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Sina Sex Doll Instagramer

When sex dolls become social media celebrities My name is Tom Eric, I am male, 32 years old and I live in Berlin / Germany. I didn't have any experience with dolls until I bought mine and it was just strange at first. But when I saw these dolls at the end of 2015, I was simply fascinated by how good those look like these days... from there I was curious and did research on this topic. After I saw my beauty (It's a WMDoll 155cm with #46 Head), I was so overwhelmed and excited that I wanted to have her. It took me a few months of doing research and looking at dolls because real life sex dolls cost a lot of money, and... Read More

Sexy Photo Shoot

One of our customers sent us these amazing pics from the photo shoot with his sex doll! Sexy Doll Photography is one of our customers and he recently bought a Sexy Real Sex Doll. Ordered the lovely Aylen, she is a WM 170 H-Cup with #122 head, in stunning shape with an ample chest, super skinny waist, defined abs, and beautiful round booty! Her sensational figure has her ready for Instagram! Soft TPE skin has a realistic feel to it, she is poseable in any way imaginable. She has been a perfect photography model with a sexy stunning figure and makes any outfit look great! Enjoy the photo shoot!   If you want to see more photos of this doll you can... Read More

A story about sex dolls and virginity

Third times the charm. That is what I hoped for as I read the email: “Sent- Your love doll has shipped.”   I had my doubts sadly. My first two dolls were experiments to be sure and both ended within weeks. A virgin at 27 and not for lack of desire was my lot. Virgin by choice mind you, at this point in my life I had turned down more than half a dozen women’s direct advances. Took some anger from them for it too. But I was interested in only one girl and only on my wedding night.   All of that idealism is great but doesn’t do much when you can do little but check out every attractive... Read More

Our Sex Dolls at the AVN Adult Expo in Las Vegas 2018

Did you see any of our life-like sex dolls in Las Vegas? Did you attend? If you did, you probably saw some of our real love dolls and brands represented in there, January 24-26, 2018, reunited in Las Vegas the top brands and players in the Adult Industry at the AVN Adult Novelty Expo, and this year life-like sex dolls were the protagonist, This is the most popular adult expo in the USA that brings together every year the most famous adult actresses and celebrities, sex toys brands and adult entertainment companies. This year Stormy Daniels was there, and even cryptocurrency companies made an appearance. Cryptocurrency platforms are intending to ease payment issues and to provide anonymity, something that we advocate at Sexy... Read More

Our doll Shakira featured at Ryan Davis' Show

This thick real sex doll just went viral! It is the Sex Doll of 2018! Yes! this is the story of how this doll became famous after being featured on Ryan's David Sex Doll Video and where she called Jasmine, aka Thicc Sex Doll Jasmine! Women are in trouble in 2018 is the title of the video from Ryan Davis, American comedian. In this, really funny video, he talks about the reason why women should be worried when men start using sex dolls and he actually talks about our doll Shakira or Jasmine as he calls her. You cannot miss it!!       As you can see, this dolls has many benefits as she isn't gonna complain, she never gets a... Read More