show style show, and TFM 420, a Wednesday morning news roundtable show where we comment on various articles from throughout the week. As I’m a controversial content creator on YouTube/Twitch, I have been anticipating the current trend of censorship and demonetization for a number of years. I began diversifying my... Read More